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Its Journalism 101 to check the sources of your story, and the story itself. It becomes especially important when you are in the Truth Movement. The current Jeff Rense stories making the rounds, and their sources, have all been discredited before.  Take Lisa Guliani and her frequent attacks on Christopher Bollyn:

"Lisa Guliani and others on the Signs of the Times website have written dozens of pages seeking to discredit me as a liar. Lisa attacks me for writing about Sam Danner, the man who claims to have seen a Global Hawk at the Pentagon, and about my arrest.
This bizarre and vicious attack, led by Lisa Guliani and Scott Makufka (Victor Thorn) of Wing(NUT) TV, seems to be a concerted effort and only commenced after I was assaulted and arrested by three unidentified armed men in my front yard on August 15.

The Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith also joined in the attack on September 7 with their press release. As I said, this seems to be a concerted effort to attack me and discredit my writing. Are Guliani and Makufka in league with the ADL? It seems that way." (Bollyn)

Mossad, CIA, MI6, its getting more difficult each and every day to figure out who works for who in the shadow world of Satanic Psychopaths and their dupes. Take Lisa's ties with a well-known Occultist-Laura Knight. Or her family abandonment issues:

Lisa Marie Taylor married Cristopher David Guliani on 4 December 1993 in Volusia County, Florida. In 1995 Lisa, age 28, and Cris sold their things and packed up and went to Woodbury, Minnesota, where they lived with Guliani's parents for a short time before they found a place in Red Wing.

"Lisa and Cris had a son, who is now 13. Lisa already had two children from two other men.

Shortly after 9/11, Lisa "met" Scott Makufka (a.k.a. Victor Thorn) on the Internet.

In the fall of 2001 she told Cris that she was going to visit a friend in Wisconsin and never came back. After a little checking, Cris found that she had gone to Pennsylvania and was living with Scott Makufka.

She abandoned Cris with three boys, aged 8, 11, and 13.

Now she works with Makufka in attacking honest writers and researchers in the 9/11 movement. She is also working with a Laura Knight of Signs of the Times. Knight has a history of being involved in the occult." (Ibid)

The fact that Thorn/Makufka was a taxi cab driver must have been a big "turn on". In the old days, persuading a woman with young children to abandon her family was the worst form of adultery. Today, you get to claim high moral authority and attack people that actually don't have character issues. This "power couple" have more than done their part to drag society down into the gutter:

"Just recently, Thorn edited and compiled what he feels was the strongest material from Babel's first year. The result is Rebellious Confessions (published by Black Sheep Books), a book which deals with such taboo subjects as masturbation, misogyny, fetishes and fellatio.

"Thorn's short story, "The Blow-up Doll", for instance, tells the story of a young boy's first wet dream. In another story that appears in the book, "Latex Dreams," by Stellar, a young woman graphically recounts her first abortion. "Skeletons," a short story by Jeremy Fleming, relates the tale of a young man turned on by the sound of coughing.

"Thorn and Guliani are happy to get these works into print.

"It gives it more of a legitimacy," Thorn said." (Ibid)

Soon to be a major motion picture. Kind of makes you wonder what other "camera work" was going on over at Wing-Nut TV?   The Intelligence community likes to bring its enemies under its control through the use of pornography, sex and blackmail. A camera and studio could sure come in handy. Perhaps Thorn and Guliani could tell us how a taxi cab driver was able to afford such a luxurious studio.

But hey, I hear that publishing porn is actually quite lucrative, as long as the competition doesn't kill you. That being the Intelligence agencies that derive a good deal of their "black-ops" funding from the illicit sex trade.

I hope that Mark Glenn, his good Christian wife, and 9 children separate themselves immediatelyfrom Thorn and Guliani before   their reputation is destroyed by simple association. A good Christian doesn't need to be affiliated with lying scumbag pornographers. Nor does he need to carry their water for them.

The same can be said for those that reprint Guliani's discredited trash on the homepage of their website.

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Rense Attackers Discredited