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Nathan Rothschild
Nothing screams Satanic Psychopath or Illuminati like the Rothschild name. Interestingly enough, Nathan Rothschild is a member of the Board of Director's of Barrick Gold. The company website has this to say:

The Honourable Nathaniel P. Rothschild
Klosters, Switzerland
Corporate Director
Founder and Co-Chairman, Vallar PLC, Co-Chairman, EN+ Group Limited
Mr. Rothschild has been a Director of Barrick since 2010. (Source)

Consider the Following:

1. Barrick Gold was founded by Adnan Kashoggi. The same Adnan Kashoggi that funded the drugs for money for weapons fiasco known as Iran Contra. Kashoggi, with the assistance of many prominent Utah Mormon Illuminati, was able to bilk investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars through his Utah Triad Development Corporation. Adnan Kashoggi also partnered with Mormon Bishop, Wally Hilliard to purchase the the Flight School in Florida that trained the 911 hijackers.

2. Mormon Bishop Wally Hilliard has also been linked to drug running (for the CIA?):

"The incident involving Wally Hilliard's airplane and the 40 pounds of heroin flown from South America occured coincidentally around the time Mohamed Atta first appeared for his 'flight lessons' at the Venice,Florida Huffman Aviation flight school.Had Jeb Bush or the W.Bush administration revoked Hilliard's license at that time of the heroin incident rather than Jeb Bush helping promote his failed commuter airline, Air Florida,perhaps the tragedy of 9/11 could have been prevented." (Source)

3. Adnan Kashoggi was the founder of Barrick Gold. According to Steve Davis, the company conspired with Leaders within the Mormon Church, Zion's Bank  and then President George Bush, to steal his Nevada goldmine. The goldmine in question has since proven to be Barrick's greatest asset in the United States, producing over 60 billion dollars in gold bullion.

4. According to Steve Davis, the Mormon Church profitted from the theft through a pay-off from Kashoggi's company involving the sale of gold futures against the Nevada mine.

5. George Bush helped Kashoggi acquire the Nevada claim, with the reported help of the Mormon Leadership, and was rewarded with a leadership position with the company after he lost to Bill Clinton.

6. George Bush also ended up as the reported beneficial owner of other mineral rights involving Utah's recently discovered billion barrel oil field. Unfortunately the man who reportedly discovered the oil, a Rothschild employee, was bludgeoned to death with his wife in Brazil. The violent murder occurred in a gated community with video surveillance and the couple's children asleep in the next room. Also, the victim's high valued Rolex watch was not taken, ruling out theft as a motive.

Now, who is Nathan Rothschild?

"38 Years Old

The Right Honourable Nathaniel P. Rothschild, Mr. Rothschild is the Chairman of JNR Limited, an investment advisory business primarily focused on the emerging markets. Mr. Rothschild has co-founded and led companies in the fields of money management and investment, and currently serves as Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of Attara Capital LP (the successor manager to the Atticus European Fund). From 1996 to 2009, Mr. Rothschild held various leadership roles at Atticus Capital LP, most recently Co-Chairman.

Mr. Rothschild is a member of the International Advisory Board of Barrick and of UC Rusal plc, a Hong Kong listed aluminum producer. He is also a director of EN+ Group Limited, a privately-held company which owns a controlling interest in UC Rusal. Mr. Rothschild is a director of the Rothschild Foundation and a member of the Belfer Center's International Council at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and the International Advisory Council of the Brookings Institution. He holds a master?s of arts degree from Oxford University. Mr. Rothschild is also a director of RIT Capital Partners plc, a publicly-traded investment trust." (Source)

He is also the heir apparent to the Rothschild empire, which includes the United States Federal Reserve Banks, Shell Oil, BP, JP Morgan and their more shadowy operations like the CIA, MI6, and DOPE Inc. The fact that Nathan sits on the board of Barrick gold, which was founded by his puppet, Adnan Kashoggi, should come as no surprise. The fact that Barrick gold, has gone from obscurity to the largest gold mining interest in the world, should also come as no surprise.

