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Utah: More Satanic Psychopaths Gone Wild
In a move that could only be termed "damage control", Brigham Young University is hosting two additional Satanic Psychopaths to persuade the Mormon sheep that CFR is not a dirty word. At least, not at BYU. I suspect there might even be a "Lucifer Endowment for the Good of Humanity Chair" in the offing somewhere.

Not that I am opposed to Satanic Psychopaths justifying their abominations in front of the Faculty and Students at the "Lord's University. What I am opposed to, is the failure of the University to grant equal time to those who don't desire to take the "mark" in their foreheads or on their right hands. When two parties discuss their differences, that is education. When only one party discusses his ideology, with no dissenting viewpoint, that is indoctrination. Surely, even the "Lord's University" knows that you can't have "Free Agency" without permitting opposing viewpoints.

At the risk of stating the obvious, is it possible that all of the staff and students that don't want to submit to the globalist plan for world domination at the expense of democracy, have been discharged or expelled from BYU? Perhaps there is no other viewpoint but the Satanic Psychopathic viewpoint left at the "Lord's University"?

That being the case, I would be more than happy to act as that alternative voice, and debate any and all Satanic Psychopaths within a 3 mile radius of BYU. Of course I would expect to receive all of the perks currently available to my opponents. One of which would be an Honorary Doctorate in Public Service (like the one that BYU gave to Dick Cheney). I realize that I haven't shot anyone in the face, or told any United States Fighter Jets to stand down when "supposed" terrorists are heading right for the Nation's capital.

Nor have I ever been accused of playing "The Most Dangerous Game" on my ranch with Illuminati sex slaves. I never thought that killing over a million Iraqi civilians was a "Public Service". Nor pushing through a military dictatorship at the expense of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. United States Patriots are no longer welcome at BYU, unless they are willing to stand 5 miles away from the Globalist Indoctrination Session in a chalk circle the size of my ring finger. Oh yeah, all signs have to be pre-approved by BYU police before they can be displayed.

Anyway, you can never have too many Satanic Psychopaths at the "Lord's University". This Thursday, 12/2/10, one of the Chief Members of the Illuminati will be speaking at BYU. This was forwarded to me.

"Peter Peterson was the head of the CFR. He succeeded David Rockefeller. He is an important player in the NWO. I would ask everyone who can to come to the Herald R. Clark Building south of the Library room 237B. Let's come out and ask pointed questions of these men and don't let them lie to the students.

However, to convert people to our cause, don't raise your voices or cause a scene. Be polite and respectful. That is important. But don't let them get by with any lies. Come join Bliss Tew and myself as we confront these men. Come see the opposition. These men are high up in the pecking order of the NWO.


My fellow Mormons are always talking about the Joseph Smith prophecy that stated they would save the Constitution when it was "hanging by a thread".  One of the main thread cutters will be speaking at BYU, and this is a rare chance for you to let the Church and University know that you do not appreciate it. If you can, please plan on attending this event. Bring friends. Bring signs. Heck,  bring a "bullhorn".

It would be nice if someone were to hand out the Joseph Smith prophecy at the event, and an explanation of what the Council on Foreign Relations is really about. Let's school this university on the true meaning of Liberty, Freedom and Education.

Also, please call BYU President Cecil O. Samuelson (801) 422-4636, and let him know that you don't appreciate the  school pandering to genocidal maniacs that advocate mass murder, genocide, World War, euthanasia, abortion and the creation of a "Master Race". Or email his subordinates here.

More in the next article...

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>>>>           someone brought to my attention their complaint about... posting one of Paul Drockton's horrible claims about evil satanic goings on in the LDS temple: Mormon Church Partnership With NWO Divides Membership
>>>>             The stuff he says that has some truth (Huntsman in CFR, etc) is so slanted and devoid of a proper explanation that it draws improper conclusions.  Simply put, there are a lot of LDS leaders who are blind to the globalist threat and are hob-nobbing with anyone they feel is influential in Washington.  That doesn't make them knowing conspirators.  It happens a lot in today's naive conservative society.
>>>>             I happen to know these leaders very well, and can assure you they are blind, but not evil.  They are consumed with seeking the acceptance of the world (which I disagree with) but are not into the NWO system. Besides, they are very good people and would never be a party to the crimes Drockton claims (ritual murder in the temple):
>>>>             As for the story of supposedly tying up President Ezra Taft Benson in the basement of the temple and making him witness a ritual murder - that's just sheer evil invention.  I would refuse to print stuff from someone like Drockton who seems to be so eager to believe anything about the LDS leaders that he can't make good judgments about invented trash.  He may correctly believe in the conspiracy, but his kind of shoddy analysis will only get the movement discredited. 


PD: Since this individual sent this anonymously to me, and my name appears all across this website, he/she is obviously ashamed of his/her own position. I am a journalist and I have documented my sources. I don't reveal some of them because they are afraid they will be murdered by those that they criticize. Protecting their identities is why they are not afraid to tell me of their experiences.

It is not for me to judge whether their stories are true or false. I simply judge whether or not they are consistent with other verified sources. If they are consistent, I publish them. If not, I don't.

As for LDS Leadership not recognizing a conspiracy. That is pure hogwash. The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and numerous talks on the subject will show that the LDS Leaders should know more about the Conspiracy then any other men or women on the face of the planet. The fact that they seek the conspiracy's approval should be grounds enough for any just man to take pause.

I am an equal opportunity trasher. When I smell evil, I investigate the source of the stench. Then I report back to my hundreds of thousands of faithful readers and listeners around the globe. As the fact that I posted the above will demonstrate, I am more than happy to grant those that oppose me a forum.

I extend this invitation to ANY leader of the Mormon Church that is actually willing to sign his name to his correspondence. I would be more than happy to discuss any of my articles with them on my radio show, or publish their opposing view on my website. The only condition I have is that they have enough conviction to let the world know who they are.