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In Mormon Utah, Sheep Get Slaughtered
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Family First for Mormon Councilman Steve Turley
(7/28/11) Steve Turley serves as the at-large councilman for the City of Provo, Utah. For those unfamiliar with Provo, Utah, it is the home of Brigham Young University and arguably the most Mormon city in the world. Steve had all the right Mormon credentials to be elected in Provo. He also had all the right political backing.

To put things in perspective, the current Mayor of Provo raised and spent $43,889 in the 2009 election. Steve Turley, the golden child of the Provo establishment, raised and spent $50,000. His opponent spent $10,000. (Source) Someone really wanted this guy in office. So much so, that Steve was able to hire BCR Political, a professional consultant group, to manage his campaign. (Source)

BCR political also ran Chris Cannon's political campaigns while he was still a member of Congress. (Ibid) In total, BCR has run campaigns for 19 individuals, including the current Speaker of the House in Utah, Sen. Curt Bramble, and Daniel Marriott. The Cannons and the Marriotts have run Utah politics for years.

Now, back to Steve Turley.

It seems that the Utah County Prosecuter has finally gotten around to charging Steve Turley with numerous felonies that were reportedly committed between 2006 and 2009. In other words, Turley has been free to take advantage of his fellow Mormons without the interference from law enforcement for at least the past five years. (Source) Turley is being prosecuted for the following:

1. On or about December of 2006, Turley allegedly defrauded a local bank through a fraudulant real-estate purchase contract for $265,000.

2. In January, he allegedly defrauded two more victims by selling them rental properties that weren't zoned as rentals.

3. He allegedly stole a home from one victim by promising to swap for another home. The title transferred and the victim ended up with a mortgage on their property, which was now in Turley's name and no home to go to. Victim lost their home due to foreclosure.

4. Allegedly befriended another elderly victim in 2008, with some mental and physical handicaps, and had her sign over her home to him without any compensation. Victim had no understanding of the documents she signed or the loss of her residence to Turley.

5. Reportedly leased a restaurant to two different victims in 2008.

6. Allegedly Forged a check for $2,645,000 from one victim to defraud another out of a large real-estate project in 2009.

7. Reportedly screwed another contractor out of $1,000,000 in equipment purchases by promising to turn a gravel pit into a mine.

Millions and millions of dollars in fraud purportedly committed by yet another Mormon Psychopath, who probably used his political credentials and connections to stay out of jail. This case merits more than one Freedom of Information request, which I will submit today. Don't expect much, after all this is the Mormon Illuminati we are talking about. Cover-ups and stonewalling come with the territory.

Meanwhile, I fully expect a tearful apology from this sociopath to make everything all better in Mormon Utah. Undoubtedly his fellow Satanic Psychopaths will rise to his defense at Church, and in the community, pleading for understanding and forgiveness.

Meanwhile, the long line of his alleged victims will grow justly bitter at those that accuse them of lies and defamation. Like many other victims of these scumbags, they will come to the realization that the Mormon Church in Utah is really a wild game reserve for men like Turley and the Cannons. They are protected.  You are their meals, and are expected to be eaten with a minimal amount of noise or complaint.

the only reason this guy is being prosecuted is because a group of citizens decided enough was enough and went after him in 2010. (Source)

They asked the Provo Mayor to investigate Turley and filed a 400 page complaint with the Utah County Attorney's Office. (Ibid) I can find no evidence that Provo City Council or its Mayor, pursued an investigation. Apparently, according to Turley, the Mayor and Provo City Council knew about these accusations for years but did nothing. (Ibid)

In the words of one dissenter on council:

"I find it no longer possible to fully participate in legislative process when the majority of this council ... continues to allow Mr. Turley to operate in positions of power and influence," Dayton said. (Source)

Cannon's Deseret News and other media buddies also helped Turley out by not publishing the details of the citizens complaint when it was filed. Who knows what other information they have withheld from the public as it relates to Steve Turley, or his victims.

Looks like its time for another group of talks on forgiveness for those that need to be punished. After all, making waves is a far greater sin in Mormon Utah than stealing millions of dollars from handicapped old people and trusting church members.

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