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Utah: Repeat Child Molester Freed on Doctor's Note?
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Lonnie Hyrum Johnson's Pedophile Smile
There is no known cure for pedophilia. The average pedophile has 40 other victims for the one time he got caught. Lonnie Johnson got caught twice, once for rape in Washington State, and once for multiple sex charges against his victim in Utah. That means there are potentially 80 other victims of Lonnie Johnson out in society living and reliving the nightmares inflicted by this rabid animal.

Satanic Psychopaths can never get enough chaos, fear and misery. It is now reported that Lonnie Johnson, who was ruled incompetent to stand trial, is being released from the Utah State hospital, on doctor's orders, after a very brief 18 month confinement.

"A Utah County man who faces a number of charges of child sex abuse is on the verge of being released. The registered sex offender has been declared incompetent to stand trial because of what's called a cognitive disorder.

Usually when a judge finds someone to be incompetent to stand trial, they are committed to the Utah State Hospital. But in this case, a state doctor has determined Lonnie Johnson isn't a risk and shouldn't be civilly committed.

"To not even bother with a trial because he can't be competent, and yet turn him loose - it just boggles my mind," said Christy Danner, whose daughter was allegedly molested by Johnson several years ago." (Source)

For the unitiated, a "cognitive disorder" means that he has a problem with his thought processes. I don't think the people of Utah need a doctor to figure that out. As for the one doctor's opinion that he is not a risk to society: Rapid dogs that go around biting people cannot be ruled less of a threat because they haven't bitten anyone while locked up in a cage.

One thing that I have learned from the extensive work I have done on the Hollie Grieg case, among others, is that organized pedophile rings, that often involve Satanic Psychopaths in high places, have no problem refusing to prosecute their fellow pedophiles. Oftentimes they rely on people like Lonnie Johnson as "bird dogs" in the search for new victims.

In the Hollie Grieg case, the "bird dog" was reportedly her own father, who fled Scotland for the pedophile paradise known as Portugal, after the charges were made public. Hollie's father turned his Down Syndrome daughter over to judges, social workers and other leading pedophiles in Aberdeen, Scotland. It seems that the Satanic Psychopaths have a thing for innocence and childhood purity. They glory in stealing it from little children as a way of paying homage to their spiritual master.

The Illuminati believe that they have a partnership with the legions of hell. Satan provides the perversions, power and wealth. In return, they provide innocent victims for him to posess. They use traumatic sexual abuse to make this demonic possession possible. Their ultimate goal is to turn over the entire human race to their master of hate.

It looks like Lonnie Johnson will be back to work barring some type of public outcry.

As far as the Utah legal system goes, well, they have given us further evidence of who is really in charge of the state's courts.   No surprises there. The Court is not obligated to release this monster because some screwy doctor sends them a note. The Court has the primary responsibility for protecting the rest of us from rabid dogs like Lonnie Johnson. They know that there is no treatment for pedophilia, and that Johnson will destroy another 40 lives before he is caught yet again.

Perhaps the Mormon Church, which has enough political clout to persuade the State Legislature to unlawfully grant amnesty to an estimated 400,000 Mormon illegal immigrants in the State, can send over a few of their lobbyists to talk with the judge in this case. Then again, this is Utah, what's one more predator in a state that is full of them?

Without a doubt, Orrin Hatch, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman will all turn off their cell phones until this one is over. Call it professional courtesy for a fellow wolf in sheep's clothing.

Little Red Riding Hood would be well advised to go around Utah on her next trip to Grandma's house.