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Rothschilds, Murder and Massive Utah Oil Discovery IV
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From Facebook:

Revelation to Orson Hyde, member of the Quorum of the Twelve, received at Nauvoo, Illinois, on 14 March 1846
In my meditations, this morning, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me, and I was moved to write: and being grieved in my spirit on account of false pretences [pretenses] by evil designing persons to gain power, and lead away the flock of God; It whispered me and said:

Evil men, ambitious of power, must needs arise among you, and they shall be led by their own self-will and not by me. Yet they are instruments in my hands, and are permitted to try my people, and to collect from among them those who are not the elect, and such as are unworthy of eternal life. Grieve not after them, neither mourn nor be alarmed. My people know my voice and also the voice of my spirit, and a stranger they will not follow, therefore such as follow strangers are not my people. Behold James J. Strang hath cursed my people by his own spirit and not by mine.

Never at any time have I appointed that wicked man to lead my people, neither by my own voice, nor by the voice of my servant Joseph Smith, neither by the voice of mine angel: but he hath sought to deceive and Satan helpeth him; but before of old was he one that was ordained to gather the tares of the field, and mine angels have chosen him to do it because he was a wicked man, even as Judas was chosen to betray his Lord.

But his spirit and ambition shall soon fail him, and then shall he be called to judgment and receive that portion which is his mete, and his treacherous followers, who have forsaken the counsel of their brethren and turned from the covenants of their God, and have cast asunder the tenderest ties, must drink from a bitter cup. (Source)


Byron wrote: "Didn't Jesus Christ choose Judas Iscariot? We either place our faith in men and the organization, which is not a sure foundation and can shake with any kind of news that doesn't "seem right" or we place out faith and hope in Jesus Christ, who is the sure foundation (hel. 5:12). Stop doubting with every kind of logic and finite thought!"

Wolverine Oil and Gas, the company that announced the massive oil find in Utah immediately after Todd Staheli's brutal murder (Todd was the Vice President of Shell Oil who was searching for oil in Utah when he was killed), is full of surprises.  Not the least of which is a Federal land lease in Utah for oil exploration on 65,000 acres.

While speaking to Central Utah residents, the name George Bush popped up rather frequently. In fact, there is a strong belief that Bush is the current power behind Wolverine Gas and Oil. This could answer a few lingering questions that have remained with me since I discovered that Mitt Romney's Bain Capital was the new owner of Clear Channel Communications. The same Clear Channel Communications that owns the contracts on Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. The same Clear Channel that delivered the White House to George W Bush.

The Tea Party Congress was a Clear Channel Creation, making Mitt Romney the beneficial owner of the Tea Party Movement. For those that are experienced in politics, "quid pro quo" is the normal manner of conducting business. Which raises the question, "Did Mitt Romney orchestrate a trade of the Utah Oil Field to the Bushes in exchange for the White House?".

Hundreds of millions of barrels of oil in exchange for the highest office in the land could go a long way towards explaining why the Rothschilds and the Bushes have been so generous to the Mitt Romney campaign.

Another interesting bit of information is that another upstart oil company in Utah was founded months after the murders of Todd Staheli and his wife.  According to Freedom Oil and Gas's website:

The largest oil discovery in the United States in the past thirty (30) years is located on the Central Utah Overthrust Belt (Hingeline).  In 2004, Wolverine Gas and Oil discovered the Covenant Field, estimated to contain over 100 million barrels of oil (MMBO) in the first Navajo sandstone at 6,400’.  A recent deeper test has discovered oil in the second Navajo formation.  Wolverine has drilled over fifteen wells in this field which are each producing at the rate of 600-1,000 barrels per day of high gravity oil (40°), with nominal declines....

Freedom owns 20.0% working interest in approximately 16,000 net mineral acres on the northern end of the Hingeline with three Navajo prospects. Independent petroleum engineers and geologists estimate that Freedom’s Central Utah Overthrust prospects may yield in excess of 300 million barrels of oil.Independent petroleum engineers and geologists estimate that Freedom’s Central Utah Overthrust prospects may yield in excess of 300 million barrels of oil. (Source)  

Freedom Oil and Gas also owns oil in Richfield Utah:

Freedom owns a 33.3% working interest in 156 acres located near Richfield, Utah.  Wolverine Gas and Oil owns the other 66.7% interest. The prospect is located on a seismic structure approximately 2 miles west of Wolverine’s Covenant Field.  Preliminary estimates are that as much as 25 million barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) may be recoverable from Freedom’s prospect.  The Company has performed preliminary research and reviewed existing seismic on this prospect. (Ibid)

And Nephi, Utah:

In 2008 Freedom acquired mineral rights and working interest in approximately 447 acres located near Nephi, Utah.  The lands are situated in Juab County approximately 15 miles northwest of the Company’s Utah Overthrust Project.    Geologists estimate that this prospect could contain as much as 40 million barrels of oil. (Ibid)

Wolverine Oil and Gas owns a majority interest in these projects. Freedom Oil and Gas is the minority partner. This would seem to indicate that two parties that don't want their names mentioned started two different companies for the same purpose, dividing up the oil rich land and deposits of the State of Utah. Bush and Romney? Hatch and Romney? Rothschilds and Bush? The possibilities are endless.

Perhaps all of the parties involved would submit to a FOIA request so we can clear up all of this ownership confusion.

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