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So, let's see if I got this right. The stock market correction I predicted back in January (20% drop) takes place. The dollar is trashed, so is real-estate and the bond market. Yet, somehow the only investment left that won't be confiscated by the Obama Administration, sits at about $40 per ounce. Gold goes up, yet silver stays where its at. Hmmmmmmmmm.

The numbers just don't add up. Consider the following:

1. The gold confiscation act has already been written and is awaiting implementation at any time. Yet, the price rises about $100 per ounce.

2. The ratios are the same. 1 ounce of gold to 15 ounces of silver in the COMEX vaults.

3. Registered Silver inventories in the COMEX vaults continue their decline (now close to 26 million ounces), showing increased demand and very limited supply.

4. The COMEX shows that about 450 million ounces of silver are being traded in the futures market, on contracts that will expire in the next 30 days. Yet, only 26 million registered ounces are available for delivery.

5. Even more interesting, only 1.7 million ounces of silver were actually delivered this month. What happened to the other 448 million ounces???!!!!

6. Futures contracts are either dying a premature death, or they are being settled in cash. Either way, we have price manipulation and massive investment fraud.

7. One futures contract equals 5,000 ounces of silver. Effective July 15th, small investors were kicked out of the futures market.

So they let gold futures (Spot) prices rise and sit on the price of silver. Investors have no where else to go but precious metals and there is a very, very limited supply. There can only be one simple explanation:

1. They want you to buy gold , so they can steal it from you when they pass their gold confiscation act. By permitting prices to rise on gold, and not silver, they make it look like the only alternative. Remember, its all about forced choices with these people.

2. They want you to panic and sell your silver, so they can buy it for a song.

3. They think you are stupid morons that will actually believe every lie that comes forth from their mouths. (IE: The Fed won't raise rates for a few years).

4. They want to keep you in the stock market until they bring the whole thing down in Late Fall of 2011.

No offense to any other prognisticators, but I laid this out for my clients in 2007. I even made a youtube video which you can view Here. Everything I have stated has come to pass. The only things I have missed are exact dates, but I have still been right on the series of events. I have always stated that I never get exact dates from the Man Upstairs, so I give it my best educated guess. I don't think He wants anyone to trade on the info He passes along to me. He also expects us to have a little faith.

People followed Jesus because he gave them free bread and fish one time. When these people realized that the bread and fish were a one-time shot, they left Him in droves. I say good riddance. Based on the dramatic increase I have had in listenership on my radio show, and the increases I have had in readership of my articles, I know that the people that follow both are just looking for solutions, not a get rich quick crystal ball.

Look at the Prophets in the Bible. They never gave dates. I give it my best educated guess, and people are ready to hang me as a "False Prophet". yet, they conveniently ignore the fact that all of my predictions have come true, or will surely come true in the near future. So, once again, this is what is coming:

1. Stock Market Collapse, Bond Market Collapse and COMEX Collapse (Late Fall, 2011)

2. Hyperinflation, Bank closings, etc. (Early winter)

3. Food riots and Race Riots (Winter)

4. False Flag Terrorist Attacks and Martial law (Winter)

5. Biological weapons released (Winter)

6. World War III, which starts with a nuclear missile hitting Israel (Anytime)

7. Ninety percent of the world's population will be decimated. 30% by Plagues, 30% by Famine and 30% by War/Riots.

8. China and Russia will invade the United States, but will be stopped by the faith of the righteous that are left in this land.

9. The American Indians will aid in the work of destruction, so will the natives of Central and South America.

10. The Illuminati will surrender the State of Utah, and it will become a place of safety for the righteous. Utah will be an Independent Republic that actually obeys the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It will also be cleansed from its present corruptions. Other places of refuge will be established in other lands for the more righteous inhabitants.

11. One ounce of silver will buy one acre of land. Silver prices will hit $150 an ounce and then ten times that amount.

12. Food will be in very short supply among the wicked and corrupt. The righteous that prepare will watch as the their stores are protected and increased by the Hand of the Lord. They will have enough for their families and the families that God send to them. They will be shown who to help and who to reject.

13. Martial Law and the "Mark" will be implemented among the wicked. Forced labor camps will be the only place for "useless eaters" to find a scarce meal and a scanty existence. Those that have willfully embraced slavery will get their wish fulfilled.

14. I saw as these trials brought many people to repentence. When these were sufficiently humbled by their sufferings, they were delivered from their trials. However, the vast majority preferred to raise their fist in defiance, curse God, and die.

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