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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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In the past few days, I was offered a very significant amount of money if I would help destroy the Mormon Church. the person involved claimed to represent the "Good Illuminati". My research indicated that this individual has the ability to make good on his promises. I was told that, as a result of rejecting his offers, I would "rot in jail as a political dissenter."

Here is my written response. This was also sent to all of the all of the General Authorities of the Mormon Church.


I have considered your position on these issues and appreciate your generous offer of financial assistance as well.

I have decided to decline them based on the following:

1. I wish to remain an independent investigative journalist.

2. I still adhere to the current doctrines of the Church and support its righteous leadership..

3. Like yourself, I have been grossly violated, persecuted and tormented by individuals in high leadership positions. Where there are evil deeds, I will continue to expose them, inasmuch as it is fully within my power. I have faced death, massive financial losses and numerous attacks from the evil doers that hide behind the Priesthood. One is the current Editor of the Deseret News, Joseph Cannon.

I exposed his numerous crimes including:

1. Unlawfully separating approx. 90 million dollars in water shares from Geneva Steel before bankrupting the company, and then fraudulently turning the company Pension plan, with only 10% funding, over to the Federal Pension Relief Program, forcing the pensioners of Geneva Steel to rely on the mercies of the American taxpayers for their retirement benefits.

2. Working with his criminal brother to shut down a legitimate claim of anti-Mormon discrimination directed against me and
my employees while I was a District Manager with Farmers Insurance. In return, he received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations to the Republican Party, and the apparent money to satisfy Christopher Cannons 1.3 million campaign debt.

3. Chris and Joe Cannon's criminal relationship with convicted felons David Safavian and Jack Abramoff. Also, their relationship to Wally Hilliard and narcotics trafficking through, what I believe, is Spanish Fork airport.

I have also exposed some of the crimes committed in the 2001 Winter Olympics cover-up, links between the Secret combinations and major donors and politicians within the Church, etc.

In all of this, I have been the lone voice crying out in the wilderness. I have been reduced to poverty. They tried to kill me in a set-up car accident. I have been shot at. They sexually molested two of my sons, one who ended up on their payroll in a position he was unqualified for after he betrayed his own father. They have slandered me, libeled me and forced me to unjustly surrender my career, which paid over $250,000 in salary per year. All this for a piddling $100,000 settlement, which my Bishop talked me into accepting.

They then proceeded to rob me of that piddling $100,000 through the criminal actions of their MK-Ultra mind-controlled minions, Since then, they have pretended that I had been justly compensated for the numerous injustices suffered by my lovely wife, myself, and my six children.

I thank the Lord God for my health and strength, and for His divine protection from so powerful an adversary. An adversary that appeared to be operating with all the resources that any globally organized conspiracy can muster.

I have pled with both the State and the Church for redress, and have been denied all but the minimal amount of what they consider life sustaining "assistance" so that they could better cover-up their crimes with a very weak showing of feigned mercy. This minimal amount pales in comparison to that which they stole from me and hardly can be considered "restitution".

Why these injustices go unnoticed within the Church, or, if noticed, unpunished, is a great mystery to me. I have often wondered if the Church itself is in the very death grip of the Satanic conspiracy. When these thoughts arise, I am reminded that this is still the Lord's Church, and that He will meet out justice against His enemies in His own allotted time. Meanwhile the cries of those that they have murdered, raped, bribed, distressed, plundered and discredited cry for justice against them from the dust.

I feel sorry for those that live in carnal security and cry "All is well in Zion. Yeah, Zion prospereth." The Book of Mormon states that they are deceived by the devil. I feel even sorrier for that man or woman, who has sold their birthright or stewardship to the devil for a mess of pottage. When he is finished with them, he will speedily drag them down to hell and then they will see their folly.

I am repulsed at those that turn the wicked aside for reward. Or, that minister that which is sacred, to those that they know are evil men. I am repulsed at the fact that such men place financial contributions above Faith, Hope and Charity. For, can an evil man give a good gift?

What is even more destructive is the weapon of twisting the doctrine of forgiveness into just another method to suppress justice. Jesus gave that which belonged to Caesar, to Caesar. He recognized the authority of the law, and submitted to it. This is true repentance. Submitting to the requisites of law, not intimidating poor victims of sexual and Satanic abuse, to permit their abusers to avoid the requisites of the law.

Since this is the Lord's Church, I am convinced that He will find the lazy, slothful, evil stewards that have corrupted His House, and deal with them accordingly. Whether in this life, or the next, it is the same.

As for me and my house, we will continue to serve the Lord. I will continue to send my sons into the mission field, and they will continue to enjoy great success because of the principals that I have taught them in the days of my tribulation. They will receive their endowments and marry in the Temple. They will also raise their children in righteousness, even as they were raised in righteousness. Ultimately, due to the demands of justice, they will stake their claims in my enemy's house and take away his dominion.

Because this is Christ's Church, I expect that, sooner or later, some will realize that the evil men that have flattered them, promoted them, and given them money, only seek their destruction, and the destruction of all the righteous. Lust leads to fear. Fear leads to cowardice, and cowardice leads to compromise. Compromise leads to immediate spiritual death, and ultimate  physical death from a conscience once betrayed.

So, Steve, I will leave you to pursue justice in your own way. As for myself, I count the things of this world as naught, and will only seek the things of the next. In that world, all injustices will be corrected, and those that suffer unjustly will be rewarded for their faithfulness.

I count myself grateful that I should suffer such great things for the testimony I have of Jesus Christ. "In this world you will have persecution," stated Jesus, "but fear not, I have overcome this world."

All those that live Godly will suffer persecution. The praise of the world, which is symbolized by the Great and Spacious building and the Great and Abominable Church, which is of the devil, and lusts after harlots, riches and power, is the kiss of death.

If we do not do our duty, the Lord will raise up men that will, and they will possess the land that once belonged to us.

If we do continue in our duty then all things will work together for our good and His Name's glory.


Paul A Drockton M.A.

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