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Pedophile Warren Jeffs and Senator Orrin Hatch
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Pedophile Prophet Warren Jeffs with victim-bride
The FLDS Church was formed after the Mormon Church officially rejected polygamy in the 1890s. Polygamy and Pedophilia are not compatible institutions, anymore than pedophilia and Catholicism. In fact, moral polygamists, that actually marry women their own age, with the woman's consent, and don't abuse their offspring, are just as horrified at the practices of the FLDS church as any other decent individual.

I am a Mormon. Like other Mormons that belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I do not practice polygamy. In fact, I have been married to the same beautiful woman for almost 27 years. We have six children that are all adults or almost adults, and one family is enough for me.

Yet, unlike most Mormons, I understand the history of polygamy and those that continue its practice. I have met and talked with many of the polygamists in Utah. The ones I know and like are not pedophiles. They are responsible men and women that honestly believe they have entered into a spiritual contract with God, that has blessed them and their families.

The group I would call the "healthy" polygamists, believe that the State has no more right to interfere with their relationships than it has a right to interfere with any other religious practice. Or, with any other mutual contract between two consenting adults. They would also argue that polygamy is far healthier for society than adultery, or illegitimate children, whose father is out of the picture after the sexual act.

Then their are evil, Satanic Psychopathic pedophiles like Warren Jeffs and his 10,000 member Fundamentalist LDS Church:

Laurie Allen a former member of the cult describes how they treat babies after birth;

"They take children from the time they`re born and they just strip them of all their emotions. Like babies, for example, they water board them. When a baby starts crying they`ll hold its face under water so it will stop crying." (Source)

The above practice is the same technique that all Satanic Psychopaths use to create mind-controlled sex slaves that are obedient to any perverted whim of evil adults like Jeffs and his ilk. Children were treated like sex objects and young men were disenfranchised by the community so that the older perverts didn't have any competition. These became known as the "Lost Boys".

"Lost boys" are young men who have been excommunicated or pressured to leave polygynous groups such as the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS).  They are allegedly pressured to leave by adult men to reduce competition for wives within such sects, usually when they are between the ages of 13 and 21.

FLDS men are each expected to marry at least three wives. But the number of boys and girls born are roughly equal (in humans, roughly 105 males are born for every 100 females). Without an influx of women from outside the community, the practice of one-husband/multiple-wives, or polygamy, leads to shortages of reproductive-age females and surpluses of reproductive-age males.

While some boys leave by their own choice, many are ostensibly banished for conduct such as watching a movie, watching television, playing football, or talking to a girl. Some boys are told not to return unless they can return with a wife. There are also young women who have left or been pressured to leave because they did not want to be part of polygamous marriages. One estimate is that between 400 and 1,000 boys have been pressured to leave for such reasons." (Source)

One of the other abuses of the FLDS church was with the Welfare system:

"Since the government recognizes only one woman as the legal wife of a man, the rest of his wives are considered single mothers and are eligible to receive government assistance. The more wives and children one has, the more welfare checks and food stamps one can receive. By 2003, for example, more than $6 million dollars in public funds were being channeled into the (FLDS) community of Colorado City, AZ." (Source

I have seen Colorado city and one of the things I thought was odd was that none of the homes were actually completed. I was told that homes under construction were exempt from higher property taxes, so the FLDS community never completed construction.

The stories of sexual abuse and other criminal practicies have been known for years to those outside of the FLDS community. Warren Jeff's conviction came as no suprise. What has been surprising, is the fact that it wasn't done years, or decades ago. I believe that the reason that the FLDS church was not prosecuted is because of their political contributions to notable Mormon politicians.

Money, not principle, is the key to influence in Mormon, Utah. Just ask Orrin Hatch, who was confronted on the issue of Child brides in the FLDS community in 2003:
"Hatch said. "All I can say is, I know people in (FLDS Community) Hildale (UT) who are polygamists who are very fine people. You come and show me evidence of children being abused there and I'll get involved. Bring the evidence to me."

The evidence has been there for decades. Mark Shurtleff, the Utah State Attorney General, has also been accused of a cover-up of child-sex abuse by an anti-polygamy watchdog group. (Ibid))

In the words of one anti-FLDS Activist:

"in the state of Utah there are only two reasons why the abuses could have gone on for so many years without being addressed. And this includes child protective services -- which falls under the prosecuting attorney's office. But most importantly, politicians.

Senator Hatch has been a very, very important senator. Somebody just said he's been ranked ninth in power. He has one of the largest, most spacious offices of any senator in the capital.

So there are only two reasons why these abuses could have been allowed to go on all of this time. And that's if there were campaign contributions coming out of Hildale-Colorado City that would ensure no investigation, no one looking into the dirty little corners out there." (Source)

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Sen. Orrin Hatch