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2008 Republican Primary
Article Comments
Henry Makow. Emotionally Unstable?
Video: The Makow Conspiracy Explained
Henry Makow's "Mail Order Bride". Pre-Wedding Photo.

No, that's not his grand-daughter. That is his wife!
Henry Makow's recipe for a successful marriage is outlined in his book, "A Long Way to Go for a Date".

1. Forget Western Women with a brain.

2. If you never got lucky with the girls in high-school, its never to late for living an adolescent fantasy.

3. Find someone living in 3rd world conditions that thinks running water is a luxury.

4. Bring lots of candy.

5. Talk about how rich and successful you are to her parents so that they ignore the massive age difference.

6. Score!

For a guy that preaches about sexual deviancy as much as Makow does, you would think that he might eventually realize that he is living the sexual deviants dream. If a man in his late forties came to your home and asked for the hand of your teenage daughter, you would probably call the police. I know I would.

Did Makow shower this poor family with money or gifts to buy their co-operation? Poor Henry. The girl finally matured after he robbed her cradle and dumped him like a bad habit. I guess the adolescent fantasy thing wasn't a two way street.

Here are a few comments from others on this subject. (Source)

"I've said this before, and I'll say it again:

When my first husband was in the Air Force, we knew several people who had married women from Asia.  The story was they all wanted to come to the land of the "big BX," BX being the large commissary where everyone shopped.

Once they got here, they were WILD WOMEN, and most of those marriages didn't last.  Submissive?  Uh, yeah.

I think it's hilarious Mackow really believes he's going to find a sweet, lovely doormat from Asia.  I'm sure he'll get one.  devil

In the parla(n)ce of the times, "YOU GO GIRL!"

"Any American Male that will go to the depths of Asia JUST to find a wife has some serious mental/sexual/abusive/F*cked in the head issues.

He has to go there because no sane/confident/independant woman would touch such baggage.

Only the poor dear starving and desperate enough would bother."


"I think Makow said somewhere along the line that he (to paraphrase) "couldn't find a decent woman in the whole of North America".

WARNING, WARNING, WARNING WILL ROBINSON......what he said is like a giant ALERT to all the women of North America.

One of the things which really gets me about a moron like Makow is he claims to speak for ALL MEN.    "All men"  want these "submissive and adoring women".....  Ummm, no, all men don't.  In fact I think you will find there is a certain TYPE of man who likes "submissive and adoring women"  Domineering men, abusive men, insecure men.......

That girl on the cover of his book looks about 13, 14.......that is deeply disturbing."


"Just remember, Makow made it personal. He got what he deserved.

That girl is 12-13 at MOST.  The picture appears to be right before the wedding?"


"Makow (rhymes with Whacko) is a typical male Red Sea Pedestrian, like Woody Allen."


"If you had to carry water into the house in a bucket everyday, you'd probably marry some old white man."


"So the leacherous old coot marries a young Philippino girl who is only looking for a better life instead of an equal.

He moves said girl to a city that has a huge Philippino population of which I am sure she must have connected with.
The women of the Philippino community are a very strong, educated group. They would soon fill her in on the new power that comes with being a Canadian.

There is no doubt once she had citizenship in hand, and tired of putting up with the antics of a demanding, old man, who's opinions offend most of the population of Canada, the community would be behind her 110%.

More power to her. In regard to her ex, all I can say is, the man has a few screws loose and his game sucked."


"Henry Makow is a Chauvinist Pig.

Or just a pig, either way would be accurate.

Not that everything he says is without merit mind you -- but mostly it is."


"The big deal is that Henry is a hypocrite of the worst kind.
His reputation precedes him in the place where he lives. (Canadian Writer)

WOW! Good to see so many Canadians that get it!

Most adults actually want someone they can relate to outside of the bedroom.

Normal adults that is...

Not living a porn fantasy...

oh. and out of jail.

Paul Drockton Commentary
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