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Utah Illuminati vs. US Constitution
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To hear the Utah Illuminati trumpet their Utah Compact with Illegal immigrants, one would conclude that there is no legal way for individuals to come into the United States.  Here are the requirments for becoming a legal resident of the United States:

Green Card Requirements:

The US immigration system is based primarily on family reunification, needed work skills, employment creation, and recognition of refugees. Also, there is a Green Card Lottery  for people who come from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. You must determine if you are eligible for a Green Card under one of the paths to US immigration, which include:

    * Family Immigration Green Card
    * Employment Immigration Green Card
    * Investment Immigration Green Card
    * Green Card Lottery
    * International Adoption Immigration
    * Refugees & Asylum

Eligibility requirements vary not only for each path, but also within each path. The majority of Green Card holders (immigrants) are admitted based on family or employment immigration, and these paths are further divided into categories based on a preference system. All people who want to obtain a Green Card based on employment must wait for an immigrant visa number to become available according to the preference system. The immediate relatives of US citizens, which includes parents, husband and wives, and unmarried children under the age of 21, do not have to wait for an immigrant visa number to become available once the immigrant visa petition filed for them is approved. An immigrant visa number will be immediately available for immediate relatives of US citizens. Other relatives must wait for a visa to become available according to the preference system. (Source)

Note that the law already has special provisions for immediate relatives of United States citizens, the very reason why the Utah Compact supposedly was created. Immediate family members get their green card immediately. No waiting. Utah has an estimated 400,000 illegal immigrants and, thanks to the Utah Compact and other legislation that is supported by the Mormon Church among others, that number will soon sky-rocket.

For Example:

Utah Amnesty Bill: In this bill, recently passed by the Utah House and Senate, illegals can receive amnesty in Utah by paying a $1,000 fine or $2,500 fee. The only problem is that Utah has no authority to grant United States citizenship to anyone. Those that pay the money will still be deported by Immigration and Naturalization if caught. They should change the name to Utah's illegal- Illegal Immigration Tax.

Dangerous Illegals: Under the enforcement provisions of the watered down, Dangerous Illegals in Utah Act, law enforcement will have to wait for two full years before they can start turning over illegals caught in the commission of a crime to INS. How this benefits the people of Utah is another great mystery of the "Don't Question Your Leadership" culture.
Driving Privilege Cards for Illegals: How Utah can grant citizenship privileges to those that are in this country illegally is another great mystery of our times. Yet, the State Legislature refused to stop the program and, only recently, added a background check requirement.  (Source)

As Joseph Cannon pointed out when asked about Harry Reid's anti-Mormon legislation, you don't criticize the "Lord's Annointed". The 4th Reich is already well established in the midst of the Rocky mountains thanks to the failure of Mormon citizens to not question, or oppose, those that write their laws.

There are prophecies about the Mormons standing up to rescue the United States Constitution. Maybe they will get around to it after BYU loses in the second round of NCAA basketball tournament. No wait, fishing season begins in April. Oh well, we'll get em next year.