"We Teach Money!"
Create an Amazing Budget That Works for You!
Personal Budgeting Software That Works!

Our software works by helping you create a straight forward plan with all of your expenses, incomes, and goals laid out so that you have the clearest possible picture of your financial situation. Where other financial products bombard you with bells and whistles, Money Tree sticks to the no-frills, time proven fundamentals of good money management.
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You Really Do Get It All With Money Tree!

You don't just get software with Money Tree, you get everything you need to lead a sound financial life as well! Our software and additional products are designed for you and your money. We want you to understand everything about your personal finances and have a secure, prosperous future. We believe that the world will be a much better place when everyone is on top of their finances, and we want the world to be better!
Bonus 1: The Complete Interactive Guide To Money
The easiest way to start managing your money!
Fix Your Finances In 20 Minutes!

Money Tree - Seedling Edition was created from the ground up so that you can create a budget in less than 20 minutes and have all the powerful tools that will help you monitor, modify, and stick to your plan.
The Complete Interactive Guide To Money has everything you ever needed to know about money and living with money, condensed into a super easy to follow, interactive information center. Inside this information center is everything you need to know about money, federal regulations, and credit. You won't need to scour the web for you since we've done all the research and put all the information into one easy to use source for you!
It Really Works!
Money Tree really is a no brainer!
I've always wound up bored or confused by other software and spreadsheets, but now I'm easily saving a few hundred extra per month,
it paid off in the first 10 minutes!
- Valerie in Indiana
  " I think if everyone in the world had these books and software, we wouldn't be in the kind of problems we are in now. - Alicia in Nebraska   
    "The books are worth the $24.95 by itself! Applying everything I read along with the software I have been able to cut my spending over 1/4 in some places and now I know where I'm going with my money.
- Alex in New Jersey
I learned more about money from this software then I ever did in school.
- Jake in California
I realized I was wasting over $400 a month within minutes of setting up my budget
- Joanne in North Carolina
One time my parents tried to show me how to budget in excel, I passed out from boredom
After watching the demo video I knew it would be great for me, so I grabbed a copy and got my budget setup in 20 minutes!
- Kristina in Ohio
The colors help me keep everything straight.
- Ron in Indiana
Thank goodness I started managing my money before I started wasting it all
"These bonuses are pretty great. The set of real world sheets has been really helpful for me to go grocery shopping
- Thomas in Oklahoma
this software is entry level, it's what most people need to get on the right track.
- Dan in Georgia
I don't have much time to do anything, especially balancing my checkbook! Even with 3 kids I've been able to use Money Tree to get a quick grip on my money,
with Money Tree and some good old fashioned planning I don't have to be one of those people.
- Ben in The United Kingdom
I love the underlying simplicity of budgeting, and I love that there's software that embraces the fundamentals
Bonus 2: The Old School Guide To Success Set
The fundamentals of success are timeless, with this great collection of 3 classics you can apply proven methods of prosperity in your life. If you haven't read any of these books in the past, this a great opportunity to finally do it! All of the things you need to know to find prosperity in your life can be found in these books. The set contains "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, "Fundamentals of Prosperity" by Roger W. Babson, and "The Art Of Money Getting" by P.T. Barnum
Bonus 3: The Real World Budget Buddy
The real world budget buddy is a full set of printable documents that will help you keep up with your budget. Everything from paying bills to shopping is covered in these templates, print out a copy to take with you and you'll have everything you need to keep your budget up to date. Templates Included: Budgeting, Bill Paying, Grocery List, Shopping List, Gas Mileage Tracker.
Many wise men have said "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime." While a lot of the public is focused on bailouts, we're focused on providing a real, lasting solution to YOU. Not only do we give you the tools, but we also give you the means to use them, and the the knowledge you need to succeed at everything you want to do!
WARNING: Money Tree is not for everyone, it is designed to help you start taking control of your finances. This is why we call it the Seedling Edition instead of the Redwood Forest Edition. If you've gone most of your life without planning your money, or you've tried and nothing has worked, Money Tree is for you. If you manage a complicated balance sheet or investment portfolio, our software will not be very useful. The strength of Money Tree is in its simplicity, we give you the most direct and stream lined way to tap into the time-proven fundamentals of great planning and prosperity.
That's $49.85 of free products when you purchase Money Tree for only $24.95

If you're ready to take control of your financial life in the most time-proven, effective way, Money Tree is for you.
   Money Tree is compatible with all versions of Windows (Mac OS X coming soon)
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