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UK Pedophile Elite Create Internet Media to Fight Hollie Greig Case
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The Hollie Greig abuse case, which involves an alleged pedophile ring of some of Scotland's leading citizens, is just a small hole in a massive dam. Behind this retaining wall exist thousands of other sexual molestation and abuse cases that have created billions of dollars in liabilities for the Scottish and other UK governments under Her Majesty's government.

Its always about the money. The problem you create when you let Satanic Psychopaths run your society, is that they create expensive messes that require "clean-ups" that range from bribery to murder. This is why the mainstream media won't publish their stories and why they have to manufacture their own media on the internet.

Take the example of one who calls herself "Anna Racoon". Her site magically appeared a few months ago to wage battle on Hollie Greig, Anne Greig and Robert Green. I quote the following from an anonymous source:

She is a British, probably Scottish lawyer who used to work at the office of the Lord Provost in Scotland and has connections with the Court of Protection, which is often used to take children away from their natural parents.
Her first name is Susanne and she seems to have many manifestations as far as her surname is concerned, i.e. Nundy, Cameron, Blackie, Davey and even Cameron-Blackie. I`m not sure why anyone would need so many names.
She now lives in the town of Issigeac, Aquitaine, south-west France and claims that the former Lord Chancellor, Derry Irvine, a very close ally of Tony Blair, has visited her at her French home. Irvine is a establishment character.
She is an accomplice of Lance-Watkins and is widely believed to be a government plant, using the Anna Raccoon site to discredit anyone who attempts to expose paedophile crime."

In another example of desperation on the part of the establishment, one G Lance Watkins has published photos that appear to have been confiscated from Anne Greig's home in an illegal raid that took place a few days back by the police. In the real world, this is known as "receiving stolen property", and is a criminal offense. In Scotland, however, this type of collusion between police and government shills seems to be common-place.

Even more worthy of note is the mysterious influence that Mr. Watkins seems to have over Social Services, who, after numerous ignored requests for justice from the abused, seem to react swiftly to any written or verbal request from Watkins. After receiving a letter of concern they contacted the Aberdeen Police (In Scotland), who then contacted the Shropshire Police (in England) on an alleged missing person's complaint. Watkins, who lives in Wales, had no way of knowing where Hollie Greig was or her mother Anne.

To illustrate this absurdity, imagine your worst enemy in Mexico, calling a police station in Canada to file a missing person's complaint for you at your residence in the United States. The police call your legal representative who tells them you are fine and on vacation. Then the American and Canadian police break into your very small residence, spend three hours there looking for you, trash your place and steal your computer, all without a legal search warrant!

Then, to add insult to injury, photographs probably lifted from your stolen computer appear on your enemy's blog the next day! You come home from vacation (like Hollie and Anne did), only to find that your keys don't work because the police have changed the locks! So now you and your mentally retarded daughter with health issues have to figure out what the heck happened. 

Robert Green wants some answers.

Dear Mr Collard,

Mr Chandler has not answered key questions throroughly.

Who, for example, is the person or persons responsible for applying for the injunction?

Who, precisely, is giving the orders?
I had already cautioned the Court that you are the ones who are doing the misleading some weeks ago. Your disgraceful and unwarranted attack on the home of Hollie and Anne only serves to underline my point to the Court that Shropshire County Council are not interested in the least in Hollie`s welfare, nor in that of her mother. It is my belief that your prime motive, by intimidating Anne and Hollie, is to protect your colleagues in Aberdeen who have been responsible in part for the atrocities committed against Hollie and other child victims and for the kidnapping and physical assault perpetuated on Anne Greig on 5th September 2000.

The Scottish Welfare Commission have confirmed that no document to support this groundless sectioning exists. They were challenged after an acknowledged expert, Dr Ellen Smith, confirmed that Anne had no serious mental problems whatsoever. Even the doctor in charge of the sectioning, Alastair Palin, was forced to admit that there was nothing wrong with Anne and we have the documents to prove it.

I must warn you about your continued denials of your connections with Mr Greg Lance-Watkins, when you have already admitted taking information from his website with which to threaten me. Moreover, I am given to understand that Lance-Watkins, a notorious malcontent, has been boasting that he was responsible for instigating the application for the injunction and that he was the one who reported Hollie "missing", despite the fact that he lives in South Wales and has never met Hollie or Anne in his entire life. What possessed you to collude with this individual?

You will understand that if our strong suspicions are correct, the implications for certain individuals within Shropshire County Council are grave indeed, as  I believe it reasonable to put it to you that a misguided attempt has been made by the authority to cause the maximum distress to a defenceless sufferer of Down`s Syndrome, furthermore using public funds to mount this cruel attack.

Again, on what possible grounds, other than the false rumour promoted by a person who knew neither lady, could Hollie be possibly deemed a "missing person"? She is free to go wherever she wishes and neither she nor her mother are obliged to inform anyone of their whereabouts. When DCI Bates phoned me at my home at approximately 1330 hrs on Thursday 3rd June, just before the raid, I told him that although I did not know the precise whereabouts of Hollie and Anne, I had no concerns about their safety. So therefore, you took the word of a malicious stranger against mine, the ladies` legal representative. DCI Bates later made a false statement, in front of witnesses, about the day he phoned me.

When the "search" took place, even after I had stated I had no concerns and there would be no sign of forced entry to the home or any evidence of violence, did the large team take more than three hours to ransack the house and remove material, some of which seems to have later appeared on Mr Lance-Watkins`website?

Given these circumstances, do you really believe that any reasonable person would accept that you have no "relationship" with Mr Lance-Watkins?

Finally, you seem to have placed great store on the seemingly uncanny ability of your professional psychologist witness to make formal assessments of the mental state of individuals that she has never even met or spoken to. I suggest that a great deal of unnecessary time, distress and waste of public funds may have been avoided if your psychologist`s talents had been directed instead at an assessment of the mind of Mr Greg Lance-Watkins.

Yours sincerely,
Robert Green

Robert Green/Hollie Greig Publicity-Legal Fund: