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Paul A Drockton M.A.
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Paul Drockton M.A. is one of the world's foremost experts on precious metals, silver, gold, economic trends, and other investment options. He exposed the derivatives fraud that is behind our global economic collapse. He successfully predicted the crash of 2001-02, 2007-08 and the coming global economic collapse.

He has his Masters Degree in History/Economics and taught at the college level for a decade. He started a scratch insurance agency, Lending Business, Real-Estate Development Company, Marketing Company, and Financial Consulting Business. Paul has been recommending and selling precious metals to his clients for quite some time. First as a Hedge, then as their primary investment of choice.

Those that listened have realized returns as high as 1000% by purchasing silver at $3.90 an ounce and gold when it was $290 per ounce. Paul also helped his clients avoid financial disaster by telling them to liquidate their real-estate holdings prior to the mortgage crisis.

Drockton Bullion LLC is Paul's precious metals business that specializes in Bullion Products:

1. Bulk, 90% silver coins.
2. Silver .999 Pure Rounds
3. Silver bars .999 pure.
4. Gold Bullion
5. Gold Bullion Rounds
6. Gold Bullion Coins
7. American Eagles
8. Canadian Maples
9. Krugerrands
10 Gold and Silver IRAs
11. Silver Eagles
12. Buying Silver
13. Gold Eagles
14 Gold Maples
15 Kennedy Halves
16 Silver Bullion
17 Silver Dimes
18 Silver Quarters
19 Silver Half Dollars

The company has sold millions of dollars in bullion products without a single complaint. Generating many referrals to Paul as both a Financial Advisor and Bullion expert. The key to buying precious metals is trust. Drockton Bullion has its own private mint and guarantees the quality and purity of its products. All products can be returned for replacement. As of this date, there have been no returns! That is quality.

We also buy back our own products using a spot price plus premium. We pay more than any other wholesaler. Most discount, we don't.

Paul Drockton can be heard on the Rense radio network. His show broadcasts on Monday-Friday for two hours. Please click the link above for show times in your area. You can hear Drockton radio anywhere in the world that has the internet. Paul's articles are also featured on Rense is the #1 alternative media website on the web.
Paul Drockton M.A. and Drockton Bullion
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