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More Harassment?  Or a Simple "Set-up"?
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Someone has opened a gmail account under the name of This happened at about the same time some other harassment began in relation to my journalistic work on the Hollie Greig case.

I just received an email from the above email address saying something to the effect that a "False Flag on US soil would be justified" attached to my name. To think that those trying to denigrate a Down's Syndrome girl who was gang raped by a Scottish pedophilia ring in attempt to thwart justice would do such a thing is hardly worthy of speculation. Of course they would.

I formally denounce this latest smear campaign and restate my views:

That the pond-scum shilling for the Scottish pedophile establishment are behind this latest attack only seems logical.This attempt follows the failed efforts to destroy my relationship with my advertising sponsors by one Gabe Nelson, an Irish troublemaker who has sided with Satanic and psychopathic sycophant Greg Lance Watkins in the anti-Hollie Greig campaign. This in-spite of the mountain of evidence that supports Hollie's story. (Source)

Whoever is behind this latest effort will find Interpol, the FBI, and Scotland Yard knocking at their door soon enough. I am sure that Google will be more than happy to provide law enforcement with everything they need to trace this outrage back to the culprit. I only hope that this doesn't lead back to Elish Angelioni's office, the Lord Advocate for Scotland.

Angelioni has recently been named as a suspect in the unlawful arrest and imprisonment of Robert Green, without benefit of warrant or Habeas Corpus. Robert was simply snatched off the street and thrown into a deep, dark dungeon until he was released by thousands of phone calls from Hollie's Army on Facebook to the Grampian police.

Robert's crime was asking questions about the gang-rape of Hollie Greig. No one has sued him or Hollie for Slander or Libel, which is the normal course for defamation and clearing one's name. Instead, the police broke into Robert and Hollie's home, again without warrants, and stole paper and computer files that implicated the abusers. They also maliciously vandalized and ransacked both homes to "send a message". (Source)

Robert Green also stood for Parliament in the last election. Again he was harassed and arrested without cause and thrown into prison. Again, Hollie's Army got him released with thousands of phone calls.

“On 20th April the Returning Officer formally accepted my candidature, there being no objections. I thence applied to Stonehaven Sheriff Court for a temporary variation on my bail conditions to allow me free access to the constituency for the period running up to and including election day,” the letter reads.

“This was heard in camera at the court before Sheriff Davies on 30th April. My application was refused by the Sheriff on two grounds, first that I did not belong to, to quote the Sheriff, “a proper professional party”, despite the SACL for which I stood being a properly constituted and recognised political party, and secondly that my appearance on the streets of Aberdeen South might lead to civil unrest.

“Not only do I believe that the Sheriff was incorrect, but it is also my understanding hat when my nomination was properly received on 20 April the law is that I should have been allowed free, unfettered access to the constituency for the election period, overruling any other legal constraints.”

Green’s local MP David Mowat has already written to the Chief Constable of Grampian Police asking for an explanation for the “unusual action” of raiding Green’s home whilst he was detained on the campaign trail. (Source)

New evidence has come to light clearly demonstrating that Elish Angelioni has threatened media outlets with legal action if they published the Hollie Greig story (Source). She was also the Prosecutor in Aberdeen that refused to pursue criminal charges against the Pedophile Ring in the first place. Her ongoing involvement in the suppression of this case through a private Law-Firm was noted in a recent news article:

"The article reported that the Crown Office in Scotland had declined to answer a Freedom of Information request made by the magazine in regard to "legal action" undertaken by the Lord Advocate of Scotland, Elish Angiolini. The complainant said that the article was inaccurate and misleading on two points: the claim that "legal action" pursued by the Lord Advocate, his client, had been "dropped"; and the claim that Levy & McRae had written to UK Column "threatening legal action on behalf of a Sheriff who had been named in the Hollie Greig allegations"...

The Drum is continuing to try to establish exactly how much was paid by the Lord Advocate in legal fees and exactly who Levy & McRae was representing in these matters. Both approaches to the Crown Office have been rejected so far and the outcome of an appeal to the FOI Commissioner suggests that he is barred from investigating Crown Office financial matters.

A further appeal has been lodged. (Ibid)

The fact that there are individuals in the highest level of government behind the persecution of the Greigs, and Robert Green, coupled by the fact that they tried everything known to man to stop Hollie's abuse allegations from coming to light in a courtroom, would lead any reasonable man to assume that they are also behind the attacks on myself and others looking for Justice for Hollie Greig.

They can prove me wrong by investigating and prosecuting this latest outrage against me and the Hollie Greig campaign. It shouldn't take all that much effort to arrest the mysterious email fabricator.