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The Holly Greig Blog:
When Robert Green announced his intent to run for Parliament, he was arrested and thrown into jail for 3 days. When he sought to gather the necessary signatures on his petition, he was arrested and thrown into jail again. This time, "Hollie's Army" sprung into action and melted the phone lines at the Grampian police station with thousands of calls demanding his release.

He was released. They dropped him off and let him fend for himself. Fortunately, he was able to get a hold of his good friend Stuart Usher, who tended to his needs. Stuart Usher is another hero in the Hollie saga. As a child, he watched as crooked lawyers destroyed the once powerful "Usher dynasty" in Scotland. Born as an aristocrat, he now sells hamburgers at his roadside stand while managing to lead the charge for Hollie Greig.

Then there is John Taylor, who at great jeopardy to his personal safety, led the team of volunteers that spread the word about Hollie Greig in Aberdeen's pubs, byways and public places. 15,000 pieces of literature were delivered; posters went up around the city; and Awareness of Hollie Greig's story went from zero to 40%, in a city that boasts 210,400 people.

No campaign can survive without financial support. George McKendrick dug into his own pockets and provided moving billboards and other materials without any desire for recognition, praise or compensation.

In-spite of enormous opposition, the message was delivered to a large percentage of individuals that live in Aberdeen. In light of the two most recent scandals, one involving a Pedophile Ring in a nearby locale; and one involving a crooked Grampian cop who sexually assaulted a deaf woman and an unnamed male, the message is getting through.

Robert received 138 reported votes so far. This number does not include the votes that had "Google Holly Greig" or other written messages from Holly supporters. Ballots that are defaced are separated into their own pile and totalled after the others have been counted, if at all.

Considering the other huge abnormalities that took place in the United Kingdom yesterday (thousands were turned away at the polls), it would seem like a small thing for the chief vote counters in Aberdeen to only total a fraction of those ballots that went to Robert Green.

Yes, in a city where crooked cops get off with strained cries of "No Evidence!"; little girls with Down's Syndrome are raped by Pedophiles and the State with impunity; and candidates for office are arrested and unlawfully detained while running for office; making paper ballots disappear would be as easy as being molested by a law enforcement officer.

I believe that, if they could have gotten away with it, Robert Green would have ended up with only 1 vote, instead of the current 138 they grudgingly conceded to him for fear of making things look too suspicious.

Now, before the Grampian police make another raid on the Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers campaign headquarters, I want to state very clearly that these opinions are my own. I ran for Mayor in a corrupt city of 100,000 inhabitants and would have won had ballots not magically appeared or disappeared according to the desires of the Powers that Be. The newspaper reported only a small portion of what actually took place: severe mentally handicapped people in nursing homes voting; dead people voting; and even a dog voting if I remember correctly.

So, my guess is that Robert's numbers were much higher than reported. Just by appearing on a ballot a candidate is practically guaranteed 1%-2% of the vote without any campaign whatsoever. That would place his vote totals between 430- 860 votes out of 43,000. By running a campaign on such a shocking issue as egregious child abuse by those who are in power, and are disliked generally anyway, Robert's totals should be much higher. I think a safe estimate is 5-6% of the totals, although 10-12% is not that unrealistic.

That would have given him 2,150 - 5,300 votes total. A much more reasonable number considering the publicity generated by his harassment, Hollie's abuse and aggressive campaigning.

Don't expect Jimmy Carter or Amnesty International to jump on Robert's bandwagon. They only get involved when things are going against the plans of the Global Elite. Such is not the case in Aberdeen Scotland.

Looking at the paltry 138 votes they alloted to him, the corruption in Aberdeen becomes even that much clearer. This vote count was an attempt to discredit Hollie Greig's search for justice. One more reason to increase our turn-out at the next demonstration and our efforts elsewhere.

Lets see if they know how to count protestors correctly.




Ann Greig has just phoned me (Ayem) and asked for me to please circulate the
following information. Social Services in Shrewsbury (a woman by the name of Paula Morris) rang Ann
Greig an hour ago at approx 13.30 hrs.She explained that Social Services want to come and pay Ann and Hollie a visit
at their home.  When Ann asked why - she was told that they are concerned about Hollie's welfare because of everything that is out on the Internet about her. Ann has flatly allowed them to call and I've asked that if they do come round
that she doesn't answer the door to them. In the meantime - I'm asking you to please make a note of this development in
case anything else occurs, with regards to making any attempt to remove Hollie from the safe and secure care of her mother Ann..
Thanks - Ayem"

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