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I have received numerous inquiries about owning SLV stock versus taking possession of physical silver. SLV is a trust heavily linked to the Rothschilds through the company, Black Rock Asset Management. The Trust purports to hold physical silver in its vaults in England. (Source-Prospectus)

Now, if that doesn't cause your palms to sweat, The Federal Reserve Banksters known as the Bank of New York Mellon (Also a Rothschild/Rockefeller concern) is the Trustee of the Trust. JP Morgan Chase is the actual Custodian of the Trust. (Source) Yes, that J.P. Morgan. The one that has been heavily involved, on behalf of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banksters, in silver price manipulation.

So, you have the Rothschilds, JP Morgan and Mellon Bank, all beneficial owners of the Federal Reserve system, telling you that they are worthy of your trust and confidence. Oh, and by the way, the physical silver is not even located in the United States, and is non-verifiable. I don't know about you, but, in my opinion, this one has potential fraud written all over it.

To actually get the physical silver you have to be a broker dealer approved by I-Shares (SLV) and become an actual participant in the company. (Ibid)  Shares can only be redeemed by Broker Dealers for silver in 50,000 share increments. (Ibid). Hmmm. I wonder who gets to be a "Broker-Dealer" with these guys, and what other agreements they have to sign.

The purpose of buying silver is to grow your wealth while repudiating the Satanic Psychopaths that own the Federal Reserve Bank. The thought that these individuals are managing your money should be enough to persuade you to sell your shares in SLV as soon as the market opens tomorrow.

Contact me at pdrockton@aol.com to buy real silver bullion (rounds, bars etc.)


More on Black Rock:

"Rothschild Australia Asset Management has formed a strategic alliance to outsource the management of its global fixed interest investments to the New York based BlackRock group.

In what is the third such alliance for Rothschild, BlackRock will take over the management of all of Rothschild’s global fixed interest exposure from June this year.

BlackRock, a publicly listed company, has some $US238 billion of assets under management, over $US140 billion of which is in fixed interest.

The new alliance comes just one month after theWestpac Bankagreed to pay $323 million to buy Rothschild.

A spokesperson for Rothschild says discussions with BlackRock began well before Westpac had been confirmed as the buyer for the group.

According to the spokesperson, the alliance with BlackRock was put on hold while Rothschild completed its negotiations with a range of would-be buyers, some of whom had their own global fixed interest capacity.

“Some of the businesses we were talking to did have their own global fixed interest capabilities, Westpac did not,” the spokesperson says.

The alliance with BlackRock mirrors the strategic alliances Rothschild already has with Putnam and Grosvenor Capital Management.

Putnam, the fourth largest mutual fund company in the US, manages international equities for Rothchild, while the Chicago based Grosvenor manages Rothschild’s hedge fund, the Rothschild Global Return Fund.

Rothschild is also set to strike at least two more strategic alliance partnerships with offshore groups.

The first, with a global listed property specialist, is expected within a month.

Retail investors will have access to BlackRock through Rothschild’s balanced funds.

Rothschild is also planning to launch a wholesale global fixed interest unit trust, which the group will distribute to retail investors through master trusts." (Source)