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Paul Drockton: Mormons, Homosexuals and Pedophilia
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"I'll Think About That Tomorrow"
American Fork, Utah is one of the most Mormon cities on the face of the planet. In fact, 98% of the city's 28,000 residents are Mormon. (Source) Interestingly enough, there are only 12 registered sex offenders in the city (much lower than the national average). (Ibid) Also, less than .01% of the population considers itself homosexual.

All that is going to change, thanks to the Mormon Church's newfound love for supporting sodomite-friendly legislation that welcomes homosexuals into their very conservative communities:

"AMERICAN FORK -- American Fork is the latest Utah city to consider non-discrimination ordinances, based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The proposal is on the agenda for next week.

Salt Lake City became the first city in Utah to make it illegal to discriminate in both housing and employment, based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Salt Lake passed those first non-discrimination ordinances at the beginning of 2010. 11 other cities and counties quickly followed suit,

American Fork is the first city in Utah County to consider it. Next week, in the heart of one of the most conservative areas in the nation, the City Council will consider similar non-discrimination ordinances. Based on a complaint from an American Fork resident more than a year ago, at least two members of the City Council recognize what they call a larger issue.

"I think this is an important issue of human rights," said Heidi Rodeback, a City Council member. "We have a gay population in American Fork. And the problem of discrimination is real." (Source)

It doesn't appear that the ordinance is necessary in a community that has a statistically non-existent homosexual population. The city's Satanic Psychopaths appear to be rolling out the welcome mat to create an influx of homosexuals into American Fork. This should be considered a dangerous threat to their children and families.

The deep dark secret of the homosexual community is the high percentage of its members that seek out sex with underage boys. Consider the following:

" * The Gay Report, published by homosexual researchers Jay and Young in 1979, revealed that 73 percent of homosexuals surveyed had at some time had sex with boys 16 to 19 years of age or younger.

* Although homosexuals account for less than two percent of the population. they constitute about a third of child molesters.  Further, as noted by the Encino, Calif.-based National Association for research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), "since homosexual pedophiles victimize far more children than do heterosexual pedophiles, it is estimated that approximately 80 percent or pedophile victims are boys who have been molested by adult males.

* A nationwide investigation of child molestation in the Boy Scouts from 1971 to 1991 revealed that more than 2,000 boys reported molestations by adult Scout leader.

* A study of Canadian pedophiles has shown that 30 percent of those studied admitted to having engaged In homosexual acts as adults, and 91 percent of the molesters of non-familial boys admitted to no lifetime sexual contact other than homosexual." (Source)

The anti-discrimination legislation would apply to groups like the Boy Scouts, city recreation and sports, and other areas frequented by young people.

Public Hearing Regarding Non-Discrimination Ordinances. Dec. 13, 2011 at 7:10 p.m. at City Hall, 31 North Church Street, American Fork. I plan on attending and so should you. Bring copies of this article. The LDS Church support for this ordinance will be used to whitewash the real issues here.

"Gaining access to children has been a long-term goal of the homosexual movement. In 1972, the National Coalition of Gay Organizations adopted a 'Gay Rights Platform" that included the following demand: "Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent." David Thorstad, a spokesman for the homosexual rights movement and NAMBLA, clearly states the objectives: 'The ultimate goal of the gay liberation movement is the achievement of sexual freedom for all - not just equal rights for 'lesbians and gay men, but also freedom of sexual expression for young people and children." This goal has not changed since it was articulated in 1972." (Ibid)

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