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In our previous article we discussed how Sex Majick is used in the media, by the Illuminati, to influence the masses through television. We also pointed out that television and the media are controlled by the Military Ruling Class, who are Satanists that worship the forces of chaos. In other words, our modern media is nothing more or less than a military psy-op.

We also explained the basic principals of behavioral psychology including Classical and Operant Conditioning. In Operant Conditioning, the subject is either rewarded or punished for choosing a specific behavior. In television, music and movies, the reward is emotional participation in the simulated sex act. The payoff is replaced with a message to the Illuminati's choosing. Today, we will discuss how punishment is meted out to mold public opinion into political and social submission.

In Illuminati Mind programming, punishment, or severe trauma, is used to force a target to disassociate, or create an alter personality. Dissociation is literally a separation of self from trauma. The mind will isolate the trauma with an amnesia wall to separate it from a person's consciousness. Behind this amnesia wall is not only the memory of the trauma but also a segment of photographic memory, which can be programmed according to the desires of the "Trainer" who inflicted the trauma.

Everyone disassociates from the present. We call this "daydreaming". Psychologists point out that those with borderline personality disorder do so as a result of severe trauma in their childhood:

"One common finding, and the source of much of the controversy on this matter, is that dissociation is correlated with childhood mistreatment.  Numerous studies have presented evidence in support of this idea.  For instance, Watson, Chilton, Fairchild, and Whewell (2006) found that individuals diagnosed with BPD who dissociate regularly report greater levels of childhood emotional and physical abuse as well as emotional neglect.  Childhood sexual abuse, however, did not predict levels of dissociation in individuals with BPD.  Van Den Bosch, Verheul, Langeland, and Van Den Brink (2003), found that dissociation scores for women with BPD were higher amongst those who reported both sexual and physical abuse prior to age 16, more than one perpetrator, and severe maternal dysfunction.  Brodsky, Cloitre, and Dulit (1995) found that women with BPD who dissociate are more likely to report a history of childhood abuse than are women with BPD who do not dissociate." (source)

In George Orwell's 1984, he wrote of "doublespeak", which is the ability of a simple phrase to convey two messages. It also involves the ability to accept contradicting evidence as truth. Doublespeak can also be defined as two sets of laws; one for the sheeple and one for the elite. In order to accept doublespeak, the target has to be able to dissociate. Dissociation can be correlated to tension, or negative energy as well:

"there is compelling evidence that individuals with BPD dissociate more often in proportion to the amount of tension they experience.  In a study in which "aversive tension" was defined as a vague state of unidentified negative emotions, Stiglmayr, Shapiro, Stieglitz, Limberger, and Bohus (2001) found that the duration and intensity of aversive tension was positively correlated with the experience of both somatic and cognitive dissociative symptoms."

In other words, those in a negative environment with high stress levels will dissociate more frequently to avoid the tension. The illuminati prize this ability to disassociate in their offspring as it makes it easier to program the individual for specific tasks.

So what about the general population and television? Does it hurt us individually and collectively to be exposed to a constant barrage of emotional and mental trauma?

1. Dissociation causes the individual to severe ties with pain. The consequence also involves a separation from all other human emotion. Too much trauma and dissociation and we also severe ties with our humanity and our conscience. We become psychopaths and sociopaths that will not respond to guilt or shame because we have literally lost our ability to feel.

2. The emotional trauma inflicted by viewing portrayed trauma on television can have the same impact as if we ourselves were witnessing an actual trauma. We dissociate and cut ties with our emotional self to avoid the mental anguish and pain. 

3. This serves the political purposes of the global military ruling class because it desensitizes us to  the horrors of war. When gross injustices, genocide or other acts of brutal violence are presented to us we simply separate ourselves from our emotional self and go off into fantasy land. We fail to experience moral outrage because we have been conditioned to separate ourselves from the voice of conscience.

4. Since we have lost the ability to feel, we become addicted to increasingly greater portrayals of slaughter and bloodshed. We develop a "blood-lust" as it were. Longing for real experience, we turn to those things that make us feel something as opposed to feeling nothing at all. This leads to even greater depredations. Our society becomes more violent and aggressive, more militarized and more easily manipulated by those that control our emotional experiences.

To lose ones humanity is the greatest indignity of all. To become calloused to the sufferings of others, the greatest condemnation of a life not well lived. If we are to survive as a society, this is what we should be fighting to retain individually and collectively.

It really is that simple.

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