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Urban Center Risks
Karl Marx wrote that it was impossible to have a revolution without urbanization. The goal of the Satanic Psychopaths has been to move the world's population from the land into the cities. Prior to the 1920s, half of the population in the United States lived in rural areas on family farms. Today that figure is less than 2%. The major increases in urbanization came about through the creation of our modern highway system, the automobile and the tract home.

Industrialization brought families into the cities, while tight credit, higher property taxes, low tariffs and government subsidies drove them from their family farms. The Satanic Psychopaths have been separating Americans from their lands for over a century. This has placed us in the extremely dangerous situation we are in at the present. Urbanization has brought with it the following risks:

1. Food Supply Risks: Americans rely on the imports, cheap labor  and cheap transportation to bring their food to market. Multi-nationals that are owned by the Illuminati control every aspect of the food chain. They grow food on their massive factory farms. They genetically manipulate it through companies like Monsanto, which provides seeds that won't replicate, and contains human and animal DNA.

They process food with additives that strip it of its nutritional value, and preservatives that turn nutrition into a long-term corrosive designed to break down the human body. They transport the food to market, with their massive delivery network and then present it in their various "Superstores" like Wal-Mart.

Grocery Stores are restocked each and every day. The amount of food on the shelves wouldn't last more than a day with high demand. I have heard estimates that the average American Family has about 3-5 days of food on hand at any one time. The Satanic Psychopaths have the ability to starve Americans to death with just a few well-placed phone calls.

2. Infectious Diseases: I and others have seen visions of biological agents being used against Americans in a massive depopulation program. There are air-borne illnesses, water born illnesses and those that can be passed along through physical contact. Urbanization has practically guaranteed that communicable diseases will spread both quickly and effectively to accomplish the goals of the Satanic Psychopaths.

3. Military Targets: Urban Centers have become military targets. Mass casualties can be inflicted with various weapons of "mass destruction". Again, I and others have seen visions of nuclear attacks on America's Urban Centers. I also believe that foreign invaders will focus their efforts on the Urban corridors.

4. Gangs: The Illuminati have armed inner city gangs with the most advanced weaponry available. This is one of the consequences of dependence on narcotics and other illicit drugs. Drug money has built a formidable foe in our Urban areas that will be used to massacre city dwellers when the Satanists give the word.

5. Police State: As we have seen, Big Brother is concentrating all of his surveillance efforts on the Nation's Urban Centers. It is easier to control a herd of sheep when they are corralled in the big city than when they are grazing in the countryside.

6. Riots: Urbanized areas will experience the greatest amount of social unrest when the economic collapse is followed by critical food, fuel and other shortages.

Karl Marx was a Satanic Psychopath that correctly determined that, without urbanization, any efforts to build a New World Order would fail. Anyone with any wisdom will seek to remove themselves from these Illuminati death-traps once the next false flag occurs, or the dollar collapses. Modern Society will fail. Our success will depend on our ability to survive without it.

More in the Next Article.

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