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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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I gave a radio interview to a Fox News affiliate in Texas two days ago. The Host wanted to discuss the "Mormon Bunker" stories I had written. Or, so it appeared. In reality, he sought to debunk the conspiracy with the age old line, "How do they keep all of those people quiet." Implying that it would be impossible to organize a conspiracy based on the fact that people would talk.

This is a question that I have wondered about as well. How do they keep all those people quiet, or acting against their own and society's best interests? The fact that the Federal Reserve system is still fully "operational", like the Star Wars Death Star, is proof enough that a large number of people can somehow be persuaded to "keep their mouths shut".

In this series of articles I will explain how this is accomplished.

The conspiracy is run by the Banksters and other Satanic Psychopaths through the organization we call the Illuminati and the World's intelligence agencies. The CIA, MI5, MI6, Mossad, German BND, Russian KGB etc., serve the conspiracy against the best interest of societies and nationalities. They are the the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hands of the Conspiracy.

Lateley, there has been much discussion of sexual subversive and pedophillic pervert Alfred Kinsey. Kinsey was friends with the noted Satanic Psychopaths of his day, including Kenneth Anger and notorious French pedophile Rene Guyon. It also appears that he was influenced by Aleister Crowley (The Beast-666) and wanted to peruse his sex diaries. (Source) Crowley, of course, was the father of "sex-majick", another subversive poison for the human family.

"Kinsey was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and, according to Judith A. Reisman, PhD, the author Dr. Judith Reismanof Kinsey: Crimes And Consequences, "Kinsey's quantitative research, and his numbers, were a perfect fit for Rockefeller to utilize the mass media to 'shape public attitudes and conduct.' Attitudes were changed through mass communications, which caused a rejection of chastity, self control and moral public governance, as well as increased illicit sexual conduct. 'Social management' of this sort was nothing less for Rockefeller than changing America's way of life, by among other things altering what Kinsey would call 'breeding patterns' along an evolutionary or animalistic view of human sexual conduct." (Ibid)

Many have focused on Kinsey, few on the organization behind him. Perhaps the question, "Why did he commit such gross perversions?" should be changed to "Why was he paid good money to commit such depredations?" The answer is not complicated. The Satanic Psychopaths need a way to control those that are aware of their conspiracy and/or in a position to expose it to the light of day. Its all about control. Even Kinsey understood it, and went to great lengths to record his staff and participants so that he could blackmail them if they ever grew a conscience.

"Kinsey's manipulation extended to his choice of staff. His assistants in his studies were selected from young students, both male and female, who were required prior to coming on board to provide their detailed sexual histories. Another requirement was that they be filmed in explicit sexual movies, ostensibly for research, that were shot in Kinsey's attic.

Kinsey's research included observation of child sexuality, the manual and oral stimulation of childrens' genitals, and the timing of child orgasms with stopwatches. Part of Kinsey's collection of sex films included films of children in sex acts and adult-with-child sex." (Source)

Clearly, those in the best position to expose Kinsey's fraud could not do so without also exposing themselves. Pedophiles go to prison where they are introduced to a population that does not appreciate their behavior, nor care to hear about their research. Yes, Kinsey's staff became co-conspirators the moment they agreed to compromise their conscience.

Kinsey learned from the best blackmailers in history how to keep his pedophile conspiracy quiet. Make sure those that are in the know also are involved in the heinous deed. Then, threaten them if they don't keep their mouth shut. The more heinous the deed, the greater the threat of exposure.

Now, about 911, Mainstream Media, and Mormon mystery bunkers.....

More in the Next Article.

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