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Breaking! Mitt Romney Could Lose Mormon Utah!
In a growing sign of desperation and frustration with the one state he thought he had in the bag, struggling Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney has tried to prop-up his failing campaign in Mormon Utah. Normally, candidates line up their endorsements right before an election, not a full year before anyone can actually vote for them.

Yesterday, Mitt Romney unveiled a list of less than popular politicians in Utah that, prematurely, have gone public with their endorsement for his presidential campaign.

The list reads like a who's who of future losers, whose own popularity is evaporating even as we speak.

1. Senator Orrin Hatch: I have an inside source that has revealed to me that an individual that worked for the Feds is going to go public with detailed reports of how Hatch screwed him over. Hatch's support for the Patriot Act, offensive wars, the 911 official story and illegal immigration will give any challenger all of the ammunition they need to bury him at the polls. Hatch's campaign contributions read like a list of who not to take money from if you really believe in the Mormon faith. Everyone from big tobacco to Jack Abramoff have found a very comfy home with Orrin Hatch. Hatch was part of giving away trillions to the international banksters and played a major role in bringing about the economic collapse. The man's political future is doomed.

2. Mark Shurtleff: This is the guy that earned Mexico's highest award for a non-citizen, because of his refusal to prosecute illegal immigrants in Utah and turn them over to the INF. Shurtleff's endorsement will drive even more Utahn's away from Romney.

The rest of the list is nothing to be proud of. Most have supported the Utah Compact with illegal immigrants, and voted to give them Utah taxdollars through the State's growing welfare programs. They have also failed to prosecute Governor Gary Herbert for taking 85 big ones in exchange for a billion dollar highway project. Millions more were dished out to the bidder that had the lowest and best bid to keep him quiet and out of the courts (not that it would matter).

Mitt Romney has his own massive baggage to carry.

1. He covered up the crimes committed by the Salt Lake City Olympics Committee which involved bribery, prostitution/escorts, and numerous other felonies that will never be prosecuted.

2. Mitt Romney is one of the authors of the economic collapse. His company, Bain Capital, was one of the most prolific Hedge Funds that not only created quite a bit of those trillions in toxic debt. They also used that bad debt in equity swaps to gain control of some pretty huge American Corporations.

3. Romney started off as a Corporate Raider. All those leveraged buy-outs and massive lay-offs have a tendency to catch up with you eventually.

4. Romney is the Rothschild's boy. He works for them and has helped them bankrupt America. In return, Rothschild's financial concerns have funded his Presidential Campaign. Utah has the Ezra Taft Benson legacy and good Mormons (which there are many) won't vote for a Conspiracy Candidate.

5. Romney's assistance to the homosexual movement is legendary. His inaction is largely responsible for their Civil Unions (Gay Marriages) in the state where he was governor.

The good ship Romney is taking on water. American citizens as a whole are realizing that billionaire Romney  became a billionaire at the expense of their homes, jobs, savings and livelihoods. No True Patriot could support such a treacherous scoundrel for the highest office in the land.

Mormons need to know that they have been sold, part and parcel, to the Satanic Psychopaths that want to destroy the traditional family and what was formerly known as the United States of America. They would prefer to breed, buy and sell their fellow human beings without the complications that family ties can create.

Think about Mitt Romney next time you go to the grocery store, make a mortgage payment, or look for a job. The choice will be that much easier.

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Romney Gives Satanic 666 Hand Signal