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Henry Makow's ship has been sinking for quite a while it seems. According to, Makow's site, which used to be ranked right around 19,000 in the world, is now ranked 145,000. This data is from before Jeff cut ties. (Source) Makow abandoned the pen a while ago and now prefers to publish guest articles, which are much lower quality than his own writings.

The data from seems to agree with Jeff's assessment of the decline in quality of Makow's writings. More research demonstrates that other websites have also declined to link to Makow. (Source) When you replace high quality with low quality you are bound to lose readers and supporters. You can blame that fact on others, or you can realize its your own fault.

Makow prefers to blame others. is still ranked 6,272 in the world without Makow. Contrary to what Henry would like people to believe. Jeff Rense still puts out a very high quality product. It shows in his massive readership. It also shows in the fact that made Henry Makow, not the other way around. (Source)

The numbers don't lie. Out of hundreds of millions of websites out there, is one of the premier websites in the world, with a global following.

In a macabre twist, Makow has decided to publish a series of photos of Jeff Rense from when he was younger. Only a stalker, or someone who is being fed misinformation as an intelligence asset, would bother. From what I understand, Makow has never been to Jeff's home or met the man face to face. Trying to portray himself as a Jeff Rense expert means that he is having credibility problems.

Makow just makes things up as he goes I guess.

Which now makes him an object of ridicule in my book. Since Makow is publishing comments, which may or may not be imaginary in their nature, expressing their undying loyalty to him and his now worthless website. I feel that maybe I can help him out by suggesting a few comments of my own.

Suggested Comments for Makow's website:

"Hi Henry, I have been a follower of your writings since my fat Elvis days. Just wanted you to know that I let Jeff Rense borrow one of my motorcycles (wink, wink)." Signed, Elvis Pres____.

"Dear Henry, We read your stuff all the time. It is front page news here at Hogwarts. What I like best is that it can be recycled in the cage of my owl, Hedwig. He seems to prefer your articles as well." Signed, "The Boy Who LIved".

"Mr Makow, I have been living with multiple personalities for many years now. They all seem to agree that you are the best. The one holdout is Jenny the axe murderer. But, don't worry, she doesn't like anyone. Signed, Sybil."

"Mr. M. Its a good thing we created you on the 8th day. Otherwise, our creation would never be perfect. Signed, God."

"Henry, we are working on tidal waves for the other 70 Japanese nuclear reactors. Hopes were high when Bush said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction." Waiting on Iran to build a few nukes." Signed, The teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


I just added this part of the article to make you think I actually put some effort into it. Or did actual research. Its a Henryism I adopted to make things a little more official. Is this what you've become Henry, a sad, old joke?

Please feel free to comment in the New Paul Drockton Forum.

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