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Paul Drockton: My Visit With the Secret Service
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During my battle with the extremely corrupt entity known as Farmers Insurance (More), I learned that the company had bought off my business partner in a separate telemarketing company known as Contact Management. I hired a lawyer and was forced to get a temporary injunction to take back the company before the partner, known as Jill Beard, completely trashed my credit, good name and economic future.

When I gained control of the company, it was too late to repair or reverse the economic damage Jill had done to both myself and the company. I decided to spend my time trying to piece together the paper trail she had left behind, and that was now in my posession.

With the evidence of fraud, forgery and other felonies in hand, I decided to pursue criminal charges against one Jill Beard. Much to my surprise, I received a visit from 2 Secret Service Agents at my home. They questioned me about my case against Jill Beard, and I showed them the evidence I had against her. To my surprise, they told me that if I pursued criminal charges against her, they would be "coming after me".

Initially, I complied, but as the evidence and damages kept mounting, I had no choice but to prepare a police report (More) against both Farmers Insurance and Jill Beard. The very next day, I was involved in , what should have been fatal, car accident, designed to take my life. I was left with numerous debilitating injuries and the continued responsibility for providing for my family (spouse and six children). I was determined to find out why.

I learned that Jill Beard was an Illuminati puppet that would travel to high profile children's fashion shows with her son. For those familiar with the Jon Benet Ramsey case, it is strongly alleged that these children's fashion shows are really nothing more than a way to pimp out children to the Satanic Psychopathic, Pedophile elite.

George W. Bush, who was the POTUS that the Secret Service were charged with protecting, has been implicated as a homosexual pedophile by others (Source), and it was the only thing that made sense to me. I now believe that Jill Beard was part of a larger Pedophile ring that was prostituting their children, and others to the American Luciferian Elite.

After further examination of Contact Management, I learned that Jill had opened up a secret Branch Office in Northern Utah. I raided it with a Preliminary Injunction and confiscated computers and files. Before I could examine the boxes of evidence, someone broke into my basement, where the evidence was being stored, and stole everything.

The same event occurred at my office.

When I took over the company, I was able to secure the central telemarketing equipment. My own lawyer made sure it did not remain in my possession very long, and I was forced to turn it over to a third party. Yes, it seemed that somebody was very concerned about something incriminating in my possession.

I now believe that Jill Beard and friends were using the telemarketing business as a front for child prostitution, and that the POTUS was one of their clients. Why else would the Secret Service care about a scumbag like Jill Beard being going to jail? My complaint did lead to her prosecution, and she was convicted of felony fraud. I doubt even that would have happened if I had not survived the various attempts on my life.

All this ties back to Penn State, Boystown and other sex scandals. If law enforcement were really that concerned with Justice, they might want to start by interviewing one Jill Beard and the Secret Service Agents sent to my house to stop her criminal prosecution.

As a follow-up, Jill continues to commit acts of fraud and avoid prosecution in Arizona. (Source)

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