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UK Riots and Martial Law
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Why do the Elite Let This Happen?
Order out of Chaos is the Illuminati Mantra. The Satanic Psychopaths will both give us the chaos, and then offer us their solution. It has been known for decades that the Intelligence Agencies control the narcotics trade in our cities. The street gangs are just a retail outlet. The CIA, MI6 and the Mossad are the wholesalers. If gangs are rioting, plundering and looting, you can bet the house that they are under orders from their suppliers to do so.

The fact of the matter, is, the police have more than enough resources to shut this thing down. Think about it:

1. Facebook and Twitter communications are constantly monitored by the police and the thugs are actually posting pictures of themselves with their plunder. This is called probable cause my friends. While the rioters sleep during the day, the police could be arresting them without much resistance, if that is what they wanted to do.

2. What about all those surveillance cameras??? The police could use them to track looters right back to their homes, regardless of whether they are wearing a mask.

3. Tear Gas and other crowd control measures could also be used to shut down these riots. Instead, we see the police standing idly by, behind their shields, while the mob is permitted to rape, rob, loot and plunder.

The question should not be whether or not the police can bring an end to the riots. The question should be why aren't they bringing an end to the riots. I believe that they are following orders to simply contain the violence to certain areas that have been preselected by the global elite. These areas,because of their location, are designed to strike fear and terror into the heart of the law-abiding citizens that frequent them. They are designed to make everyday citizens feel weak and vulnerable.

The police will undoubtedly complain that they lack the resources to bring this thing under control. After enough public outcry, politicians will state that the people demand a military solution. Martial law will be implemented, and normal rights of due process, trial by jury, or habeus corpus will be suspended. Instead, curfews and martial law, along with the order to shoot looters on sight, will be implemented.

Then comes more chaos. Perhaps numerous False Flags designed to keep the nation under martial law, because of a manufactured ongoing domestic terrorism threat. Islam works, so does Christianity (see the Norway Shooter, who was a Mason and not a Christian). Guns will be confiscated and proper "identification" will be provided.

Bye, bye, Magna Charta and the Rights of Man. Undoubtedly, biological weapons will be unleashed, food shortages and inflation will occur and whatever else it takes to terrorize the nation into a full-blown police state.

Then they round up the malcontents and the Patriots. I saw this in South America. Members of families just "disappear" in the middle of the night, only to reappear over the Atlantic Ocean as they are thrown out of planes without a parachute. It was called the "Dirty War" back then. Now it will just be something polite people just don't talk about.

This is their plan, make no mistake about it. Soldiers are trained to follow orders, not read people their Miranda Rights. This chaos is already beginning in the United States and the rest of the world. The Satanic Psychopaths want to destroy 80-90% of the global population and they will be permitted to do so by a greatly offended God, that has done his best to warn the masses through His inspired servants.

Instead of listening to these men, the Satanic inspired masses have marginalized them and forced them off the world stage. Now religious leaders that are acceptable to the Psychopaths, lull their followers into a deep sleep and chain their hands from rising up against the very evil that threatens their lives, liberty and property.

"Love Thy Psychopathic Satanist as Thyself", is their cry. "Forgive murderers! Forgive Child Rapists! Forgive the Social Deviants! Heaven forbid that we should actually do anything to defend ourselves!

If you think that God wants us to lie down like sheep for the slaughter, without making an attempt to defend ourselves, you will soon have your wish. Just keep me out of your stupid delusions of what constitutes faith and obedience to God.

A True Prophet of God decries evil and evil doers. He also raises a warning voice to the masses and is usually persecuted or martyred as a result. True Prophets don't seek out worldly popularity. They despise it, knowing that the vast majority of men are fools that know nothing about the true value of a human soul.

Worldly popularity means that an organization has become evil, and is being run by murderers, adulterers, rapists and thieves. "The world loveth its own" (Jesus Christ)

Think about that next time you go to Church and remember this: God will not always suffer the cries of the widows and fatherless. He will eventually avenge them on the heads of their enemies..

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