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The reality of mortality is that we are here to make our own choices and we will be held responsible for the choices that we make. The arguments of the worldy philosophers from Augustine down to the present is that if you want a perfect man you need to establish a perfect environment. Preferably one that is free from the pain of remorse and guilt.

This is Luciferianism in all its glory. It reduces mankind to nothing more than physical objects to simply be moved about from one place to the other. In fact, those that hold such views, have made a fine mess of this world of ours through their policies of eugenics, genocide, abortion and euthanasia. They are without love because they view their fellow men as they view a rock or a tree.

As our society has become more materialistic and empty, it has also become more calloused and superficial. Our present world cannot be saved. Those that cling to it are likened to those that rode the Titanic to the bottom of the ocean. Its time to man the lifeboats and release our attitudes of dependance on Babylon. In a very short period of time, those that rely on "the system" for their support, will be forced to literally sell their souls in exchange for their mess of pottage.

The Mark of the Beast is coming my friends. Not the amero. Not the worldero. The Satanic Psychopaths are under orders from their invisible leader to establish his kingdom on earth as prophesied in the Book of Revelation. To eat at their table you will have to submit to their greatest humiliation and be branded like dumb cattle.

The urgency to become independent of their welfare state and system of entitlements has never been greater. We need to be able to stand on our own two feet and realize that their is no such thing as a "Free Lunch".

This means sacrificing our current comforts and pleasures for our future independence. I am not talking about waging war with the current management. I am talking about having the supplies and means to opt out of their system completely.

God's system of government is self-government. His society is composed of individuals that don't need to be controlled because they know how to control themselves. All things rise to their own level. Become independent and self-reliant now and the Lord will show you where to find other like minded individuals when the time presents itself.

This means having your own food storage, means of self-defense, temporary shelter and converting all of your savings into "non-beast" currencies like gold and silver bullion. Self reliant individuals will create their own self-sufficient communities with no need to take anything that the Beast has to offer. Lovers of Liberty, they will be the ones who preserve the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our Democratic traditions.

There is no reform of the system as it currently exists. Two systems will emerge from the coming chaos. The Luciferian system of external force governed over by the Satanic Psychopaths for their own lusts and pleasures, and the self-reliant small communities that will just as surely appear in the more remote areas on this planet.

One will offer the false security of bedding down with the herd. The other one will offer the real security of an alliance with God for the preservation of the human race on His terms.

All men will be forced to make their choice based on the amount of light that burns within them. Those that rely on borrowed light will find themselves slipping further and further into the darkness. We need to let them go. They have made their choices and we are free to make our own.

Temporal Salvation is a personal choice that is brought about by personal effort and personal sacrifices.  It cannot be obtained by eating the fruits of other men's labors. In the not so distant past, this was an established fact in the Land of Opportunity. The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave will only be available in the future to those that are willing to work for it.