I failed to mention that the Rothschild dynasty also controls JP Morgan Chase, HSBC and probably the other Depository institutions that Comex uses to warehouse theire gold and silver.  Their ownership in Zion's Bank (which was fined millions of dollars for money laundering) has also been documented on this website.

The Rothschild's are the Financial Masters for the Illuminati conspiracy and Luciferian New World Order. They are the Merchant Class and 31st degree of Freemasonry. Their organization has written the checks for everything that is wrong with this world of ours. Their money was behind Communism and Fascism, Hitler and Stalin. They underwrote the dictators behind the Iron Curtain and they currently underwrite the United States Congress, Supreme Court and President.

They own the money and they make the laws. The homosexual agenda is their agenda. The Pornography and gambling industries all report to them. The Rockefellers, with their United Nations and Council on Foreign Relations are a Rothschild entity. So is the World Bank, World Court, European Union and any paper currency used by 95% of the nations in this world of ours.

The United States is their Babylon. Their Great Whore that exports their vices to the four corners of the world. We are also their mercenary army, groomed to start the wars that increase their power and fill their coffers. Hollywood is a Rothschild concern. So is Wall Street.

Now it appears that the Mormon Church is also part of the Rothschild Empire. Surely the arguments can be made that:

1. Leading Mormons have played major roles in plundering the assets of the weak and innocent.

2. Mormon Politicians, like Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman are Rothschild puppets.

3. Church Leaders actively suppressed evidence of Illuminati infiltration, including but not limited to evidence that Satanic Ritual Abuse was widespread within the organization.

4. Church Leaders have supported and promoted high ranking members that have been exposed publicly, by witnesses and through documentation of their crimes against humanity.

5. BYU is now a globalist tool riddled with Illuminati influence.

The Church is True, the people are not, will be the defining motto of this generation of Mormons. Read the numerous articles on this website and you will find all of the documentation necessary to prove these facts in a Court of Law. Now, a Prophecy on the heads of those that call themselves Saints, but really worship in the synagogue of Satan.

1. I prophesize, in the name of Jesus Christ, that this nation will be broken up by factionalism, war, invasion, civil strife, famine, economic depression, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, plague and pestilence until only a remnant, along with the original inhabitants of the land, remain.

2. That those who call themselves Mormons, who aspire to lead this land through their secret covenants with Secret Combinations, Death and Hell, will be betrayed by those that have flattered them, even as they have betrayed God and the Mormon faithful. That God will take their stewardship and give it unto others, even as they have plundered and murdered honest men and stolen their stewardships.

3. That the blood of their innocent victims will hang over them like a putrid stench both day and night.

4. That their stores of food, gold and silver, which they have set aside for their time of need, and acquired through their fraud, will be taken from them through fraud and deception by those they once trusted.

5. That their families and posterity, which have defended them, and sought to hide their crimes, might be a cursed people, until none of them remain in the land, and their inheritance is given to those who are far more worthy then themselves.

6. That those who have said, we have stolen our peace, will vividly dream of their crimes from this day forward, and will  no longer find peace in this life. 

7. That those that once called them "Teacher" will mock them in the day of their desolation.

8.  That the False Prophets will be exposed, and their lies revealed from upon the "housetops".

9. That those that have shown no mercy, will find no mercy in the day of their judgments on this earth.

10. That the day will come when Washington DC, which is the fountain of this great corruption, will eject those that call themselves lawmakers, but who are lawbreakers, and this mighty city, which is the pride of Babylon, will be abandoned and left to fall into ruins. That the cries of the widow and fatherless might cease to come before the the Lord of Sabaoth.

11. That God Himself will govern over the nations with an Iron Rod, and dash these corrupt worldy governments to pieces, that they may no longer glut themselves on the spoils of the poor and oppressed. That they will all, without exception, drink from the cup of His wrath. That they will all be wasted until the inhabitants will bow down and worship Him, not only in word, but in deed.

God will have a pure people on this earth. Even if they have to be purified by great trials. Every evil thing left will be burned by fire and Lucifer, the one that has deceived the nations, must ultimately be bound and cast into hell.

I testify that these things are true, in His Holy Name, Amen.