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* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson: Part 2

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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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* Maitreya and the coming Global Religion: Part 2
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Is There a Rothschild-Mormon Connection?
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Many good and strong individuals in the LDS (Mormon) Church, like myself, have been disgusted by the actions of so-called Mormon politicians, newspaper editors, and corporate leaders that march lock-step with the Illuminati "New World Order" agenda. Nothing happens by accident. Svali, a former Illuminati "trainer" claims that some members of the Mormon Church affiliated with the Illuminati in the 1950s.

The tares among the wheat form a perfect dilemma, as they all look the same prior to the harvest. Yet, the Satanic Ritual Abuse identified in the Glenn Pace Memo and "Hell-minus-one"; The appearance of covering up this abuse by Utah politicians, and the 2001 Olympic scandal cover-up, are just a few examples of evidence that this Illuminati infiltration has taken place. Coupled with the fact that, in-spite of his multiple crimes, Neo-con Joseph Cannon remains at his post as Editor of the Deseret News, succeeding Christian Scientist, CFR member Jon Hughes.

Steven Davis, whose father Clyde was very highly placed within the Mormon Church, claims the following:

"Robert Vincent de' Oliverri joined the LDS Church through two missionaries knocking at his residence and him joining.

Robert was the second richest man in the World, a Rothschild.  In 1966 When the LDS Church Temple Square had a lien by Chase Manhattan Bank ((a result of)the Florida Deseret Ranch purchase by 1st Presidency, Henry D. Moyle back in the 1960s) This is when Prez. David O. McKay hired my father and put him over five departments of the Church (Church Education Development Office, 3rd Floor, BYU Smoot Administration Building == became the LDS FOUNDATION in 1974 under the Deseret Management Corporation, incorporated by N. Eldon Tanner, Hugh B. Brown and Gordon B. Hinckley --- currently (one of) the richest corporation in the world!)

Clyde got Robert to come over to Salt Lake City, under a CIA protection flight directed by CIA Neal A. Maxwell in 1967.  He met Ernest L. Wilkenson and President Tanner though Clyde Davis and wrote out a $100 Million Check and removed the lien off of Temple Square!

This was the beginning of the direct involvement of the Rothschild Family directly with the LDS Church through my father........

The Rothschilds designated Clyde Davis as their Geologist in 1967 and from that day forward required him to examine all properties......I made many trips with Clyde to Rothschild investments in mining claims all over Canada, the US and elsewhere..

Through Clyde, they figured out how the Rothschild's could jointly do money-laundering with LDS Tithing funds.....a requirement for the "front".  Hinckley became a member of the Council for Foreign Relations.  Clyde was the top Freemason since his capacity under President Harry S. Truman (Navajo Talkers in the Pacific).  Clyde was over it.  That's another story, worth telling!!!!

Anyway the Rothschilds got Congress to pass the 1987 Industrial Loan Banking Law and since then Utah has been the key money laundering location for the Rothschilds/Federal Reserve.

Each Sunday Night, Ray Anderson (former Chase Manhattan Bank Ex) -- I got a letter from him when Kanco donated 40% of the Golden Eagle and Golden AGe mining Claims to the LDS Church in 1998...... I had Senator Orrin Hatch's cousin, Glen Hatch at the face-to-face meeting with Ray when he accepted the Gift........(hand written letter from Glen, last year).  Glen was in a Provo Stake Presidency when he served on the Kanco Board of Directors in the 1990s.

Anyway the Rothschilds are very closely connected to the Davis Family.  I have (been) involved with them for years.......they know I didn't consecrate anything to the "church", but they know Clyde had me with him in all Rothschild transactions."

More Tomorrow...

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