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Any fool can see that the economic predictions I have made in the past are spot on. What most fools fail to realize is that not only has the current economic fiasco been manufactured by the Rothschilds/Rockefellers Federal Reserve, but it is designed to leave them with ownership of nothing.

First came the Hedge Funds, like Mitt Romney's Bain Capital. Hedge funds promised high returns on high risk mortgages. Today's equivalent of "Junk Bonds". Then came the ETFs (Exchange Traded Mutual Funds), which collectively pooled massive amounts of money from pensions, insurance companies, 401Ks and public retirement systems.

1. The Hedge Funds (Like Romney's Bain Capital) took their high risk junk bonds and swapped them with the Exchange Traded Mutual Funds for hard assets.

2. The Federal Reserve then raised interest rates so that high-risk mortgages became non-performing debt.

3. The result was that Banks, ETFs, Mutual Funds and Insurance Companies all ended up with non-performing debt.

4. The real wealth, meanwhile, had been transferred into the hands of the Hedge Funds, who then converted it to public ownership of profitable corporations, or transferred the money offshore into various accounts that can be linked to drug trafficking, prostitution, public corruption and the international intelligence agencies.

5. The beneficial owners of the greatest theft in world history are the same individuals that own the Federal Reserve Bank. That would be the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.

6. Not satisfied with stealing peoples homes (through high interest loans), jobs, retirement accounts and savings, The Satanic Psychopaths looted the public treasury with the consent of our Presidents and members of Congress. The Toxic Asset Relief Program (T.A.R.P.) gave away trillions to banks and other interests owned by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

7. In order to tighten the noose completely, the Rothschild and Rockefeller energy concerns, which include Shell Oil, Chevron, Exxon-Mobile and British Petroleum have locked up our domestic oil reserves and forced this country's dependence on Foreign Oil. Most of this Oil is in the Middle East.

8. Now the Satanic Psychopaths have destabilized their appointed and annointed leadership in OPEC to use as an excuse to choke Middle Class America to death.


Future Predictions:

1. The Goal of the Satanists is to establish a New World order, devoid of a Middle Class, under Lucifer.

2. The dollar will lose 90% of its value by late Fall. So will the Stock Market. The result will be a total economic collapse.

3. Only silver and gold will have value and gold will eventually be outlawed or confiscated.

4. Silver will remain the currency of the underground economy and the organized alternative to the New World Order.

5. People on government assistance will lose any purchasing power virtually overnight.

6. Massive strikes will cause food and other shortages.

7. Rioting will follow. I saw race riots break out in the larger cities, like Chicago. These riots followed a very high-profile political assassination orchestrated by the Illuminati.

8. I saw street gangs, with the latest military technology, wage war on each other and those still living in our inner cities.

9. I saw that the suburbs were then invaded, plundered and looted. Citizens were murdered en masse and without cause.

10. Safety was found in the more remote regions of the country, away from the urban centers.


World War III

1. I am inclined to side with Sarah Menet, who saw a nuclear weapon launched against Israel from Libya by a group of purported Iranians.

2. Both Sarh and I have seen massive nuclear explosions throughout the United States. Sarah stated that many came from so-called suitcase nukes, brought within the country.

3. Both Sarah and I have seen the Chinese, Russians and Hispanics invade the United States. They met armed resistance. Sarah saw the Russians stopped before the Chinese. Both were ultimately destroyed from the land.

4. I saw the American Indians sweep throughout the land with Russian and Chinese weaponry. I then saw them convert to true Christianity in a day. Ultimately, they fought against the invaders, in alliance with the survivors that were left in the land.

5. Sarah and I both saw biological warfare being used against the United States. Sarah also saw chemical weapons.

6. The Illuminati bunkered down beneath the cities and in more remote areas underground. I saw that they were destroyed by earthquakes and new volcanos.


One World Religion

1. I saw that the Illuminati savior, Maitreya, would present himself to the world as Messiah, Mahdi, Buddah, Krishna, Christ etc. All things to all people.

2. I saw that he would make his appearance with conjoined satellites that reflect sunlight and appear to be a large star in the heavens.

3. I saw that Project Blue-Beam was used to create hollographic images designed to make it appear as if there was a war in the heavens with Maitreya and an angelic army defeating Satan and his demonic followers.

4. I saw that the vast majority accepted Maitreya. Sarah and others have described him as olive complexioned with dark hair. I saw that he was a Rothschild that came from within the Mormon Church.

5. He would perform many false miracles with the assistance of various body doubles and modern technology.


The Mark of the Beast

1. I saw that the Mark of the Beast was first presented to the starving masses following the economic collapse. The Mark was given in the hand  to those who willingly accepted Satan/Lucifer as their Lord and Master.

2. Both Sarah and I saw that the Mark was a microchip impanted under the skin by injection.

3. I saw that the Mark had certain "Credits" assigned to it based on the individual's status in the New World Order.

4. Stores were divided into three different areas: One area was set aside for the slaves. One for the slavemasters and one for the Illuminati Elite. The basics were available in a very limited quantity for the slaves. Alcohol and some minor luxuries were available for the slave masters. The Elite had access to whatever they desired.

5. The Illuminati culled their herd by executing dissenters, the Elderly, handicapped, and those that had a severe illness. Your value was determined by your ability to work long, harsh hours with only basic survival portions.

6. Those that resisted the Mark at first were starved into submission or executed. Those that relented, received the Mark in their forehead to show that they were not Lucifer's willing adherents.

More in my next article. To buy silver bullion email me Paul Drockton at pdrockton@aol.com