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The True Spirit of Christmas
True Jews and True Christians share a common belief in the Messiah, the Savior of the World. One of the greatest works that connects the two is Handel's Messiah. The Hallujah Chorus is just one  part of Handel's masterwork.

"The libretto was compiled by Charles Jennens and consists of verses mostly from the King James Bible, the selections from the book of Psalms being from the Great Bible, the version contained in the Book of Common Prayer. Jennens conceived of the work as an oratorio in three parts, which he described as "Part One: The prophesy and realization of God's plan to redeem mankind by the coming of the Messiah. Part Two: The accomplishment of redemption by the sacrifice of Jesus, mankind's rejection of God's offer, and mankind's utter defeat when trying to oppose the power of the Almighty. Part Three: A Hymn of Thanksgiving for the final overthrow of Death" (Source)

The first section was written to persuade the Jews, from their own Holy Text, which is shared by Christianity, that Jesus Christ is their Messiah.

    Part I: The Annunciation (Ibid)

        Scene 1: The prophecy of Salvation
        Scene 2: The prophecy of the coming of the Messiah
        Scene 3: Portents to the world at large
        Scene 4: Prophecy of the Virgin Birth
        Scene 5: The appearance of the Angel to the shepherds
        Scene 6: Christ's miracles

The second section deals with the sufferings of Jesus Christ and his rejection by the Jews, and the rulers of the world

    Part II: The Passion (ibid)

        Scene 1: The sacrifice, the scourging and agony
                         on the cross
        Scene 2: His death, His passing through Hell, and
                         His Resurrection
        Scene 3: His Ascension
        Scene 4: God discloses His identity in Heaven
        Scene 5: The beginning of evangelism
        Scene 6: The world and its rulers reject the Gospel
        Scene 7: God's triumph

The final section deals with the Final victory of Jesus Christ and His glorious return to govern over this earth.

    Part III: The Aftermath (ibid)

        Scene 1: The promise of redemption from Adam's fall
        Scene 2: Judgment Day
        Scene 3: The victory over death and sin
        Scene 4: The glorification of Christ

The Messiah is powerful because it demonstrates that Jesus Christ was the God of both the Old and New Testament. The true God of both Jew and Gentile. This is the message of Christmas. "Love your Neighbor as Yourself" and obey the 10 Commandments.

Lucifer opposes Christmas because he opposes the Messiah. He encourages men to worship the work of their own hands and to seek their salvation through his appointed servants. He promises a temporal salvation free from pain and filled with pleasure. In actuality he uses the lust for pleasure to build up judgments against a man and drag him "speedily" down to hell.

The Messiah's message teaches men to seek Liberty through self-control and submission to conscience. Self-control and valid concern for others is the true road to Freedom. A remorseless life is not one where the individual fulfills his own petty desires. It is a life that is literally lived for the benefit of those around him in harmony with the will of God.

As Lucifer's servants prepare for war and the ultimate destruction of mankind it is important to remember that the world will never have peace through its acts of hatred, animosity and self-destruction. These actions only bring Divine judgements, guilt and remorse.

True Peace is not a Global enterprise, it is an individual effort. The man of God realizes that true peace begins when a man is at peace within himself. When all men are at peace with themselves the world will have peace. This was the message of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. This is the true Spirit of Christmas.

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That is one of the most beautiful happenings I have ever seen. I am looking for some people who I can join up with who can sing at all to do a similar "surprise". Do I have any takers? I will travel if necessary (and I can learn a 5-min. production like that quickly; I would so love to do it) to get with these other people. Anyone want to join me?

Thank you for posting that. I could not watch it without starting to cry. And all those unsuspecting folks who got to be in that awesome place where that even-more-awesome energy was moving thru there & enveloping the whole area will never forget it. And I believe they will be touched in the deepest way in the core of their spirit & soul by having been there.

Peace & Light.....
and most sincerely,

Marcia Walsh, Rochester, New York