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* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson: Part 2

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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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It is generally agreed that Freemasonry originated with the Knights Templar that had fled to Scotland to avoid the French Inquisition of their once powerful order. From there, it has spread throughout the world as the revolutionary means to establish the overthrow of religions and monarchies. Yet, Freemasonry holds a deep, dark secret. Its ordinances and symbols all direct the initiate to the worship of Lucifer.

Freemasonry is controlled by the descendants of the Knights Templar, and their alliance with the Illuminati Jews. In fact, the 30-33rd degrees are reserved for the Illuminati. The Illuminati, through Freemasonry, created Napoleon, the French Revolution, the guillotine, Robespierre, and the "Reign of Terror". They also created modern Fascism and Communism to bring about their "New World Order".

They have allied themselves with Satanism and Science (which they believe came from Lucifer) and battled through the centuries against Islam and Christianity for world domination.

Ninety percent of Freemasons are unaware of these little secrets about their Fraternities. They provide the Ying, through their charitable works, for the Illuminati/Satanist Yang. The Illuminati actually believe they can cancel out their gross wickedness through financial generosity, a belief that traces its way back to the sale of Indulgences in the Catholic Church. Thus we see that the most evil men also operate some of the world's biggest charities.

Now for Scotland. I received the following by email yesterday:

"hi - please  take a look at this message I received from Joe Wallace, which speaks of the sexual abuse perpetrated upon him whilst he was in care in a childrenís home in Glasgow in the 90s. Another case hidden away by the people in authority with a large payment of cash {£15,000} being made to him, supposedly to buy his silence over sex crimes against his person by a person put in a position of caring for him. This paedophile,{allegedly}, Joe Duffy, named by the abused Wallace, is now apparently working with handicapped children. What an outrage.

Please help expose these paedophiles and help stop these appalling crimes happening to other children, and help stop the cover-ups by these people in power, especially by the Lord Advocate of Scotlandís actions over the Hollie Greig sexual abuse case, allegedly}.

Thank you.



I was raised in a convent in Glasgow called Nazareth House in Cardonld.
I was sexually abuse along with a few other , that I know of, By a member of staff called Joe Duffy
He was allowed to take children, boys and girls, home to stay with him over night. There, he sexually abused me over a 6 year period. From the age of 12 -18.

When I was about 20 ,I reported him to the police and the social work dept, and the nuns at Nazareth House. I'm now 38.
The police said they asked him, and he said yes, he did take kids home to stay over-night , and YES he did sleep in the same bed as all the kids , But said he never done anything sexually towards any of us.

But the nuns and the church say, No child was every allowed to stay with him over-night. It was swept under the carpet by them all, Since then, I have went to over 50 childrenís organization/ charityís MP's, PM, just about every MSP's, News Papers, I even contacted the charity where this guy is now working, Nobody wants to know, even though it's now the handicapped kids he is working with .

Your Sincerely

J Wallace

Notice how this great evil, that seems to have the entire country of Scotland in its evil clutches, continues to buy off the victims with paltry sums of money. In Hollie Greig's case, it was 13,000 pounds. In Joe's case it was 15,000. As if money could cover the pain, shame and horrors of what they experienced at the hands of the Scottish elite.

Also, please note the fact that a verbal confession from the perpetrator was not evidence for the local police to pursue prosecution. The man was connected. I believe those connections go right through the local Masonic Lodges, the true home of all of Scotland's Elite.

Good luck getting any Scot to admit this fact. When it comes to Freemasonry, they are terrified to publicly acknowledge its over-arching influence on their society lest they should come to some physical harm. Yet, until they publicly acknowledge this monster, and expose it to the rest of the world, they will continue to suffer from its endless abuses.