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Surviving the Coming Plagues
Preparing for the coming plagues that will sweep across humanity will be just as important to our survival as storing food, or obedience to the 10 Commandments. Now is the time to analyze what will strengthen our bodies defenses and what will weaken them. We need to focus on both.

1. Tobacco use is designed to weaken the bodies immune system and open the door for debilitating diseases. The industry is owned by the Satanic Psychopaths and they are the only ones that profit from it. The choice to use tobacco products may prove to be a fatal one when they release the horrors of bio-engineered germ warfare on the masses of humanity.

2. Alcohol use also is debilitating. Alcohol converts liver tissue into fat cells. The liver is an important part of the body's immune system and acts as a primary filtration system. Think of a car with a dirty oil filter and it will all make sense. This filtration system will need to be fully functioning if the body is going to survive a biological assault. Stop using alcohol.

3. Coffee and Tea. I am not talking about herbal teas, which offer a wide variety of health benefits. I am talking about coffee and black tea. Reliance on artificial stimulants accelerates the bodies natural processes and weakens the human immune system. It is the equivalent of keeping a car revved up for an extended period of time. The body has a natural stimulant, adrenaline, that it will release when it needs to be stimulated.

4. Processed food is poison that, when consumed on a regular basis, will leave us exposed to disease. Whole Wheat is the staff of life, not processed white flour.

5. Meat should be used sparingly. Studies show that reduced use of meat has enormous health benefits.

6. Go to bed early and get up early. The body needs proper rest. This practice is critical for good health.

7. Learn how to use herbs. Herbs are nature's medicine, and skillfully used, are extremely beneficial to the body.

8. Get rid of white sugar and replace it with fruit. When the body wants something sweet it is really craving fruit, not sugar.

9. Look for holistic alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

10. Supplement with high quality vitamins and minerals. These should be a part of your food storage.

11. Allicin C does kill viruses, bacteria and molds. One tablet per day will go a long way to keeping you healthy. I live on the stuff and so does my family.

12. Television is linked to obesity. Obesity opens the door to disease.

13. Exercise is critical to good health. Even 30 minutes of walking per day has enormous health benefits.

14. You are about 60% water. I only drink water that has been filtered and ionized.

15. Washing your hands goes a long way in the prevention of disease. Always wash before you eat.

16. Fasting is another great health program. Go without water and food for 24 hours, once a month. You will be amazed at the physical and spiritual benefits. Fasting works best when you take the money you have saved in meals from the fast and donate to the poor. It is by helping to bless the lives of others that we bring blessings to ourselves and families. I have seen in vision the plagues that are coming.

17. Eat your vegetables. Proper evacuation from a high fiber diet will imporove your health.

I have also seen in vision how we can protect our families and ourselves through prayer and obedience to the above laws of good health. Stay healthy my friends.

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