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How the Rothschild Banksters Destroyed the United States
Satanic Psychopaths will be Satanic Psychopaths. It isn't about greed as much as it is about power. The United States has been under the Rothschild's thumb since its inception. The Bank of England took a minority interest in the first two "Banks of the United States". After a brief battle with Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln, they destroyed any hope of a free currency and established the Federal Reserve Bank and began to charge us for the privilege of using their worthless paper as our National currency.

Woodrow Wilson probably felt a twinge of remorse and ended up being "incapacitated" for the remainder of his term while his wife took over his duties as President. Who knows if he planned on turning over a new leaf. Enemies of "The Crown" often end up dead or incapacitated.

Then the Satanic Psychopaths wiped out the competition and rebuilt the Federal Reserve under Mormon Illuminatis Extraordinaire, Marriner Eccles. Eccles stole America's gold and forced citizens to exchange their bullion for Federal Reserve Notes. He then helped organize the World Bank to enslave every other country in the world to the Rothschilds, "The Crown", and the "Bank of England". The sun never sets on the Satanic Psychopathic Empire.

One additional service that the World Bank serves is to convert interest payments from countries like the United States, into gold and silver. The United States, shortly after creating the Federal Reserve Board, then created the Income Tax and the IRS. The IRS is the official interest collection agency for the Rothschilds Federal Reserve Banks.

In order to create greater profits and further reduce us to slavery, the Satanic Psychopaths started World War I. This served the purpose of causing the United States and Europe to borrow more money from the Rothschilds. First for blowing each participant to smithereens, and second for rebuilding the things they blew to smithereens.

Then there are the Satanic Sacrifices. Local Illuminati cults can only dream about the types of human sacrifices that have been offered up to Lucifer by the Banksters and "The Crown". Pentagrams are used to capture the souls of those they murder. This might explain the geographical locations of their genocidal enterprises. Almost 37 million souls perished in World War 1.

The Satanic Psychopaths believe that these mass murders endow them with additional energy. They believe that those they murder become their spiritual slaves. The result of their conquest through deception. Like Pharoah before them, they want their slaves to serve them in the after-life.

World War I served additional purposes. Woodrow Wilson promised the Germans a "Peace Without Victory" (Source). Beguiled by these lies, the Kaiser abdicated and Germany surrendered. The Treaty of Versailles followed, and Germany was saddled with enough debt, and stripped of enough real-estate, to guarantee the failure of the Weimar Republic.

War reperations paid by Germany were deposited in the Bankster Vaults, where they were converted to real-estate, corporate stock, rare art and precious metals. The United States walked away with enough war debt to trigger a major recession. Not one penny of reparations had any benefit to American citizens who had fought the war, and lost their loved ones, in the Satanic Psychopathic meat grinder.

The world was left to pick up the pieces through more borrowed money from the Banksters. Thanks to cowardice and treason, every country in the World ended up in Rothschild hands.

Always planning ahead, they sent Lenin into Russia with a train load of gold, to build a revolution. They used bribery, extortion, kidnapping, and assassination to create Communist Russia. They used our taxdollars and our future to finance one of the greatest genocidal machines in World history. A measly 6-8 million died under Lenin. Stalin, a more efficient Satanic Psychopathic tool, ended the lives of 51 million people. Lenin and Stalin combined, murdered almost twice as many individuals as World War I.

Hell is never satiated. Satanic influences reduced Russia to nothing more than a forced labor camp. The weak and crippled were starved to death, along with the old and infirm. Russia was building its own Master Race of slaves to work for the 1% that belonged to the Communist Party.

I quote from a firsthand account of the Ukrainian famine and genocide:

"On March 28, 1933, we were shocked by the news that Myron Yemets and his wife, Maria, had become cannibals. Having cut off their children’s heads, they salted them away for meat. The neighbors smelled meat frying in the smoke coming from their chimney and, noticing the absence of children, went into the house. When they asked about the children, the parents began to weep and told the whole story..."

They were mocked.

"Chairman Boyko arrested them himself, and about six hours later the GPU began to question them. "Who has so cunningly persuaded you to do this, kurkuls, near-kurkuls or Petlyura henchmen? You know that this is the work of our enemies to cast dishonor upon our country, the Soviet Union, the most advanced country in the world."

Chairman Boyko then oversaw the plundering of the starving Ukrainians.

"At the end of March or the beginning of April, a big department store was opened in Hadyach on Poltavska Street, by the park, across the street from Lenin's monument. It was called Torgsin. Stocked very well even with goods from abroad, it had one fault, that of selling only for platinum, gold, silver or precious stones. The prices were: For 10 gold rubles one could buy there 17 pounds of bread, 22 pounds of buckwheat cereal, 6 2/3 pounds of millet and 10 herrings."

The department store had its good and bad sides. The Russians robbed the people of practically all the gold they had. On the hand, it saved many people's lives because 6-11 pounds of grain saved one from starving to death. Those who had no gold for food like flies or went to the cemeteries in search of corpses.

The most critical point was reached just before harvest. More and more people starved to death each day. Everything was eaten that could be swallowed: dogs, cats, frogs, mice, birds, grass, but mostly thistles, which were delicious if the plants were about 15 inches high and cleaned of spines. Many people went to graze and often died in the "grazing fields."

After they were stripped of their wealth they were forced to die through the Russian created famine.

"When rye ears began to fill out and were at least half full, the danger of death from starvation receded. The people cut ears of grain in the fields, dried them and, rubbing them down, they ate the precious green grains.

The communists now began to combat "the grain barber menace," that is, people who cut off ears of grain with scissors. Mounted guards on watchtowers protected the grain from the "barbers." One of these watchmen, Fanasiy Hursky, killed a fellow who dared to "steal government property." But sometimes the "barbers" struck back. Some of them sawed through the props under the tower of Ivan Palchenkov when he was asleep. When the wind blew, the tower toppled down, and Ivan was killed."

More in the next article.

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