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The Blizzard of 2010 is upon us, bringing up to two feet of snow in some areas. Those that listened to my radio show on 12/22, know that I predicted that this storm would be a warning to show people just how unprepared they really are. I feel the next big storm is going to be a doozy, and will affect the intermountain West.

I never get dates, but I saw that people were trapped in their cars without food or water for at least 3 days. I recommend that you carry a kit in your car that has three days supply of food and some water. When I was stationed in North Dakota, this was a common practice. We also had a small first aid kit we carried in our cars. Here is what I would recommend:

1. Warm Blankets or sleeping bags with pillows

2. Flashlight

3. Ten high calorie ready made meals per person that travels.

4. Bottled water (1 gallon per person per day)

5. Candles and holder. (for some added light and warmth)

You can store these in your trunk. Also, a big, red, plastic banner can go a long way towards letting people know where you are. A shovel isn't a bad idea either. You should keep your gasoline level above half a tank at all times during the winter and check your car's:

1. Tires (chains are a good idea. Store in trunk).

2. Coolant (Flush and refill your car radiator with new coolant)

3. Extra motor oil (in trunk)

4. Bag of Kitty Litter (for traction, store in trunk).

5.  Flares

The smart thing is to stock up on supplies now and avoid travel during heavy snowstorms. The gulf stream has been disrupted by the massive oil released in the gulf and the weather is very conducive for what I saw in vision. Even in places that don't normally get bad winter weather.

Also, buy the Boy Scout Manual for First Aid. Keep it in your car. If you are involved in an accident remember the following:

1. Airway (Open the airway of victim by tilting back the head slightly)

2. Breathing (blow a few breathes into victims lungs)

3. Circulation (administer CPR)

4. Stop bleeding by applying direct pressure to the wound.

5. Always treat for shock (face is red, raise the head. Face is pale, raise the tail) by keeping victim warm and slightly raising legs so that blood can flow to upper body.

6. Treat fractures. (See BSA manual)

7. Apply cold to injuries and give aspirin for pain.

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail. Expect the best and plan for the worst. Good Luck my friends!

Dear Paul,

I discovered you through Jeff Rense Radio who I found on a network called American Freedom Radio. I have unfortunately only very recently been waking up this past year. I want to thank you for your informative show and for your personal thoughts that go out to all of us through God. I am only a very common warehouse laborer but I have been trying to alert my co-workers of the things to come. I feel even if I do not survive the oncoming onslaught of the tyrannical government and its' "hidden hand" at least I will have helped people in some way prepare and understand why we have been manipulated, used, abused, and targeted for elimination.

I have listened to your archived shows as I work night shifts but I must admit some of the dark evil that you uncover is so horrifying that I could hardly recommend anyone to listen to it. Some of your shows bring tears to my eyes. I just pray along with you for these young victims of the evil powers that be and realize, like you, that the evil bast***s will be dealt with by God. I know a wise man said to live this life without envy, greed or hatred. I have no problem with the first two but I struggle mightily with my hatred when it comes to these dark forces.

I would possibly like to make some more small purchases and may some day ask you for assistance from your store.

Thank you very much for your time and your shows and I pray that the internet never goes silent. This would be a hard thing for us to endure.

Hello Sir

just a quick note. I enjoyed your 12-22-2010 broadcast. The prophecy seemed to be right on target. I am 45 years old and live in  Western Pa. I observed the first massive fall of this country during the early 80's as I graduated high school in 1983. The jobless rate was unbelievable when the mills shut down as our steel production went to South Korea.  This is just round 2 for me. So many people that drove Lincolns, paid cash, for everything and made 15-20 dollars and hour with 6 weeks of vacation back in the 70's  were on welfare and selling all their toys so they could get food stamps.

I understand you lived near Cleveland OH for a time, and I had many relatives who lived there in the 60's-to today. Back in 2005 I went to Ohio after not being there since 1979 when my cousin football played top level high school football, and to see what was a middle class neighborhood on the Westside of Cleveland turn into a war zone with so many factories shut I passed on the way ..and that was 5 years ago.

I guess is that anyone from the hard hit rust belt that is about our age and knew how bad it got and that it NEVER does fully recover,  look at the present circumstances and know there is no hope! Workers cannot head south to the non union places. back then, they went to Mexico. Now the work is in India and now China and South Asia.

There are solutions that would help right away and long term. However I am convinced that the evil forces that control this world never want the United States to be strong ever again.

Therefore since I woke up fully about 9 years ago,  I just have resigned myself to hope my wife  , my son and those the LORD put in my path I can tell educate them and pray that I can help in anyway I can.

Thank you for your work and please donít ever quit. Your closing comments in the show on 12-22 said that you would be here "for us" And after reading your extensive experience with the illuminati and all of their evil...you inspire me that one can survive and even overcome against the evil influence.

May the LORD be with you always

Mike From Western Pa

ps Prophecy shows are always interesting...thank you!
I have carried kitty litter around in my vehicles for years for getting out of stuck messes. Then last fall I bought a pair of plastic traction strips. Well, finally put the items to a test. Our rural mail carrier lady got her vehicle stuck in the snow in front of our house. My husband went out to help -- he pushed the vehicle but it would not budge. She whipped out her bag of kitty litter but that just got smashed into the snow. I finally yelled out to them to try my new traction strips. Zip! in a few seconds she was free and clear! These grids are sold in pairs (about $12 for a set) but I would recommend buying 2 sets so that one can place these strips under each tire that would have made getting the mail lady out of her situation even easier. These are lighter weight, bags would tear and get litter in the car, and our personal experience is that there is simply NO comparison in the ease of getting unstuck with these plastic devices. By the way -- the mail lady went out and bought her OWN set of traction strips!