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Utah: Suicide and a License to Steal
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When I went after Farmers Insurance subcontractor Jill Beard for conspiring with Farmers Insurance and the Utah Illuminati to destroy my life, I was somewhat perplexed at how this well organized conspiracy seemed to be in full control of the Legal and Political system in the State. I filed criminal complaints, with reams of supporting documentation, statements, etc., with the Utah Attorney General, Utah County Prosecutor, FBI, etc.

What I received in return was:

1. A visit from two Secret Service Officers telling me to "back-off"of Jill Beard or they would be coming after me.

2. A "set-up" car accident that left me severely injured the day before I filed the criminal complaint. It should have killed me. The car that hit me was traveling in the 50-60 mph range and I was at a standstill at an intersection. I did a 180 degree into a traffic pole. My Mercedes ML320, and muscular build, saved my life.

3. Persecution by members and leaders within the LDS Church. It became so intense, I was ultimately forced to leave Utah.

4. Persecution from Mormon politicians that were bribed by Farmers Insurance. I lost 3 very successful businesses and a Property Development Company, plus real-estate developments in the millions of dollars range. One example is a Storage Unit Facility in Spanish Fork that has since been completed and is now worth about 7 million dollars.

5. My problems, ironically, began when I defended the Mormon Faith and my fellow Mormons from the illegal actions of a Farmers Insurance Executive. I was one of the most successfull Sales Managers in the Company's history and I was earning well into the six-figures. Ironic that the longest knives came from those I sought to defend. Yet, such is life.

I tell you all this to demonstrate that the State of Utah is more than acquanted with the actions of one Jill Beard. Now, it appears, the Secret Combination running the State has yet more innocent blood on their hands. I quote the following from a very distressed victim and grieving wife.

"I am a victim of Jill Beard as well.

In October 2009 Jill told me that she needed $20,000 or she would loose the ranch. Horse power Ranch in Scottsdale AZ. She said that she had used all of her resources to put her son "Mikey" into an expensive, private, drug rehab center. She said that she would have the necessary funds in December from her fathers estate, and asked for a 30 day loan. I loved the ranch, it was close to where I live and I didn't want to loose the home that my senior Arabian had settled into. Being a mother and a Healthcare professional, my heart went out to her plight.

I loaned her $11,000 in November 2009, on a 30 day promissory note. Needless to say she has avoided all contact and absconded to somewhere in Utah without so much as a "sorry I can't repay you". On the 25th of August 2010 my husband committed suicide with a gunshot wound to the head because he was despondent, destitute, and I had no funds to lend him. If I had the money that I loaned to that "Black widow garbage piece of humanity", my husband would still be alive.

She just disappeared in the middle of the night with no contact number. I do have several voice mail promises to repay the funds she owes me, plus a signed promissory note, both  are not worth the powder to blow them to Hades. I also have her email address. I, plus another victim, have contacted a lawyer and the attorney general with no help in solving this mess. I just can not fathom that someone would be so calculating and vicious. She had absolutely no intention of ever repaying the monies loaned to her in good faith. We were a victims of fraud. My husband is dead because of her. She has absolutely no conscious.

Her email is   bearfam1985@aol.com

Signed: A Grieving Wife and Mother

I include Jill Beard's email address just in case Utah authorities are unable to contact her about the above case of fraud that resulted in one victim losing her husband to suicide. I am sure that Utah Governor Gary R Herbert, Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and others will prove once and for all that they are not members of the Utah Illuminati by prosecuting Jill Beard to the full extent of the law.

No doubt that they will be assisted by the FBI, since Jill crossing State Lines to commit a crime is now a Federal Offense.

To assist these men and their efforts in prosecuting the Utah Illuminati I will be physically relocating back to Utah to help expose other members of the conspiracy in the very near future. I look forward to wearing the title of Utah's #1 Investigative Journalist and gathering up your experiences with a Gadianton Conspiracy that has surely gotten above the people of that State.

I am really looking forward to it.