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Paul Drockton: Hughes, Mormon Mafia and Summa Corp.
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"Summa Corporation was the name adopted for the business interests of Howard Hughes after he sold the tool division of Hughes Tool Company in 1972. The tool division would merge with Baker International in 1987 to form Baker Hughes, the world's third-largest oil-services company. The name "Summa", Latin for "highest", was allegedly chosen by several of Hughes' employees without consulting him first. Hughes was allegedly dissatisfied, and preferred the name "HRH Properties" - with the initials standing for both "Howard Robard Hughes" and "Hughes Resort Hotels". His suggestions were never implemented, and the company remained Summa for 18 years following Hughes' death." (Source)

Its holdings included:

Whitewashed history as tried to portray Howard Hughes as the white knight that rode into Vegas to push out organized crime. In reality, Hughes apparently represented the interests of an even bigger criminal syndicate that secretly controlled "Crown Interests" and advanced their New World Order Agenda:

"Throughout the 1950s, as the power of three entities grew -- the Hughes empire, organized crime, and the new Central Intelligence Agency -- it became all but impossible to distinguish between them. By the end of the decade, Hughes' chief of staff, Robert Maheu, had orchestrated the CIA's dirtiest secret -- plots to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro with the help of two heads of organized crime. Vice President Richard Nixon was the White House action officer in the clandestine attempts to oust Castro.

Zapata Off-Shore, the oil company owned by future CIA director and U.S. president George Bush after he split it off from Zapata Oil partner Hugh Liedtke in 1954, had a drilling rig on the Cay Sal Bank in 1958. These islands had been leased to Nixon supporter and CIA contractor Howard Hughes the previous year and were later used as a base for CIA raids on Cuba. Nixon lost the 1960 presidential election to John F. Kennedy largely because of a scandal over a never repaid $205,000 "loan" Nixon's brother received from Hughes. As attorney general, Robert Kennedy secretly investigated the Hughes-Nixon dealings." (Source)

Mormons were above reproach in the 1960s and 1970s. The images of the Osmond family, broadcast across America, personified their clean morals and lifestyle. The vast majority of Mormons to this day remain unaware of how the "Crown", and its allies in the Illuminati, were using this image as a front for their Clandestine activities.

Considering the fact that the Howard Hughes had made George H.W. Bush through Zapata Oil, there can be little doubt that it was Bush that made the "Mormon Mafia".  One example was former Utah Senator Bob Bennett:

"Bennett was an LDS Church chaplain in the Utah Army National Guard from 1957 to 1969, when he entered public service as congressional liaison of the United States Department of Transportation. He held this position from 1969 to 1970. That year he became president of Robert Mullen Company, a Washington, D.C. public-relations company. During Bennett's tenure, the PR firm did work for President Nixon's reelection campaign, and even employed Watergate felon E. Howard Hunt. In 1974, Bennett became the public relations director for the billionaire Howard Hughes's holding company, Summa Corporation, working there until 1978 when he became the president of Osmond Communications.

In 1979, he went into the technology industry, first as the chairman of the American Computers Corporation, and then as the president of the Microsonics Corporation from 1981 to 1984. In 1984, Bennett was named as the CEO of Franklin Quest, where he was also a founding shareholder. Bennett held this position until he ran for public office." (Source)

After the reported death of Howard Hughes, Summa started liquidating its holdings. Frank William Gay, alleged Bush/CIA front man and Mormon Mafia Don, also ran Summa Corporation as its CEO. Gay's son, Robert was the founder of Mitt Romney's Bain Capital.

Robert Bennett and Frank "Bill" Gay liquidated everything but the casino operations and real-estate holdings. For the unitiated, casinos are important to Intelligence Community as a major front for "money-laundering". Drug money cash can be converted to covert weapons used to overthrow the enemies of the "Crown". The casino "games" can also be used to pay bribes to those that go along with the agenda.

Mormons preach against gambling as a sin that contradicts the commandment given to Adam to "Earn Thy Bread by the Sweat of Thy Brow". Few would argue that casino gambling is not one of the most corrosive vices of our time. Yet, the Mormon Illuminati still seem able to hold high positions in the Mormon Church and Utah/Nevada politics in-spite of their leadership in Las Vegas and the Howard Hughes gambling empire.

Mormons founded the State of Nevada and were successful in banning any form of gambling at first:

"Shortly after incorporation, the State of Nevada..   became the last western state to outlaw gaming. This occurred at midnight, October 1, 1910, when a strict anti-gambling law became effective in Nevada. It even forbade the western custom of flipping a coin for the price of a drink. Nonetheless, Las Vegas had a diversified economy and a stable and prosperous business community, and therefore continued to grow until 1917. In that year, a combination of economic influences and the redirection of resources by the federal government in support of the war effort forced the Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad to declare bankruptcy. Although William Clark sold the remains of the company to the Union Pacific Railroad, a nationwide strike in 1922 left Las Vegas in a desperate state.

A welcome relief arrived with U.S. Route 91 reaching Las Vegas in 1926, and Las Vegas was finally connected to California with a road. Nonetheless, even the addition of a modern road did not help to fully revitalize Las Vegas. Instead, the city became notorious as a place for speakeasies catering to tourists and traveling businessmen. With these illicit saloons, crime figures with connections to the Irish mob, Italian, and Jewish mafias began arriving in significant numbers. With its seedy reputation, in 1929, John Calhan, a newspaperman, said "People in the city of Reno, or northern Nevada would have been very happy if Las Vegas had seceded from the state ..."

Apparently Mormon Mafiosa fronting for the CIA and the "Crown" are far more palatable to the general public than other forms of organized crime. The LDS still publishes anti-gambling articles (Source), while the Church continues to financially benefit from its links to the Mormon Mafia. As does the Mitt Romney campaign.

This is a major exclusive my friends!

More in the next article...

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U.S. Senator Bob Bennett