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* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson: Part 2

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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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Meet Michael M Gottlieb, affectionately known as "Michael" by "Royal Way" Cult members. Michael claims to be many things. For example, he claims to have trained at the Gur Aryeh Institute in New York City when he became a Rabbi.(source) In researching this claim, it appears that the institute was named after one Wolfgang Lotz, an Israeli Spy that changed his name to Ze'ev Gur-Aryeh (Source).

Other Cult leaders linked to intelligence services include David Koresh and Jim Jones. Koresh was involved in running guns and Iran-Contra. Jones was running one of the first Illuminati MK-Ultra, Mind-Control communes in the Western World. The rest of the claims of "Michael" can be found here.

Another major red flag is the fact that Michael claims to be an expert at "Behavioral Modification". MK-Ultra and Illuminati mind programming techniques are all based on BF Skinner and Pavlov. He also claims to be a specialist at using Freudian Psychoanalysis, which is the other component of MK-Ultra. This is used to identify weaknesses and strengths in the personality of a "target". The combination of psychoanalysis and behavioral psychology form the basis for our current mental health professions. Combine the two with an intelligence asset and charismatic leader, and you end up with fatal manipulation.

Michael does use both methods on those that become involved in his cult. According to one former member:

"The Royal Way group has been around since the sixties. Originally, the leader, a psychiatrist, did therapy in the Santa Monica/West Los Angeles area. The group used to be called "Jacumba" named after the first retreat, in the late 1960's, which took place on Mt. Jacumba in California. The leader had a mystical experience during the retreat and named the newly formed group "Jacumba" in honor of his experience. Gradually, the group, which started as a type of psychotherapy group. About seven to ten years ago, the leader announced that he was changing the name to "Royal Way." In his discourse, he said (among other things) that a person can only be born into "Royalty." Then he divulged that he was "royalty", specifically he was a direct descendant of King David on both sides of his family (which, incidentally is the definition of the Messiah, but he did not claim to be the Messiah ... just the definition of it.) He told the group that through their connection with him, they could be come "royalty" - or "one cut above." Everyone was excited about this announcement and hence, the name change. Other things changed, too. Probably too numerous to mention." (Source)

Add a third ingredient, the "Messianic claim" and you have a recipe for disaster. Members of the cult are taught that Michael is the "enlightened one", with a Messianic Pedigree. To question him or his motives will bring down the wrath of the cult.

"The members of Royal Way are mostly affluent, have nice homes, drive nice cars, have a lot of extra time to devote to Royal Way projects. Most of them are genuinely nice people, but many of them do not think for themselves ... they can be persuaded on how to think and form opinions prematurely and ignorantly (without knowing the whole story.) Not all members are wealthy, however, or even well-off. Some are in the middle and a few, like myself, lived a very modest life in order to be involved in Royal Way." (ibid)

One of the key components of Royal Way is to surrender your will (they call it ego) to the Enlightened One, in exchange for Enlightenment. In other words, replace your mind and thought processes with Michael's. 

"All of the teachings of Royal Way branch off of it's main teaching, which is "surrender of the ego." Only through surrender of the ego will the pupil understand the other teachings and have the chance to become a disciple and then a devotee. Only through "surrender" will the pupil know freedom and be able to grow. "Surrender" means letting go of all of your thoughts, attitudes, judgments, etc., emptying your mind, and opening your heart to Michael's energy. Of course, the teaching is not presented that way, right off from the beginning ... otherwise new comers would freak out. It done gradually, over the course of several years. In many cases, you don't even know that it's happening. The problem is, what is taught directly (through the teachings) and what is taught indirectly (through behavior modification) contradict each other." (Ibid)

One of the key components of this Cult is getting "one on one" time with the "Chosen One". These sessions reportedly involved 1 day of silence (surrendering your will) and a personal visit with Michael (at a cost of $300.00). If the "Royal Way" is a Mossad Intelligence operation, as I believe it is, gathering information and "intelligence" on targeted marks would come easy. I believe that Michael has access to all of the regular intelligence sources and, if a "mark" is worth the effort (has the money) he could be the victim of electronic surveillance on Royal Way property or physical surveillance off-site as well.

In this way, Michael has the ability to tell the "mark" their most cherished secrets in their one-on-one sessions. This not only establishes his claims to "enlightenment" as legitimate, it also sends the message to the target that "Big Brother Michael" is watching you, don't betray the group. The goal is to make the subject feel inferior and to surrender his will to someone that seems to know more about him than he knows himself.

This is classical brainwashing my friends. I believe the Cult's true objective is to gain control over members financial assets through "voluntary donations". The "mark" feels as if he or she is literally "Buying a Stairway to Heaven" . Michael loves his gifts and assuredly bestows higher approval on those that give the greatest contributions.

At one gift-giving party, Michael reportedly was given a brand new Rolls Royce. Cynical manipulation of people at their most vulnerable moments is life at its worst.

At the time of my recruitment, I was particularly vulnerable. And, Royal Way did fill that ... it gave me everything I needed. I felt accepted, loved, important, and cared about. Prior to, my life was bereft. It's reassuring to know that I can change this and start finding a way how to.

"I don't know if Michael was "insta-enlightened" as you say, or enlightened over a long period of time. Very little is known about him, as a man. Questions about his personal history and credentials were never answered and strongly discouraged. The reason these questions were discouraged is because it was considered irrelevant. Wanting to understand or know about "Michael, the man," would take from one's connection to and deep knowing of "Michael, the master/teacher" and was tantamount to competing with the teacher ... a big no no. So, needless to say, I don't know what his life has been, who he was and even if "Michael" is his real name ... I know next to nothing and was not a part of the elite membership (nor did I want to be) that may have been privy to this. (ibid)

If Mossad is involved, as I believe they are, than cash donations from Royal Way could be used for intelligence operations, promoting the child-sex slave trade, child pornography, narcotics or worse. Remember this, my friends, a true Enlightened Master  (Think Jesus Christ) preaches that the way to enlightenment comes from within and through the abandonment of the pursuit of material pleasures, which only corrupt the flesh. Not through some greedy Cult that bestows its honors based on financial donations.
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