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Tavistock Institute and Mormon Media
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The Tavistock Institute was created with the help of Sexual Deviant Sigmund Freud (caught smelling bicycle seats). It remains an unanswered question of whether Tavistock influenced Freud or the other way around. The Illuminati have long sought to destroy family relationships so that they can breed, buy, and sell humanity like cattle. Tavistock has played a central role in normalizing behavior that belongs on the outside of society looking in.

Tavistock's primary purpose is to train the Illuminati elite in the art of emotional manipulation and the dark side of behavioral modification. Through Tavistock, the Illuminati train Societal Psychopaths how to move the Satanic Agenda one step closer to reality. Corrupt the mind and the body will follow.

Tavistock works through the Council on Foreign Relations and various private Foundations to create opposition groups that demonize concepts like Patriotism, Family Values and Sexual Restraint. They operate through your newspaper, internet, radio and popular entertainment. All with the hope that you will not be able to discern between what is evil and what is good for yourself and others.

The Mormon Church owns a Newspaper called the Deseret News, a website called KSL.com and various other media outlets that carry water for Tavistock and the Satanic Psychopathic Banksters. Some of this comes through via the Rothschild owned Reuters News Service, or the Rockefeller controlled Associated Press. After all, these so called News Services were created to keep control over what is and isn't really news.

Then there is the Editorial Policy. In order for the Tavistock Agenda to go forward, an Editor has to be selected that has been trained in their Satanic subterfuge. First, the Deseret News had CFR Jon Hughes as Editor. Jon was a Chrtistian Scientist, and not a Mormon, by the way. Then they appointed Joseph Cannon as Editor. I am proud to say that my articles forced both back into the murky shadows. Now, Jon Hughes is the head of BYU's School of Journalism, free to corrupt future Mormon journalists in the ways of Tavistock.

When you read, or hear the news, understand that everything being presented is designed to lead you to a conclusion predetermined by the Satanists. After reading, watching or listening to their filth, you will find that your moral compass has been redirected a few degrees to the South. Now, back to the Mormon owned media.

1. The "Sutherland Institute" (another Tavistock funded entity) explains why the United States should fully eliminate its border with Mexico. (KSL.com) In the name of compassion, we are told that our resources should go to support those in our country illegally.  Utah will continue to spend your money on providing a full schedule of Welfare Benefits to illegal aliens.The LDS Church publicly proclaimed its support for this Illuminati ideal, much to the mystification of myself and many others.

2. Tavistock continues to advocate permitting the Communist Chinese to colonize Utah thanks to the efforts of Jon Huntsman Jr. (CFR member) and others. The Illuminati have the intended goal of permitting the Chinese and Russians to establish advance operations in this country prior to their massive invasion of America. In this article we are told that the Chinese Communists are not evil, just not well understood. (KSL.com)

3. In a related story, young Mormons are being immersed in Chinese Communist propaganda and the Mandarin language. Probably, so that they can follow simple orders like, "Stand against that brick wall over there and put on this blindfold, right in front of those bullet holes." (Deseret News) You would think that with, a 400,000 and growing illegal immigrant population, they would have a Spanish immersion program.

4. In this story, Tavistock trained and CFR affiliate Mitt Romney persuades the Tea Party that he is one of them and not a Satanic Psychopath. (Source)

5. In this one, Mormons are told that the Eccles Foundation for Abortions and Planned Parenthood is a dismal failure. Abortions are actually down in the state (Yes, they can make up statistics if they want). The fact that abortion is being funded by wealthy Mormons in good standing is not mentioned in the article (Source)

Tavistock and the Mormon Church owned media seem to have a pretty snug relationship. Now that I have exposed this fact, I am sure that massive reform in this area will begin. Right after the Jimmer parade in downtown Salt Lake City.