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Double Barrel Defense from the Collapsing Dollar
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Paul Drockton: Stock Market History, Short Drop and a Stop
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The S&P 500 represents 75 cents of every dollar in the stock market. The 500 company stocks are those that have the most money invested in them. This makes the S&P the most "honest" stock index.

As the chart above demonstrates, before 1999, people were smart enough to realize that the stock market was an executioner's noose placed around their financial necks. A short drop and a stop, as it were. Then came the consolidation of wealth into the hands of Mutual Funds, ETFs, Warren Buffet, Banks, Hedge Funds and Insurance companies. These few institutional investors replaced the little guy in the market.

The Rothschild/Rockefeller controlled Treasury department even gave Americans big tax breaks through IRAs and 401Ks to encourage a visit to the Wall Street Casino. The Rothschild/Rockefeller owned media provided the drinks and entertainment.

Notice that the Parties of the Past have been very short lived. The revelers have continued to lose their savings and retirements as a short boom is followed by an equally shorter bust. After the first bust, the Federal Reserve refilled the Wall-Street money barrel with U.S. taxpayers hard-earned money. Then came the second bust, and the barrel was again refilled with more taxpayer provided money, courtesy of the Rothschild/Rockefeller owned Federal Reserve.

Now, after much quantitative easing, filling the barrel for the third time, the market is again in the bust stage. Like the previous market collapses in 2002 and 2008, this one will empty the barrel permanently. I say permanently because there is no more money to steal from the American Taxpayer. It is, as they say, all gone.

So enjoy these "Sucker Rallies" designed to convince you that history is not repeating itself. That this really is 2011 and not 2002 or 2008. Ignore the fact that 2008 was worse than 2002 and that 2011 is destined to be far worse than either of them.

The market manipulators, like banks, Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies etc, are selling their stocks into the market because they have no choice, They do as they are told. Meanwhile, the Rothschild and Rockefeller unseen agents will continue buying massive quantities of Put Options against the S&P and the individual stocks that make up the Index.

When the market falls, they will collect their winnings. Just like they did in 2002 and 2008. Remember, the House of Rothschild always wins.

Get out of the stock market and into silver bullion by emailing me at pdrockton@aol.com

Bank Failures

The FDIC reported that 3 small regional banks failed. One with ten branches and  the other two with 2 branches each. The cost to the insurance fund for these very small bank failures is almost $200 million dollars. Remember, they only have $45 billion on hand, or enough to cover about 1 cents on the dollar when the entire banking system collapses.

Yes, the Federal Reserve system and US Treasury could print more money, but with the highest debt ratio of any country in the world, those printed dollars would be practically worthless by the time they got around to handing them out.


In the meantime, silver, which has gone from $3.90 per ounce in 2000 to about $33.00 per ounce today will easily hit ten times that amount after the market collapse. In the Weimar Republic, where everything was sold at a discount during the hyperinflationary crisis, one ounce of silver was worth a king's ransom.

To Buy Silver or Gold email pdrockton@aol.com

Stock Recommendations:

NCMI: National CineMedia, Inc.- Buy the November $10.00 Put

FXCM:  FXCM Inc. Class A Common Stock, buy the November $11.00 Put

ERY: Direxion Energy Bear - Buy the November $14.00 Put

Please donate $10 to this website and 10% of the profits from your trades.

For Donation Link, Email me at pdrockton@aol.com

* I do offer phone consults for those that have a minimum of $3,000 to invest. Email at pdrockton@aol.com for details.

Some online Brokers are feeling the "Drockton Effect" and, as a result, are trying to stop you from opening an online account that will will permit you to trade options. Before you fund your account (Give them your money), make sure you are approved to trade stock and/or index options. Here is a list of online Options Brokers:



Interactive Brokers

Options House

TD Ameritrade


I don't recommend one over the other. There are many more out there. I will add to the list in the future. The Satanic Psychopaths that are plundering your wealth don't like it when the sheeple fight back.

Please email me with your stories on this subject, good or bad and I will post them in the comments section.

Precious Metals

Gold and Silver will soon become unavailable. If you are waiting for the collapse to buy your physical metals you are making a very serious mistake. Prices are being brutally suppressed while the Satanists steal the 4.56 trillion dollars invested in the S&P 500. They can't afford to have high precious metals prices luring sheeple out of the stock market.


You are about to witness a historic event that will be known as the Stock Market Crash of 2011. In order for the Psychopaths to profit from this event they need the following:

1. Money in the Stock Market. Your money.

2. Insiders and Institutions ready to sell their stocks and create a falling market.

3. Stock Options in place that will grow in value as the market collapses.

As I have stated, money doesn't just disappear. It merely transfers from one hand to another. If you were sitting in a Las Vegas Casino, and the most successful gambler in the world walked in and sat down at the roullette wheel, you would be a fool not to shadow his bets. I don't do Casino gambling, but I do know how to beat the Rothschilds and Rockefellers in their Wall Street Casino. I want you to learn how as well. This, my friends, will be far more enjoyable then standing outside a building with a Protest sign.

1. Open up an online trade account with E-trade or Scott Trade or whoever.

2. Get approved to trade stock options.

3. Fund your online account with a few dollars you can afford to lose. Don't bet the farm!

4. Buy Put Options on the companies I recommend in these articles and on my radio program. My radio program can be heard on Renseradio.com.

5. Get set up today and start trading Monday morning.

You will be placing your bets against companies that are currently being looted, One Put Option controls 100 shares of stock in a company. When the company goes down $1.00, your Option will be worth an additional $100.00.

1. Buy "At the Market" and "To Open" to keep things simple.

2. Buy one dollar or so below the current market price of the stock.

3. Buy the November Option. This gives you until mid-November for the stock to transfer its money to you as it declines.

4. Sell when you make $100 on the Option.

5. Donate 10% to this website by clicking the button above.  This is my fee for teaching you. It works on the honor system.

Buy silver by emailing me pdrockton@aol.com

Other Recommendations:

1. I sell both silver and gold and currently have no supply issues. Delivery is still 2 weeks or less. For current priceing, Email me at pdrockton@aol.com

2. You should be shorting the market with the psychos. I do consult for a fee. email me for more info.

3. If you can't move your money into physical precious metals then move your money into a money market fund.

4. Drain your cash values on your life insurance policies and annuities. Convert to physical metals. Insurance companies will not survive the economic collapse.

5. Buy food while it is still cheap. A year's supply. Also heirloom seeds.

6. Allicin C kills all bacteria, virus's, fungus and biological agents. It also stores extremely well for a long time without losing its potency. Get some.