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Separatism and Survival
From the time we are born we are programmed to live a life of submission to authority. When we attended "factory" schools we were told when to speak, eat, play and use the bathroom. We learned to believe that those in authority had the best interests of the group at heart. When we began to question and oppose those beliefs we were beat back into submission. 

Then something happened. We woke up and realized that the lunatics were running the asylum. They were poisoning our air, water, food, entertainment, schools and society. Things that were once forbidden by saner minds have come into popular acceptance. Things that were once sacred to us, were repeatedly profaned.

I have come to realize that the society itself is self destructing, one person at a time. This has forced me to consider all of my options:

1. Remain in a state of denial and go about the business of the day, ignoring the inconsistencies and suppressing all logic and reasoning.

2. Recognize that I am on the Titanic, and prematurely enter a lifeboat unseen with my family and slip away in the middle of the night.

3. Warn as many others as possible and try to get as many people off of the ship before it actually goes down.

Fear and panic would have led to choice number two. Faith and compassion have brought me to choice number three. You see, I no longer belief that the future belongs to the lone wolf who separates himself from society. I think the lone wolves out there will be easily hunted down and destroyed. I am now considering a much broader solution to our collective problems.

The Pilgrims were the original Separatists. They separated themselves physically from the decadent societies of Europe and founded their own communities here in the New World. I believe that Separatist communities are now the only hope we have of surviving the coming chaos. We live in a time far more corrupt than the time of the Pilgrims.

The Bible commands us to separate ourselves from Babylon and "Come out of Her". God's people have always separated themselves from the world when the world was heading towards destruction. Our we wise enough to do the same, for ourselves and our children's sake?

I am not talking about a national movement that can be subverted and sabotaged. I am talking about an individual effort that turns into a small independent community based upon the same basic principals that the Pilgrims followed, with a few modern adjustments.

The communities that I envision will be relatively small ones that can easily function as democratic "City-States". No more than 5-10 families per community. They would include the following components:

1. An elected leader that has to face a weekly vote to remain in power.

2. All adults get one vote.

3. All decisions are voted upon by the adults.

4. A jury system, as described here, is used for all crimes and disagreements.

5. Expulsion from the Community is the harshest punishment administered.

6. Criminals are turned over to the civil authority.

7. All members sign an agreement to obey the 10 Commandments as a
permanent commitment.

8. Those with children will be expected to discipline them, or they will be
disciplined/expelled from the community.

9. The Community will make allotments for those that truly show
remorse and make restitution.

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