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The Results of the Utah Compact With Illegals
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A $12.00 per hour job is very hard to find in Utah. Pressure from Illegal immigrants and college students help keep wages low. Currently the state's unemployment rate is reported at 7.5%. (Source)

According to shadow stats, which takes into account those that have fallen off the the government's list because of long-term, chronic unemployment, that number could easily be as high as 23%. (Source)

The population of Utah currently stands at 2.78 million people. It is estimated that as many as 440,000 illegal aliens reside in the state. One hotel in Utah, the Grand American, was just audited by the Feds:

"Officials at Salt Lake City’s only five diamond hotel would not comment on how many workers would lose their jobs effective Wednesday, but Tony Yapias, director of Proyecto Latino de Utah, said he’s been following the case and speculated it could be upwards of 120 people. Hotel officials would not confirm a number." (Source)

The e-check system, which the hotel began using in 2006, doesn't apply to employees that were hired prior to that year, claims the hotel. Why the hotel failed to  use the e-check system on all of its employees is not  explained in the article. (Source)  The jobs apparently pay up to $12 per hour, not a bad wage for a struggling Utah family member.

Yet, despite claims that Americans will not take these jobs, the fact is, they aren't being offered to Americans. In fact, the Bureau of Workforce services has only 3 hotel housekeeping positions listed on its website (Source)  for all of Salt Lake County.  Strange indeed.

The Utah Compact is not an amnesty proposal. It does not offer illegals the opportunity to become tax-paying American citizens. If they did, they would loose their appeal to those employers looking to avoid paying those pesky payroll taxes (13.5% of the employees income). They are also free to avoid paying overtime (time and a half), and any employee benefits to undocumented workers. In fact:

1. Illegal Aliens are paid, on average, 25% less than legalized citizens. If they are truly "Undocumented" the employer doesn't have to pay 13.5% to Social Security and Medicare.

2. Supporters of Illegal Aliens in the workplace wave the ITIN statute as proof that illegals pay taxes. The ITIN is a number assigned by the IRS to undocumented workers that apply. It can be used to open a bank account and even buy a home. Yet, there is little motivation for illegals to get an ITIN, since it would reduce their already low wages considerably. (Source)

3. Illegal Aliens are easy targets for extortion and blackmail, by hanging the deportation threat over their heads. They are also easy targets for sexual and physical abuse, which apparently happens frequently in the United States. (Examples). One Marriott hotel in Costa Rica was cited for child sex tourism that involved receptionists working at the hotel. (Source)

4. Marriott franchises its hotels, which means it does not directly own or manage all of them. When Bill Marriott stumps for more illegals in the work place, or the Utah Compact, he is representing the local owners of his hotels. Marriott Franchise fees are the second greatest expense for Hotel Owners right behind employee payrolls. Industrywide, hotel Franchise fees can be as high as  14%. (Source)

In the words of Bill Marriott, Chairman of Marriott Corp:

"If we don't get the (illegal alien) workers, the growth in the hospitality industry, the restaurant industry is going to slow markedly. And I think it could cause labor costs in this country to escalate tremendously. We can have runaway inflation and we could, at the same time, have a recession. We could have the worst of all worlds on the economic front." (Source)

Mitt Romney was a Board member on Marriott's company for 9 years. Marriott is one of the largest donors to the Mormon Church and Brigham Young University. The Mormon Church openly endorsed and lobbied for the Utah Compact, whcih keeps undocumented workers in their exploited condition. Remember, its not an amnesty bill, or an offer for citizenship, its a slave bill.

Once again, without abiding by its own doctrinal laws of doing its business through the laws of "Common Consent", the leadership of the Mormon Church has taken a unilateral position that the general membership would never support. Mormons need to take back their Church before they talk about saving the Constitution, since it is their own leadership that is undermining both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Under the Church Doctrine of "Common Consent", small donors to the Church, like myself, should have the same influence as large ones. We outnumber the Marriotts and Romneys by 10,000 to one. Yet, for the most part, our voices are ignored or silenced. The very tyranny that God opposes through revelation has been shoved down our throat by evil and conspiring men, who have a form of Godliness, but deny the powers thereof.

The members of the Mormon Church in the United States should have been offerred the chance to vote on this change of policy, which contradicts previous revelation about "Obeying the Laws of the Land", and sustaining the Constitution of the United States. Why we accept such tyranny, at the expense of our Free Agency, is a disgrace to the memories of those that died to give us our Liberties.

Another reason that Salt Lake City will not escape the coming judgments from God.

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