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Support the Troops. Bring them Home
Hi Paul,

Some of your recent thoughts about good versus evil reminded me of a talk from Dr. Richard Swenson who is a Christian Futurist.  He makes a logical argument for the End of the Age with the integration of our past and extrapolating for our future by analyzing a process of forces.

The first force is profusion - progress has given us more and more, faster and faster.  Then an irreversibility sets in where our economy depends upon profusion, our culture is addicted to progress and we have involuntary retention -- the state of being unable to undiscover a discovery. Following the irreversibility is the exponential rise of fallenness when profusion becomes extreme.  The extremes become cataclysmic when there is not enough leeway to adjust when things go wrong or are misused.  All seems in balance as long as there is enough good to keep up with the bad.  But when the bad becomes bad enough, it will doom the entire system. With the increasing potential for more evil, what will fallenness do with infinite energy?  A smaller number of people have power to wreck havoc with weaponry, technology, communications, information, mobility, money and speed.   When all these powers converge, there will be an exponential profusion of evil.

The question for the good is, Do we have enough wisdom to slow progress down or deal with catastrophic events ?  Alvin Toffler said that trends are unstoppable, but we can survive.

At least to my mind, the good cannot give way just because evil proliferates. Psalm 11:3 asks, "When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do ?"  Then the Psalm goes on to talk about the eyelids of the Lord testing us.  Evil will always challenge the validity of the good.

My favorite guiding quote comes from philosopher Francis Schaeffer:  Truth is so obscure in these times and falsehood so established, that unless we love the truth, we cannot know it.

Just some meditations.

I am a Veteran. I spent 4 years in the Air Force, and they were good years for me. People in the military don't have the same Freedoms as civilians. They live under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and not under the Constitution. That means that they are not permitted to get involved in politics or publicly criticize our government's policies.

I used to get extremely ill and angry at the Jane Fonda types that spat on and abused those that were returning from Viet-Nam. I wondered why they weren't arrested for assault and battery. Instead of attacking the corrupt politicians that started that war, or the Illuminati Banksters, they attacked the18 year old boys coming home from the hells of war.

Its funny. You never see a protester outside the City of London (The Rothschild enclave), or outside of the Federal Reserve Banks. These are the guys who start the wars for their own Satanic amusement and profit. They are the ones who benefit from the arms sales and the resources stolen from the lands we invade. All our troops get out of the deal is a one way trip to misery and basic survival.

As civilians, we have the power to stop unjust wars. At least for the present. The fact that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan was the result of the events of 911, added to the fact that the evidence points towards a Western intelligence operation, takes away the justification and moral imperative for fighting those wars.

The fact that British Oil Companies got the contracts and their Illuminati allies captured the heroin business, takes away any economic or social benefits from America. The fact that we are presently in a global economic crisis, takes away the luxury and expense of fighting offensive wars for Israel, The Crown, The Fed or any other foreign interest. Americans should be fighting for American Interests, period. Republican Democracies do not start offensive wars, dictators do. The mandate for any Democratic Society is to defend, not become the aggressor. Perhaps this is why we are victimized by False Flags.

China just sent two messages to the United States. Both were designed to remind us that they expect us to pay our debts. One message came in the form of an ICBM launched off the coast of California in front of millions of American citizens. The other came when a Chinese submarine surfaced within torpedo range of our Aircraft Carrier during a military exercise.

Neither one of these messages can be ignored. The Satanic Psychopaths got us into this mess and I have no doubt whatsoever that they will be hiding in their underground bunkers when we suffer the consequences of their evils. War with Iran is coming. Like  911, and the other wars that came before it, it will start with a False Flag event on American soil.

This False Flag will be a nuclear event, based on what I have seen in vision and reported elsewhere. Patriots will be rounded up and shipped to internment camps, where they will be silenced. Any legitimate dissent will end and criticizing this next conflict will be considered an act of terrorism.

We will all be living under the "Uniform Code of Military Justice" and the Constitution will be mute at that point. Heck, we are already there.

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Here's my comment on your article "Support The Troops. Bring Them Home."

On the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) website, in "Spitting on
the Troops: Old Myth, New Rumors," sociologist Jerry Lembcke, author
of "The Spitting Image: Myth, Memory and the Legacy of Vietnam," wrote:

"Stories of spat-upon Vietnam veterans are bogus. Born out of accusations
made by the Nixon administration, they were enlivened in popular culture
(recall Rambo saying he was spat on by those maggots at the airport) and
enhanced in the imaginations of Vietnam-generation men some veterans,
some not. The stories besmirch the reputation of the anti-war movement
and help construct an alibi for why we lost the war: had it not been for
the betrayal by liberals in Washington and radicals in the street, we
could have defeated the Vietnamese. The stories also erase from public
memory the image, discomforting to some Americans, of Vietnam veterans
who helped end the carnage they had been part of."

Both of my elder brothers served in the Marine Corps in Viet Nam, and one
of them became an antiwar activist when he returned home. I was an anti-
war activist throughout the Viet Nam War, and I attended many anti-war
rallies. Many of our fellow protesters were Viet Nam vets, and I never
saw or heard of anyone spitting on any veterans.

Gregory F.

(Paul)  More Here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Spitting_Image