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Visions of Jesus Christ
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I have withheld many of the visions that I have had over the past years because I was told to do so. This morning, I felt that it would be very beneficial for many of my readers to share with them the personal knowledge I have received pertaining to Jesus Christ.

The fact remains that I was not born into a religious family per se. We attended Catholic services when I was young, I went to Catholic Elementary Schools. Kindness was the exception and not the rule when it came to my experiences with the religious communities. I  studied the Bible on my own when I first learned how to read. Sadly, I could not reconcile its teachings with most of what I saw around me. Eventually, I ended up believing in nothing.

I went into the Air Force at the age of 17, determined to gain an education of this world and its experiences at large. Shortly after basic training, I was involved in a Sport's accident that resulted in what can be called a "Near Death Experience". I still carry the scar on my neck. In this experience I witnessed the actions of my life in full detail and saw how they affected those around me. It was if someone had thrown a rock in a pond and I was watching the ripples.

I then heard a voice offer me the opportunity to "move on" to the next life, or return to this one. I asked to return.

The message I took from this experience is that, for some reason, my actions and words did matter in the big scheme of things, which fact I had never really considered. I determined at that point that I needed to learn the true difference between good and evil.

Initially, I turned to the philosophies of men, ultimately earning my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. I also studied the tenets of Buddhism, Taoism and Confuscious among others. While all of these had some truths within them, they still left me unfulfilled and feeling as if I was missing some greater meaning to life.

One night, as I was pondering my frustration, the same voice that spoke to me in the previous near death experience returned. Distinctly, I was asked what it was I was seeking. I responded, "An example that I could follow without fear of the consequences."

The voice responded, "Have you considered Jesus?"

I was then left to ponder on the significance of this experience. I concluded that the Jesus I had learned about was a creation of men and their philosophies. I determined to pursue a quest for an understanding of the real Jesus Christ. As I returned to the Bible, I learned the following:

1. Jesus Christ was a lot stronger than I had previously believed.

2. He was far more wise and intelligent than His modern portrayals.

3. He was God.

The more that I learned, the more I determined to follow His example, regardless of the consequences. I found myself thinking more about the needs and concerns of others than I did my own. I became a changed man. More generous, patient, kind, and thoughtful then I had ever been previously.

Yet, I still felt a limit to my understanding. I soon realized that when you agree to greater light, that light exposes and magnifies your own follies and imperfections. I was trying to become a Disciple to a Perfect Master and yet I was riddled with human imperfections.

I felt that such a quest could only end in failure and then even greater disappointment with myself. I took my pleadings to God and ultimately felt the assurance that I could only improve myself if He was willing to forgive my past follies and permit me to continue in my progression. I felt a warm burning spread from my chest outward. I felt clean!

I asked how this was done and was told that it was because of my faith in Jesus Christ.

After researching the various Christian Churches, creeds and doctrines I was ultimately lead to the Mormon Church. I was told that was the place for me to find even greater truths about Jesus Christ and I have not been disappointed. I chose to serve a mission for the Church, at my own expense, in South America. There I learned how little we really need from this world, and how much more we need from God.

I felt that my experience among the poor and oppressed was a precursor to some distant day in the future of our once great nation. I saw the true power of faith through being an instrument used by God to heal the sick, cause the deaf to hear, the blind to see and even raising the dead. In reporting these things I do not wish the reader to conclude that I am anything special. It was because of the faith of the people, and the power of God, that these things were possible.

I returned home after an absense of 6 years, married and continued my education. I can honestly say I have done my best, through a variety of vocational pursuits, to help restore some sanity to the lives of those around me. Things went progressively well until I went out to Utah.

One evening as I was pondering my various predicaments, declining health and vanishing fortunes, I experienced another vision. I saw Jesus Christ, standing before me. Behind Him was the road to Calvary.  I saw the brutal journey He was forced to walk, and the great difficulty He faced. I cried for Him.

Suddenly, the vision changed. This time I saw hundreds and thousands of othe individuals walking the same dusty and dirty path. Like Him, they had their own crosses they dragged. I marvelled that some of them, who appeared quite frail, were able to carry such heavy burdens.

The Savior told me that He wanted me to carry a special cross, one that was made of silver. He gave took the crown of thorns off of His own Head and placed it on mine. I told Him I was not worthy to wear such a crown. He smiled and said that I would be. I began my journey with the extremely heavy load, wondering how I could muster such strength to carry it. I soon realized that my strength increased and that He was there helping me with each measured step. I completed my journey.

I looked at myself. I was covered in all manner of filth that the onlookers had flung on me as I marched with my own special cross. I felt unworthy to even stand in His Holy presence. Again  He smiled. He pulled out his own kerchief and personally wiped the filth off my face. He then called for His Servants and I was given new white apparel and He placed a golden crown upon my head.

There the vision ended. I will share more in my next article. Merry Christmas My Friends!
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