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* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson: Part 2

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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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* Maitreya and the coming Global Religion: Part 2
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Unconditional Love, like any other ideal, can be a weapon in the hands of a Satanic Psychopath. In reality, it is impossible to love what you don't understand. Unconditional love is God's love because He is the only one that has a perfect understanding of every man in His creation. That we may be given glimpses, tis true. Yet most of what we are given as grounds for unconditional love is evil manipulation of our emotions and common sense.

First of all. God does not have "unconditional love" for Satan and his followers. He hates and despises evil. He does not, nor can He, love the machinations of one so determined to destroy His creation and cause such wonton misery and suffering. The earthly followers of Satan, however, are a different story entirely.

Sadly, they are born into a world of ritual sacrifice, torture and total mind-control. They are taught to live lives of duplicity and deceit. Putting forth a very attractive image before the world. Yet,  their involvement in the most perverted practices of the occult, including human sacrifice, bestiality, pedophilia etc. makes it slightly possible to love the sinner, but totally sub-human to love the sin.

The unconditional love group are the global enablers of the Satanic Psychopaths. They make all of their evil actions possible inciting such high-minded phrases as "Don't Judge" or "We must forgive them". In reality Jesus Christ stated, "Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give unto God that which belongs to God."

To Caesar goes the law. The law has penalties. The law also judges between one man and another. Without justice and penalties, there would be no fear of breaking the law. When men no longer fear the law, or the penalties of law, society quickly devolves into chaos. All men have a right to oppose bad laws, or their unjust administration. Yet, who could argue that taking a man's life after he has unjustly taken the life of another, is a bad law? Or, that rapists, pedophiles and thieves should not be punished?

To release a predator back into society, in the name of unconditional love for the predator, is the equivalent of loving a wolf so much that you let him feast on the sheep. The only one that could feel such love is another wolf, or another predator. Call it "Professional Courtesy".

"PROVO -- The man accused of brutally raping a UVU student and leaving her for dead returned to court Wednesday. KSL has uncovered a connection between suspect, Shawn Leonard, and the judge who allowed him work release.

The judge who gave Leonard the OK for work release instead of sending him to prison had previously been his defense attorney.

There are now questions as to why Judge Christine Johnson didn't recuse herself from hearing Leonard's current theft case, which in the legal system is seen as a serious conflict of interest." (

As you can see, the judge's "unconditional love" for a young man she knew had problems with the law for at least a decade, showed absolutely no love for the victim he tried to kill after she was brutally raped. Only perps love other perps. This is neither love nor justice.

In another glaring example of purported, "unconditional love", our politicians tell us about how much empathy and love they feel for those that enter our country illegally. These same psychopaths could care less about the crimes committed by pedophiles, gang-bangers and murderers. They express love for the perpetrators and none for the victims of their crimes. Of course there is the usual hand-wringing and tough language when a crime is committed, but no real action is taken to secure our borders and limit access to who or what can come into our country.

The same goes for the big corporations that stand behind illegal immigration. They have "unconditional love" for their wallets, but none for the poor they exploit with sub-standard wages, long hours and, in many cases, slave-like conditions. Illegal immigrants are used like disposable parts in the big corporate machine. Once they wear out, they are simply discarded.

Because they are not citizens, they do not enjoy the same protections that we do. They can be sexually exploited, raped, robbed, beaten, cheated,plundered and even murdered without any real recourse or hope for justice in our courts. That is what I call the corporate version of their "unconditional love". But, why should we be surprised to find these very practices in the United States when they have existed for years overseas?

"Who would have known that what is most commonly known as "the happiest place on earth" is supporting child slave labor overseas. The Walt Disney T-Shirt you bought your little sister for her birthday was probably stitched by a twelve year old girl in Haiti. These often 'bonded' children are being sold by their parents to work off near impossible debts with their meager wages. They are forced to work in vile conditions, diminishing their basic rights and exploiting their innocence.

While providing cheaper labor, the children are defenseless against bullying, beatings, and sexual abuse. They are also easier to control and threaten into obedience. This ruthless cycle continues because these children grow into unskilled adults who become unemployed as the next generations of children take their jobs. The pay for children is one third of the wages of adults', and on top of that, the factory conditions are hazardous to their health. There is no ventilation and the use of the unsanitary bathrooms is only allowed twice a day. Children are forced to work thirteen to fifteen hour days that can last up to twenty-two hours with only three days off in nine months.

The Walt Disney Company is one of the biggest companies that have contractors in other countries making their toys and clothes. In Haiti, girls stitch Aladdin T-shirts for twenty-eight cents an hour, in Burma-six cents an hour. In Vietnam, seventeen-year-old girls who work seven days a week for seventeen cents an hour make toys. 101 Dalmatians and Lion King shirts were made in a factory in Bangkok while working seventy-two hours per week. All this is happening while CEO of the Disney Corporation, Michael Eisner, made about $102,000 per hour. (Source)

It is a small world, after all. A small world run by the smallest of men who will never see the "big picture". True unconditional love is concerned with all of the affected parties of an individual's action. I hope the day shortly arrives when a man is more precious than gold. Today, the best we can hope for, is to be worth our weight in gold, and that is a very sad commentary on the state of the affairs of men.