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With yet another major winter storm bearing down on the Midwest, Americans will face yet another "wake-up call" on the need to keep emergency stores of food in their homes. I don't view food storage as a luxury anymore. I view it as a necessary key to survival. Here are just a few events that could disrupt our food supply.

1. Drastic changes in our ability to import food.

2. Civil Unrest

3. Epidemic

4. Grid Failure

5. Social Breakdown

6. Strike

7. Hyper-Inflation

8. War

Only a few multi-national corporations stand between Americans and starvation. Monsanto has already demonstrated its desire to control our ability to grow food by genetically manipulating crops that will not produce seed for the next season. Farmers now have to buy their seed directly from Monsanto, or do without.

To make matters worse, Monsanto's crops are cross-pollinating with domestic ones and causing sterility, just as predicted. Famine can be the only possible outcome from this disruption in the growth cycle. As I have stated in previous articles, 98% of Americans live in an urban setting and cannot grow enough food to feed their families.

You need to store food.

I have seen the following:

1. Rioting that begins in the urban centers and spreads outward.

2. Mass-starvation similar to what the Communists created in Russia and China, coming to America.

3. Men fighting to the death for a piece of chewing gum stuck to the sidewalk.

4. Worse than the above.

Food storage will allow you to resist integration into their "New World Order". I saw that hungry, broken-down people took upon themselves "The Mark"(microchip) just to avoid starvation. FEMA used food to lure people into relocation camps that later became concentration camps.

The Satanists have a depopulation agenda and that includes engineered famine.

For those willing to listen, God also has a plan.

1. Cleanse the earth of all its filthiness.

2. Return this world to its Paradaisical Glory

3. Establish Just Laws and Government under His inspired direction.

Food storage is not designed to be permanent. It is simply a tool that will allow a righteous man or woman, with their families, to hang on through this earth's transition period. I saw that in areas set up by the righteous, the earth once more "gave of her strength".

Because of murder, bloodshed, and a host of other crimes, the earth is under a curse. Since we live in a day that can be easily considered to be the most wicked in the earth's history, we also live in a day when the earth is burdened by its greatest cursing. For the wicked, this means eventual destruction.

For the righteous sake, this curse must be lifted in areas where they have gathered together in order to survive. We live in the day of the great division, or, "great sifting". Food storage and obedience to God's 10 Commandments might very well be the cost of passage from this current world, to a far better one.

More in Next Article.