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Within hours of publishing our article on Utah Senate Majority Leader Sheldon Kilpack's DWI arrest, the Senator  did a complete "about-face" and resigned his seat.

It appears, from their website, that the Deseret News did not publish the story online until after the resignation  1:00 PM.Saturday. They also neglected to publish anything in their  paper until this morning (Sunday, two days after the arrest). Unusual for a daily morning paper. Not unusual for its corrupt Editor, former State Republican Leader and Jack Abramoff crony, Joseph Cannon. Mr. Cannon has had extensive experience in covering up his own, and his brother's numerous criminal misdeeds. Christopher Cannon is now a former US Congressman thanks to a "Dead Man" campaign ran against him in the Republican Primary.

I believe that this story would have been sanitized and the Senator would still be Senating if it were not for the vast readership of this blog, which includes most politicians in Utah and tens of thousands of their constituents. I also believe that State Highway Patrolman, UHP Sgt. Jeff Nigbur, would have been forced to change his story, or would have mysteriously disappeared for his heroic actions by the psychopaths that run Utah's politics.

The reason I believe this is because of what they did to me when I pursued felony criminal charges against one of their biggest financial contributors, Farmers Insurance Group Inc. You can read my story here,
And Here:

Another "Dead Man campaign" forced Joseph Cannon to resign as Republican Party Leader, lobbyist and assorted other positions. Primarily because he and  his brother bilked  their former company, Geneva Steel, and its pension plan out of $85 million dollars before they took it into bankruptcy. Then they fraudulently transferred their millions of dollars in obligations to the taxpayer funded "US Pension Relief Fund". Yet another "Dead Man" campaign forced Joe to put the money back into the company.

Joe also signed a pledge with his former employer, a San Francisco Lobbying firm, to give himself completely to the Gay Rights Campaign. He is known for his work with the "log Cabin Republicans" and it is my belief that he was behind the recent "Gay Rights Legislation" that is being passed throughout Utah.

$85 million buys a lot of malice. I believe that Cannon is behind numerous physical, financial and character assassination attempts on yours truly, which deprived me of my health; my wealth; and my reputation. I also believe that, were it not for the numerous divine interventions on my behalf (from your prayers my dear friends), I would be a dead man in more ways than one.

Now a word about Sgt. Jeff Nigbur, the arresting officer. We will be keeping a close eye on this man and if anything at all happens to him, his career, his family or even his pet goldfish, I will personally launch a phonebank and online campaign  that will make my previous successful efforts look like a child's birthday party. In fact, this officer should be commended and promoted for what he did. 

He is now an official member of the "Dead Man Musings" Witness Protection Program.

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