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Self-Reliance and Survival
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Double Barrel Defense from the Collapsing Dollar
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What we will witness in 2011 is the collapse of the Institution. For the past 100 years we have come to embrace institutions as a means to survival. We have permitted our individuality to be absorbed into the group. This will prove to be a fatal mistake in the future, if we don't make the necessary adjustments right now.

To be truly self-reliant is to be truly free from the moral compromises so prevalant in our modern society. Work is a commandment from God. It is also a blessing to the individual. Man was not meant to retire to the golf course for the last 30 years of his life. He was meant for work. Those that have lived off of interest income or investment income need to realize that the Satanic Psychopaths are taking it all away. May I recommend the following:

1. Downsize your life. Make a list of what you need to survive and what you could do without. Sell or donate the stuff you can do without.

2. Go into home storage. Most of us don't own the required land necessary to produce enough food for ourselves and our families. Yet, there is no reason why we cannot store food and the other necessities of life.

3. Learn about Healing Herbs and other Holistic methods. We need to divorce ourselves from our dependance on pharmaceuticals that may not be around during a time of social chaos.

4. Improve our diets. Eat a diet richer in veggies and fruit. Cut out unnecessary sugar and salt.

5. Exercise. Physical Health is critical for survival.

6. Live a dualistic lifestyle. Continue to enjoy the comforts of our modern society while planning to live without them.

7. Prepare a place of retreat. The more remote, the better. A small organization of family and friends will fare much better than a lone wolf during the coming chaos.

8. Urban areas are toast. Suburban areas are next. Rural areas will fare better for a short while, but we will all be forced into more remote areas over time. Plan a community that is portable and can literally move overnight.

9. You will need a tent, portable wood-burning stove, water source, water filtration device, food storage and a firearm with ammunition. Tools and utensils are also necessary. Remember, the goal is to stay out of the FEMA camps. These will be changed into concentration and death camps overe time. You don't want to be there when that happens.

10. Get a Boy Scout Manual, fishing gear and hunting knife. Keep a Bible and/or other Holy Book. Pray individually and as a group for Divine protection and that you might remain invisible to your enemies.

Now is the time to convert your long-term and mid-term savings into silver and gold. There will come a time, very shortly, when they will be the only currency that will be accepted. I saw the day come when an ounce of silver would buy an acre of land. There will be a short transition time after the coming economic collapse for those with precious metals to buy as much land, food and other supplies as they could want or need. That day is coming very soon.

Eventually, all that will matter is the basics: Food, water, warm clothing, shelter and fuel (wood burning stove). Everything else will be considered a luxury. In order to stay portable, your community will eventually abandon everything else anyway. Backpacks, snowshoes, warm boots and socks will also be extremely valuable to you and your group. Remember, we don't have to defeat the Satanists, we just have to outlast them.

Let them have their underground bunkers, we'll take the mountains and forests. I would rather have the high ground anyway.