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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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Big Brother Shuts down 73,000 Blogs in U.S.
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"nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." (Amendment #5 of the US Constitution)

The US Constitution is supposed to be the highest law of the land. Blogs are considered personal property, and personal property cannot be taken under the Constitution without due process of law. This does not mean a judicial order. This does not mean "except when the government grows weary of public dissent to its criminal policies". This means that property rights are held sacred by the highest law of our land. Due process means the right to be heard in front of a jury of your peers, in a very public trial.

Which is why this latest "jack-booted thug-like" action is intolerable and grounds for the biggest public outcry in our Nations History.

"After the U.S. Government took action against several sites connected to movie streaming recently, nerves are jangling over the possibility that this is just the beginning of a wider crackdown. Now it appears that a free blogging platform has been taken down by its hosting provider on orders from the U.S. authorities on grounds of “a history of abuse”. More than 73,000 blogs are out of action as a result.

Hot on the heels of recent threats from Vice President Joe Biden and Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel directed at sites offering unauthorized movies and music, last month U.S. authorities targeted several sites they claimed were connected to the streaming of infringing video material." (Source)

Nothing about this was targeted, except the right to free speech, another Constitutional Right.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." (1st Amendment to the US Constitution)

The Satanic Psychopaths don't like sheep that whine when they are slaughtered. they prefer the ones that go to the butcher quietly and without a struggle. The article states that a handful of sites out of the 73,000 were violating copyright law. This was the grounds they used for depriving 73,000 potential individuals of their property and their rights!

For those of you that do not consider blogs and websites as property, I recommend visiting some of the sites that sell blogs and websites. A good blog or website can be worth millions of dollars on the open market. Now, thanks to the Internet Nazis for a One World Government, all of that valuable real-estate is now worthless.

"‘Operation In Our Sites‘ targeted several sites including, Movies-Links.TV,,,,,, and In almost unprecedented action, the domain names of 7 sites were seized and indications are that others – The Pirate Bay and MegaUpload – narrowly avoided the same fate....Now, according to the owner of a free Word Press platform which hosts more than 73,000 blogs, his network of sites has been completely shut down on the orders of the authorities." (Source)

That would be 7 sites, count them, 7 sites out of 73,000 that were accused of copyright violations. Even those 7 have the right to be heard in Court, before a jury of their Peers, before someone takes away their property. The other 72,993 sites were completely and totally innocent!

Pretend you have a crack-house on your street. The US government comes in and takes away your city of 73,000 homes and businesses because it finds 6 more. Would you just "take it" and walk away?

"Indeed, 73,000 blogs is a significant number to take down in one swoop, regardless of what some users of the site may or may not have been doing. Time will tell if it was indeed a copyright complaint that took down the service but the signs are certainly there. Not so long ago the conclusion that this type of action could be taken on copyright grounds would have been dismissed out of hand, but the current atmosphere seems to be changing." (Source)

The only thing that has changed is that today's Nazis use court orders to justify illegal police actions, that are strictly forbidden under our Constitution.

In another attempt to obfuscate the matter, the company that owned the server that was taken down,, issued the following statement:

“We notified him [the Blogetery owner] when we terminated it [the server], and we refunded him his money to his account, because he has other servers with us If he wants the refund to his card, we can easily do that. However, it should be the least of his concerns,” A BurstNet representative later confirmed.

“Simply put: We cannot give him his data nor can we provide any other details. By stating this, most would recognize that something serious is afoot.” (Ibid)

Its good to know that Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes are on the case ("something serious is afoot"). However, and the US government better some darn good attorneys, because this is a class action lawsuit that will surely cost them billions of dollars. I would strongly advise that anyone that does business with government collaborators, like, who have done nothing to protect their customers private property, should find a new home for their blogs and websites. Preferably someone that has a lawyer and is not afraid to use it.

If you are outraged. Which you should be. Here is Burstnet's Contact info:

PHONE: Toll Free - 1-877-BURSTNET

Also, please contact your Congressional Representatives and let them know that you will not tolerate these violations of you Constitutional rights:  Click Here
I trust Larry Sinclair's story. Remember what happened to JH Hatfield when he
tried to expose Bush?
Remember Margie Schoedinger? The woman who apparently had a relationship with
Bush when she was a minor?
Now there are two murders related to Obama; gay men sexually involved with him.
One of the men, Donald Young, also could have confirmed Obama used crack.
I believe Young was killed because unlike Sinclair and Hatfield, he couldn’t be
I also believe Bush and Obama were chosen to carry out the final phases of the
NWO and nothing and nobody could stand in their way.

First, on 10/26/2000, Margie Schoedinger was nearly abducted by the FBI on the
behalf of Bush in front of the Sugar Land Police.
After all that had come to light about Bush's past and was about to, he couldn't
risk Schoedinger coming forward.
And, it had been already decided, Bush was going to be president no matter what
due to the plan laid forth in the PNAC.
A couple of days after the failed abduction Bush's DUI was exposed and, despite
the fiasco in Florida and the Supreme Court, he became president.

Shoedinger filed a lawsuit against the Sugar Land Police Department and later
against Bush but to no avail.
She was found dead months later of an apparent "suicide".
They say Shoedinger's crazy but the Sugar Land police did a background
investigation into her past and confirmed she dated Bush as a minor so why would
she go through the trouble of filing two law suits if she was indeed "crazy"?

Next, I believe Obama represents the final phase of the socialist/communist
takeover and could trigger an all out civil/race war which has been brewing
since the championing of minorities (feminism, affirmative action, illegal
immigration and multiculturalism).
Indeed, racial strife, the battle of the sexes and public anger/frustration/dissatisfaction
has reached an all time high.
The white man has been emasculated; the minorities empowered.
Black culture and advertising has permeated society and succeeded in
stereotyping white males as nerdy, wimpy wusses.
Whites are portrayed as bumbling boobs and everyone even elderly women talk like
Snoop Dog. 

I also believe we have witnessed the new 9/11 but only time will tell if it
results in chaos, mass evacuations or martial law.
If these events occur there would be civil unrest.
The military, police and private security forces would be used to "restore
order" and they will be met with resistance.
To the sheeple, this would all appear natural so they will support all
dissidents being removed to FEMA camps.
Little do they know, the NWO is being achieved by force and consent.

In the end, republicans and the democrats are no different.
They work for the same people and toward the same goals.
And they lie, cheat and steal. They can kill anyone and make it look like
suicide and are no different from all other murdering psychopaths.
The only difference is they can get away with it and they don’t have to do it
However, their time for playing God will come to an end sooner or later and they
will get what they paid for as everyone else.