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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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Corrupt Judge in Mormon Utah Coddles High Profile Pedophiles
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Meet accused Sexual Predator Michael Pratt. Michael is the former Prinicipal of the Seminary program at Lone Peak High School in Highland, Utah. He reportedly seduced a 17 year old student then raped and sodomized her.

"Five weeks later than originally expected, former Lone Peak High seminary principal Michael Pratt, charged with 10 first-degree felony counts of forcible sodomy, seven counts of object rape, two counts of rape, and two second-degree felony counts of forcible sex abuse, finally had his preliminary hearing at 4th District Court in American Fork, Utah on October 20th, 2009." (Source)

The Seminary program is run by the LDS Church and, in Utah, they are salaried the same as a regular teacher. To be the Principal of the Seminary Program at one of the most prestigious high schools in Utah is no small feat. One would assume that such an individual went through a criminal background check, numerous Church interviews and specialized Church training on proper procedures with students in the Seminary Program.

One of those procedures involves having two people present when alone with a student. Reportedly, this procedure is often ignored, not only in the Church Seminary Program, but also by local leadership in the Scouting, Primary (children under 12), Bishopric, Elders Quorum and elsewhere in the Church. The fact is, in a world riddled with sexual predators, it would be safe to assume that no child should be permitted to be alone with an adult in any situation.

Not only does this expose the child to pedophiles like Michael Pratt, but it opens up the LDS Church to numerous lawsuits from those that have been abused by Church Leadership and the Lay Clergy.

Sexual Predators usually have 40 victims for every one they get caught with. Statistically speaking, that means that there are other victims out there that need to come forward in the case of accused Sexual Predator Michael Pratt. One reason that won't happen is because of the Mormon culture which holds that mere mortals are infallable when they hold a high position in the Church.

First, you are fighting a corrupt, in-bred legal system:

"The Salt Lake Tribune  reports that when it was all over, Judge Christine Johnson ruled that because of errors in the charging document, Pratt should stand trial on only 15 counts: one count of rape, eight counts of forcible sodomy and five counts of object rape, all first-degree felonies, and one count of second-degree felony forcible sexual abuse. The girl's testimony did not match dates set down in charging documents by prosecutors. Pratt will be formally arraigned on the charges on November 10th, and then the judge will set a date for his trial. He faces up to life in prison if he is convicted." (Ibid)

With an equally corrupt Judge:

"AMERICAN FORK A former Boy Scout leader from Orem was sentenced Monday to one year in jail for multiple counts of sexual abuse.

Gary Wade Brown, 42, pleaded guilty in June to four counts of sexual abuse of a child and sexual exploitation of a minor, second-degree felonies, and one count of lewdness involving a child, a class A misdemeanor. Seven additional charges were dismissed as part of a plea agreement. Brown faced one to 15 years in prison for his crimes, but Judge Christine Johnson said Brown may benefit from treatment as a free man during his 36 months on probation." (Source)

Who has a history of turning sex offenders, even murderous ones, loose on the Mormons of Utah County:

PROVO A connection has been uncovered between a man accused of brutally raping a Utah Valley University student and leaving her for dead and the judge who allowed his work release.

The judge who gave Shawn Leonard the OK for work release instead of sending him to prison had previously been his defense attorney.

There are now questions as to why 4th District Judge Christine Johnson didn't recuse herself from hearing Leonard's current theft case, which in the legal system is seen as a serious conflict of interest. (Source)

Equally troubling is the attempts by other leading citizens of Utah County attacking the victim instead of the perpetrator:

"5:59pm - Tue Oct 20th, 2009

"This man is my dear neighbor and friend. I truly believe he is innocent. My children and his children are close friends and they say he has never given them reason to believe that he would ever abuse their trust. My daughter has babysat for them and never once did he ever step over the line of trust.

I only know that the girl that is accusing him is a liar, immoral, immodest, and not one to be trusted. I have friends who go to school with the girl and they say she cannot be trusted. Even if it comes down to "he says, she says" I know that Mike Pratt would have hundreds of people/former students willing to testify in behalf of his character. I would like to see how many would testify on behalf of the character of the girl accusing him of these ridiculous accusations.

Also, if a man is committing adultery, the last thing he would do is have sex in open, conspicuous places. Most men would go to great measures to hide their sin. Her accusations are utterly ridiculous. If she claims that he is this type of man, then why haven't hundreds of other girls come forward whom he knows? Because he would never do anything like this. We feel that all the rotten things being discussed on this comment board are by ignorant people who don't have all the facts. The media is only allowing you to hear one side of the story. Someone let Mike tell his side of the story." (Source)

It seems like the only ones that can find support in Mormon, Utah are the perpetrators. From preaching forgiveness instead of criminal prosecution, to spewing slander and libel like the above, the people of Utah can count on one thing and one thing only. The forgiveness of Satanic Psychopaths only leads to more innocent victims and has nothing to do with any true religion. These criminals need to be rooted out, exposed and driven from positions of power.