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Wells Fargo and Mormon Illuminati Racism
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Spencer F Eccles
Wells Fargo became the 4th largest bank in America in 2000, following the Mormon Illuminati merger with Spencer Eccles' Utah based, First Security Bank. Spencer is the most important relation to Marriner Eccles, who "saved" the Federal Reserve Fraud from collapse during the Great Depression, and also served as its Chairman.

Marriner gave us the World Bank and the Gold Confiscation Act. He also was a heavy supporter of the mass murderer, Chairman Mao and his Chinese Communist revolution, pushing for normalized relations with Mao right after he drove our U.S. Allies into the sea.

This website has already pointed out how the Eccles family is the largest donor to Planned Parenthood in the State of Utah. (Source) For the unitiated, Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, who sought to eliminate minorities and those she saw as racially defective. Its no coincidence that most abortion clinics are located in America's inner-cities.

"...85% are unmarried; 69% are economically disadvantaged... 36% of women obtaining abortions are white non-Hispanic, 30% are black non-Hispanic, 25% are Hispanic and 9% are of other racial backgrounds." (Source)

Considering that Blacks only make up 11% of the U.S. population, and Hispanics/Latinos are only 16.3% of the population, both groups are grossly overrepresented when it comes to obtaining an abortion. (Source) I believe that both groups are being specifically targeted due to the Illuminati doctrines of Aryan racial supremacy.  The Eccles family also sponsors a family planning/genetics counseling curriculum at the University of Utah.

None of the above stops leaders of the Mormon Church from taking their money. Even when their policies and actions directly oppose the doctrines of the Church. This is another tragedy of the times in which we live, and a consequence of trying to gain political influence over moral influence.

Now, back to Spencer Eccles:

"Spencer Fox Eccles is chairman emeritus of the Wells Fargo Intermountain Banking Region. For 40 years with First Security Bank and nearly two decades as its chairman and CEO, he carried on the Eccles leadership of the oldest multi-state bank holding company in the United States, a distinction First Security still held at the time of its historic merger with Wells Fargo in October 2000. (Source)

And, Wells Fargo, which is largely owned by the various Trusts set up by the Eccles family, is now in hot water with the US Justice Department for allegedly targeting minorities for high-rate, high-default, sub-prime loans:

"Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC), the biggest U.S. home lender, is negotiating with the Justice Department to resolve a probe of whether the lender directed blacks to subprime loans... The investigation is being conducted by the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and involves the lender’s actions during the housing bubble...

Wells Fargo still faces a 2008 lawsuit by the city of Baltimore alleging a “pattern or practice of illegal and discriminatory mortgage lending” leading to foreclosures on Wells Fargo loans in minority neighborhoods. (Source)

It appears that the bank was no less busy when it came to screwing people with better than average credit....

"And last week, the bank agreed to pay a record $85 million fine and compensate clients to settle Federal Reserve claims that it steered reliable borrowers into subprime loans and falsified information in mortgage applications.

Employees at the firm’s Wells Fargo Financial unit pushed customers who may have been eligible for prime interest rates into loans carrying higher rates intended for riskier borrowers, the Fed said in a July 20 statement announcing the accord." (Ibid)

The article doesn't say whether they were just sticking it to black people with good credit, or other groups as well.  It should also be noted that Mitt Romney's Hedge Funds (Bain Capital), used worthless "junk mortgages" to steal our pension plans, retirement accounts and other assets through "equity swaps".

Bain gobbled up the crap paper that banks, like Wells Fargo, sold them. Then Bain exchanged these "toxic assets" with Mutual Funds and Pension Plans for valuable stocks, bonds, real-estate and other assets that had real value. As a result of these types of deals, the taxpayer doled out $25 billion dollars to Wells Fargo/Eccles family through the Toxic Asset Relief Program. (Source)

Next time you take your money to Wells Fargo, or cast a vote for Mitt Romney, remember what these people have done to America and its Economy. I wish an honest Mormon would run for President, but they seem to be the ones that lost everything, and not the ones who made billions bringing this country to its knees.

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