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Satanic Psychopaths Mourn Loss of One of Their Own
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Melvyn John Otterstrom
The above photos were extremely difficult to find. They are photos of the victims of the extremely defective, and now most assuredly bullet ridden and deceased piece of DNA known as Ronnie Lee Gardner. The first two were murdered by Gardner. The last died 10 years after he was shot by Gardner. In the upside-down world run by Satanic Psychopaths and their equally psychotic allies in the media, you will find that today is a very black day indeed. One of their own was gunned down by just laws and a firing squad.

As you walk by the candle vigils and black draped memorials, where fellow lunatics shed crocodile tears for the benefit of the numerous celebrities and media personalities that have joined them, remember this:  Gardner was executed and not murdered, unlike his victims. He even got to choose the method in which he died, unlike his victims. Unlike his victims, he got the chance to prolong his life a full decade longer than he should have. And, unlike his victims, his worthless life was extended at the cost of millions of dollars and numerous visits to the courtroom.

To think that the world has spent more money and time prolonging this worthless cretin's life than they did looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, or in the hunt for Western Intelligence Asset Osama Bin Laden, should give the average American room for pause. To realize that the United States government has spent far more resources on this low-life, pond-scum, than we have spent on eradicating this year's bumper crop of Opium in Afghanistan, is also worthy of consideration. Of course, we have spent nothing on eradicating Opium production in Afghanistan, so cheap heroin floods American Streets, killing tens of thousands of our people.

As I said before, Satanic Psychopaths have got to stick together. If they permit the just and legal execution by firing squad of just one of their brothers, who knows where it all will end? What kind of world would we have if all of the murderers were executed by firing squad, after a fair hearing before the law? Who would run the world's governments? Its media? Many of its religions? Its Financial systems and multi-national Satanic-Psychopathic corporations? Who would attend meetings at the United Nations? The Bilderburg Conference? Trilateral Commission? Bohemian Grove, or the next Communist International?

I digress. Who exactly were the victims of Ronnie Lee Gardner?

"Fun-filled and fearless, Melvyn John Otterstrom joined the special forces and loved to climb mountains. He drank up what had become a delicious life.

He was crazy about his wife, Kathy. The couple worked hard to get through college, buy a house and plan a future that was just right for their baby boy, Jason.

But on Oct. 24, 1984, Ronnie Lee Gardner murdered Otterstrom, shooting the 37-year-old accountant in the face at close range." (Source)

Melvyn was working a second job as a bartender when Gardner shot him in the face while robbing the place. He was slaughtered by a predator that had no remorse of conscience. Which brings us to his next two victims:

"It was April 2nd, 1985, just before 9am. Prisoner Ronnie Lee Gardner was transported to Salt Lake's old courthouse.

He was there on charges stemming from a robbery and shooting death the year before. But as he entered the building, Gardner suddenly grabbed a gun left in the courthouse by an accomplice.

An ABC 4 reporter described what happened next:

"By the time the shoot-out at Met Hall was over, one attorney was dead, one guard was wounded and Ronnie Lee Gardner had a bullet hole in his lung."

Gardner was given the death sentence in November of 1985." (Source)

The defense attorney that Gardner murdered that fateful day wasn't even involved in his case. He just happened to be "passing by". That is how it is with caged predators, willing to kill anyone that comes too close to their cage when they try to escape.

"I remember that day vividly," Nu said in an interview. "It was like I had run full-force into a brick wall. It flipped my world upside-down."

She never got over losing Burdell. He was her last romantic relationship.

"I've never met anybody I wanted to marry after that," she said. "Nobody's ever measured up."

The second of 10 children, Michael was kind and giving, even as a child, recalled his father, Joseph Burdell Jr. "He just liked to live for other people. Unlike most people, money was not an object with him." (Source)

What kind of a man was Michael Burdell?

"Michael Burdell earned an engineering degree. And despite his pacifism, he served in Vietnam, although he refused to use a weapon.

After the war, while working as an engineer for Motorola, he attended night school and eventually got his law degree. But almost all of his work was pro bono, his father recalled. "He got a particular kick out it. He just wanted to help people who couldn't afford a lawyer."  (Ibid)

Ironic, the lawyer that Gardner killed worked for free. So, where are those lauding the good deeds done by Convicted cold-blooded murderer Gardner? I doubt the sub-human animal has done anything in his life for the benefit of his fellow man. He was a violent taker. A Predator. A Psychopathic manipulator and opportunist that left a host of foul deeds and broken hearts on his bloody trail through life.

"George "Nick" Kirk, her husband of 36 years and father of their five children, had been shot by prisoner Ronnie Lee Gardner during an escape attempt.

Gardner's girlfriend had smuggled a gun to him in the courthouse. He shot and killed defense attorney Michael Burdell, then bolted out despite being shackled...

Gardner ran into Kirk, who was hurrying down the stairs ready to help and especially fearful for Judge James Sawaya, who was just arriving at work. Gardner's bullet ripped through Kirk's stomach, intestines, bowels, hip and leg.

... Her husband soldiered on and tried to go back to work, despite repeated operations, chronic physical problems and emotional difficulties caused by the shooting. There also were financial and legal struggles as Kirk tried unsuccessfully to collect more than $40,000 for the mental trauma he suffered.

In the end, he got only $6,000 from the County Commission.

The system had millions to spend on keeping Gardner alive and ready for media interviews, yet, they only had $6,000 for the one victim who lived in chronic pain and emotional trauma. Yet, the fundraising activities held by the various wolves will never benefit the dead and wounded sheep. When asked whether the execution of Ronnie Lee Gardner balanced the scales of Justice, you can now answer: "Not even close". One worthless life, for so many worthwhile ones, is hardly a fair exchange.
Michael Burdel
George "Nick" Kirk
Ronnie L Gardner